90 Day Fiancé: Stephanie Confuses Fans With Specific Dating Preferences

Stephanie Matto is back on 90 Day: The Single Life looking for love, but viewers aren’t sure what she means.

Season 2 of 90 Days: The Single Life has just premiered. However, viewers are still confused about Stephanie Matto’s search for a romantic partner. Stephanie first appeared in the show’s first episode as one-half of the first homosexual couple on the 90-Day Fiance. 

But viewers were disappointed and angry at Stephanie’s relationship with Erika Owens, an Australian, and she was accused of pretending to be sexually oriented. The Single Life viewers are also confused about Stephanie’s sexuality.

Although Stephanie and Erika had been dating for a while, their relationship did not work out when Stephanie visited Erika’s girlfriend. She seemed to have no romantic feelings for Erika, and she refused to be intimate with her. This made her a franchise villain. But that didn’t stop Stephanie from being cast in The Single Life (season 2). In season one, she was openly bisexual and told the cameras that she was ready to end her two-and-a-half years of celibacy. Although Stephanie didn’t have chemistry with her male date, she was attracted to her female hairdresser. She even took a bath with her and recorded an intimate video.

One Reddit user (U/ofsed_lobstrosity) took to Reddit to discuss Stephanie’s confused dating goals. There are days when she’s known as a “Leo,” but she never dates ladies since she doesn’t like males or balls.

The user wrote, confused. Many users speculated that Stephanie appeared on the show only to promote her newly launched NSFW platform, Unfiltered. She really just thinks up things that sound unusual to her and will get people to go to her OnlyFans, “one top commenter suggested. 

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“I actually said this to my husband before. Another user opined, “She thinks she’s being whimsical, but in reality she’s mad.” Many commenters agreed that Stephanie tried to make herself look different than she was.

Although viewers believed Stephanie was trying to be different, others felt her sexual comments were too extreme and incongruous. Stephanie seemed to be trying to shock viewers by revealing her sexual preferences. 

One commenter said that Stephanie’s identity was #notlikeothergirls. Others believed the American was a talker. Another commenter added that the simplest explanation of high school sex is still true.

The people who brag about sex the most are still the ones who are most unhappy, insecure, and have the least sex. Many commenters felt that Stephanie seemed confused about what she wanted.

Stephanie seems to be a very popular franchise fan. Many were suspicious of her relationship with Erika, as Stephanie seemed unable to trust Erika and was uncomfortable with it. 

Although viewers thought she was trying to promote her YouTube channel at the time, there is now a popular theory that she is being sexy and eccentric on The Single Life to attract more customers to her online platform. 

But Stephanie isn’t the only casting failure. The Single Live, season 2, is already being criticised by franchise fans for casting controversial characters, such as Big Ed Brown, Natalie Mordovtseva, and Jesse Meester.

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