90 Day Fiance: Larissa Unveils Makeover After Moving In With Eric

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima showcased her amazing new makeup look following her move into the house with Eric Nichols. Fans may recall Larissa Lima, the Brazilian beauty, first appearing as a guest on 90-Day Fiance season 6 alongside a Las Vegas engineer named Colt Johnson.

Larissa arrived in the United States on a K-1 visa, hoping to have a luxurious life along with her partner. But she quickly discovered that Colt was not as wealthy as she thought he would be. The couple began to have violent arguments and physical fights, and Colt finally declared divorce from Larissa.

Following separation, Larissa fell in love with Eric and they were featured together on the show 90 Days Fiance. The Happily Ever After? Season 5. While Larissa and Eric appeared to be in the same boat, their relationship was not a success. 

They relocated to Colorado and attempted to make new beginnings, but it wasn’t enough as their on-again, off-again affair ended. When Larissa first relocated to Colorado, she returned to Sin City dejected. She still thinks of Eric as a great partner, and they recently announced that they’re living with roommates in Las Vegas.

After sharing this news about her relationship with Eric, Larissa has shown off her new look. She appeared almost unrecognizable in her new, glammed-up look. Larissa normally prefers a naked appearance with minimal eye makeup.

Her choice was to go heavy on the cosmetics, with the most dramatic contouring, long brows, and thick artificial eyelashes. She looked absolutely stunning. The former TLC model donned a scarlet blazer and her long black hair was loosely styled. Larissa was awestruck by her gorgeous look and thanked the makeup artist in the caption of her Instagram post.

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Many of her followers on Instagram were awed by her makeover. One person commented, “Larissa, you are so beautiful.” Another commented, “You look stunning in red.” But, some Redditors believe that the 90 Day Fiancealum should not use filters in her video since they make her face appear unnatural. 

A fan said (via @Flimsy_Foundation874), “That version is highly filtered. It’s weird but it happens often that women get all that work done, then over-filter. IG is flexible. ” Another person said, “She looks a lot better without the filter.”

Larissa was stunning in her latest beauty transformation. However, the contouring did make her nose appear less slender than normal. She didn’t say if she had tried the new look to celebrate a special event. Could it be possible that Larissa wants to attract Eric and is planning to revive their romance from years ago? 

It’s true that they’re close to each other, and many 90 Day Fiance followers believe that they have plenty of love for one another. Eric was the one to take charge of Larissa as she went through the first of her plastic surgeries, and now he considers her family. However, Larissa recently stated that she’s not looking to date American men anymore. It will be interesting to see if Larissa’s 90 Day Love star, Eric, might be a good choice.

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