90 Day Fiancé: Nicole Shocks By Breakup With Azan

Nicole Nafziger confirmed her split from Azan Tefou using another clickbait link via Instagram. The breakup was known to 90 Day Fiance followers for months.

Nicole Nafziger, 90-Day Fiance finally revealed that she had split with Azan Tefou. However, her clickbait-style shocked many. After she deleted the ” engaged H” tag from her Instagram bio, Nicole, a Florida-based single mother, sparked rumors about Nicole’s split with Azan Tefou. 

Fans suspected that Nicole and Azan (real name: Hassan M’Raouni) were no longer together after Nicole returned from her August 2020 long stay in Morocco. 90-Day Fiance has been dealing with Nicole posting clickbait articles about being pregnant since then.

TLC fans first saw Nicole on 90-Day Fiance season 4. After sparking an online romance, Nicole was accused of leaving May behind in the US to go with Azan. She was also accused of following the man who ridiculed her weight and loved her only 55%. 

Azan and Nicole also had to deal with cultural differences. Their wedding was canceled twice, while cheating gossip engulfed both the 90-Day Fiance stars. Azan was accused by Nicole of marrying his cousin and having three children. He also took $6,000 from Nicole for a beauty shop. Nicole later confirmed that it never existed.

Nicole Nafziger, amid all the drama surrounding 90 Day Fiance, posted a statement to Instagram, “I am [heartbroken] to confirm that Azan and I are DONE for GOOD.” The statement was shared on a website that is being criticized by fans. 

“Azan and I have decided to separate,” 90-Day Fiance star Nicole said. Former Starbucks barista Nicole said, “We shared a lot of love and respect for one another, but we had our faults.” Nicole stated,

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“Unfortunately, it is not possible to continue our journey together.” This confirms what many have known for months. ” Nicole requested privacy and wrote: “This may shock many because we stayed strong through it all.”

” As we move forward, we ask you to respect both parties and stop asking about it,” Nicole Nafziger stated. TLC’s star asked that they continue to support her and Azan individually. 

Both Nicole and Azan continue to follow each other on Instagram. This could indicate that the 90-Day Fiance pair decides to stay friends or confirms that Nicole is impersonating Azan via IG.

In her own IG comments, 90 Day Fiance viewers have blasted Nicole with posts such as “This is news?” This was something we all knew for a while. Fans were also annoyed that Nicole used a link in her bio again. Clickbait …”.

“Finally, also most of us knew this.” Some of the responses to “The article is super clickbait” are examples. A fan joked that Nicole may need to add a link every week, claiming that Azan and she are ” back together”.

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