1000-Lb Sisters: How Amy Is Celebrating Baby Number Two On Instagram

Amy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters recently shared with her followers that she’s expecting baby number 2 shortly. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates from her.

Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters is yet again set to become a mother and is posting her excitement about the birth on social media. According to her latest Instagram posts, she couldn’t be happier. 

Fans can look forward to nine months of happy updates when Amy posts her progress on her pregnancy. TLC viewers can stay current as they follow Amy as she gets ready for the growing family she is expecting.

In the last three seasons, Amy has been the Slaton sister who has achieved many of her goals while her sibling, Tammy, struggles to shed the pounds. Both Amy and Tammy have health issues, so they’ve chosen to join weight loss programs. 

Fans were informed that the sisters grew up in a poor environment and had to look after each other. As Tammy was struggling, Amy stepped up and became the leader of her life. 

In season one, Amy had gastric bypass surgery and lost a significant amount of weight. Amy often appears to be the happiest sister because she’s married and has a child. In the present, the Slaton sister is eager to expand her family.

The reality star announced recently that she was expecting a baby with Michael Halterman. The couple already has an infant son named Gage. Amy‘s yet-to-be-born child is now about the size of an orange, and the 1000-pound Sisters fans already have the ability to see that Amy is a very proud mommy. Amy recently took to Instagram to post some of her pregnancy highlights.

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Pregnant with her second child, Amy announced that she was 12 weeks along. She announced to her fans that she was expecting her second child. See Amy’s post below:

Amy was happy to talk about her news about pregnancy, despite the usual stream of negative criticisms. However, the reality TV star changed the settings on her Instagram settings to block comments. 

The comments Amy allowed included positive comments and included people who sent good wishes to her husband and her. Many fans expressed their excitement over Gage getting a brother. The first child was born on 10 November and was weighing six and a half pounds with a height of 17.5 inches.

This is the second time that viewers are able to see Amy go through on her show. The show’s viewers only found out about Amy’s pregnancy the second time around when she posted a photo of Gage sporting the “big brother 2022” shirt. 

Amy is due during high summer on the 18th of July. Although Amy has shared just two pictures of her journey thus far, it’s probable that Amy will share more updates. The 1000-pound Sisters actress will share further updates throughout her pregnancy.

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