22 Best Adult Anime of All Time

The many subgenres and genres in anime encompass a wide range of topics that are created for various age groups. In addition to shows like “Doraemon” and “Pokémon,” which are suitable for children, manga and anime creators have also not been afraid to create shows that deal with sensitive subjects or even sexual imagery in the past. 

If you’re also searching for a sexually-explicit anime that is more appropriate for an adult audience of 18+ and includes a lot of sexually explicit scenes and scenes, we offer a few suggestions for you. 

Keep in mind that these aren’t the hentai-style anime, but the most popular adult-oriented anime featuring sexual content. The majority of these shows can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

22. Kanokon (2018)

Kouta is a boy who, for some reason that is not clear, is able to catch the eye of deities. Although he’s learned to live with the mystery of the phenomenon, when he is in high school, Chizuru and Nozomu, two foxes, as well as the spirit of wolves, change his life completely. 

Based on the light novel “Kanokon: The Woman Who Cried” by Katsumi Nishino. There are many stunning semi-nude scenes on Fox (also known as “Kanokon”) that make viewers want more. You can view the anime on this page.

21. Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (2019)

They have a very limited number of ecchi anime. And “Nande Koko ni Ga! Sensei!” is undeniably one of the successful series. The show is based on Ichirou Satou, a high school student who has a habit of encountering raunchy situations and her teacher.

This makes the imaginations of the two-run wild. They share a variety of experiences, with the two sharing many exciting and titillating experiences and titillating moments. A mature audience looking for a sexy adult anime: It is highly recommended to watch the show. You can stream the anime here.

20. Kiss x Sis (2010)

“Kiss x Sis” is a hentai-themed series bordering on the extreme, featuring harem-related elements. The show revolves around Keita Suminoe, his twin step-sisters, who have developed an erotic connection during their time growing up. 

The series is about the period when Keita begins her time at the high school of her choice and tries to focus on her exams. However, the twins hinder every effort of Keita because they don’t want to remain in a platonic relationship. The show talks about sexually taboo things like incest and also has a lot of sexually explicit scenes.

19. Air Gear (2006)

In essence, “Air Gear” could be classified as a sports show, but it walks the fine line between hentai and ecchi anime. The main focus of the show is racing among Air Trek users, but it also has a different aspect. 

The anime has a lot of semi-nude sequences in its 25-episode run, which can keep fans of the genre intrigued. The anime can be watched online here.

18. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls (2015)

The Harem series, which has a huge fanbase, follows Kimihito, an ordinary man who lives an ordinary life. 

As the integration of non-human species becomes possible thanks to the aid of the latest technological advancements, Kimihito is able to take care of the care of a Lamia known as Miia and is also attracting numerous girls from other species to his home. 

Then, confronted with the problem of abundance and frequent sexual advances by women close to Kimihito, Kimihito finds himself in an awkward position. Sexually explicit interactions, as well as eroticism and romantic feelings, make “Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls” one of the most anticipated series you can enjoy. 

All seasons of this show can be viewed on this page.

17. Rosario + Vampire (2008)

The story is based on Akihisa Ikeda’s manga series “Rosario + Vampire”. It is an ecchi-based anime that is primarily focused on the misadventures of a lower-than-average pupil named Tsukune in a dangerous realm.

Despite the dangers the new world presents, Tsukune is determined to maintain his love for Moka Akashiya, the most beautiful woman he’s ever met and is unaware of her dark side.

The show has a variety of steamy mild-nude scenes that fans of anime who are looking for adult-oriented shows must definitely check out. The anime can be watched here.

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16. Highschool of the Dead (2010)

“High School of the Dead” The story recounts the bloodshed and violence that take place after a virus that transforms humans into zombies hits the unprepared planet. As the threat to humanity’s survival is looming over the world, humans start fighting for the survival of the future of humanity. 

The series is a great watch with an intriguing premise that includes lots of action and drama with its curvaceous and hot female characters, as well as a lot of sexually charged scenes and sexual innuendos that complete the picture and make “High School Of The Dead” an exciting rollercoaster ride that mature viewers will definitely enjoy. 

The series can be watched here.

15. Maken-Ki! (2011 – 2014)

It is based on Hiromitsu Takeda’s “Maken-Ki!” manga series, which is an Echi action-oriented anime. The series focuses on the sexual assaults and sexual sins of a teenager named Takeru Ohyama, who enrolls at the Tenbi Academy just so that he will be able to woo beautiful girls at the school. The show has been criticized for its lack of concept and poor storytelling. The anime is one of the most sexually sexy series solely due to its sexually explicit and raunchy scenes. However, they do not contribute to the overall story in any way and are considered insignificant. You can view the anime on this page.

14. Tsugumomo (2017-)

Based on Yoshikazu Hamada’s manga series, “Tsugumomo” is an anime fantasy that is based on Kazuya Kagami, who is saved by a spirit of maturity called Kiriha when a demon is threatening his body. 

As he begins to meet his new friend, Kazuya is taken to a brand new, mysterious universe of deities and spirits. While the show is focused on Japanese folklore, as well as a variety of other philosophical themes, it also includes plenty of raunchy and sexually erotic scenes.

Which plays an important role in strengthening the bonds of its deuteragonist. The entire series is accessible on this page.

13. Green Green (2003)

An adaptation of the popular game that is erotic, “GreenGreen,” is a romantic-comedy animated series. If students from two single-sex schools are permitted to remain together until the merger is completed in a one-month period, their interactions will naturally result in sexually charged relationships. 

While the series does not feature explicit sexual scenes, there are plenty of sexually charged moments that anime lovers will surely enjoy.

12. Koihime+Musou (2008 – 2010)

While “Koihime+Musou” isn’t as sexually enthralling as other shows on the list, its many sexy moments make it an enjoyable show to watch, especially considering it has a fantastic storyline to complement the stunning scenes. 

The show is about an orphan called Unchou Kan’u, who fights for the weak because her family has been brutally murdered by bandits. On one adventure, she meets Chouhi Yokutoku, a girl of a similar age with the same past as her. 

Convinced that she understands her purpose, the pair unite to embark on an unstoppable fight against injustice and injustice. The show can be viewed via stream right here.

11. Cat Planet Cuties (2010)

This is an Ecchi romantic comedy show that incorporates the harem and other elements, such as “Cat Planet Cuties.” The story is centered on Kio Kakazu, who is a caring young man living a dull and routine life without ambition. 

But, as he travels to a memorial ceremony to honor one of his ancestors, the girl he meets is glimmering, wearing cat ears. The next day, he sees her sleeping in his bed, naked and in complete confidence about her current state before a total stranger. 

Kio finds out that her name is Eris, and she’s an alien that is looking into the world of Earth. However, several dark organizations are seeking her out, and Kio has to protect Eris at all costs. 

While they are learning to get along, the duo naturally develops feelings and is caught up in a variety of enticing situations, which include a lot of nakedness, which raises the tension to the top of the mountain. You can watch “Cat Planet Cuties” here.

10. The Future Diary (2011 – 2012)

There’s a small percentage of shows that have a complex and genuinely engaging storyline that is also able to be among the most sexually explicit adult-oriented animations of all time.

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Not surprisingly, “The Next Diary” is among the few. In addition to its difficult and confusing ending, the show also features a lot of sexually sexy scenes. In contrast to other ecchi or harem anime, the semi-naked and completely naked scenes enhance the viewing experience, making the series even more enjoyable. 

We suggest watching “The Future Diary” due to its expertly constructed premise. The hot scenes are the added value to an already excellent show. Want to see it? The anime can be watched on this page.

9. High School DxD (2012-)

It’s hard to create an entire list of adult-oriented anime without including “High School DxD.” It’s probably among the most loved Ecchi series ever created, and it has a lot of sexually explicit scenes that challenge the viewer’s imagination. 

The series follows a mediocre high school student named Issei Hyoudou, who is brutally killed by a demon during their first meeting. He is fortunate enough to get another chance at life after the devil who killed him is revived by the demon named Rias Gremory.

He begins helping her become an unfailing servant. The story takes a fascinating turn after that, as each day in Issei’s world is filled with an exciting adventure. Watch “High School DxD” here.

8. Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (2020-)

After being cruelly abandoned by his dad, Koushi Nagumo’s family’s lives fall to pieces, and without a place to go and no one to turn to, he is destined to collapse on the streets due to exhaustion. 

Fortunately, a student at the college named Mineru Wachi helps him out and assists him in finding an opportunity to be a dormitory mom. 

While he’s thrilled to begin his new adventure, Koushi is clueless that the new place he is living in is where he will find some of the most gorgeous women he’s ever met who don’t hesitate to have a bath or strip when they are in his presence. 

Although “Mother of the Gods’ Dormitory” does not include explicit sex scenes in the show, the characters are naked before Koushi at least once in every episode. You can view the anime here.

7. Golden Boy (1995- 1996)

Technically speaking, “Golden Boy” is technically an OVA. However, it still has the potential to be included on the list since it’s considered to be an iconic show, even though it premiered in the late 90s. 

The show is based on Kintarou Ooe, a person who is an autodidact and believes that learning from experience is preferable to sticking to books in class. So, he takes on various part-time jobs and then travels from one place to the next in search of the next adventure. 

His path in life frequently leads him to females, and his relationships frequently take sexual turns.”Golden Boy” is among the few shows that have not just a good concept, but also sexual actions that add to the overall story. The entire series can be watched here: seasons 1 through 6.

6. Scum’s Wish (2017)

The story is based on the Japanese manga of the same name, created by Mengo Yokoyari. “Scum’s Dream” is a romantic drama. The story revolves around Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, a supposedly perfect couple that hides their deep-rooted anxieties and heartbreaks behind a perfect appearance. 

Although they seem to be happy, they don’t like each other, and in their romantic relationship, they want to forget the ones they really want. The love-hate bond between Hanabi and Mugi perfectly captures the complexity of romantic relationships and lays out the many sides of love. 

Although the show doesn’t contain a large number of sexually sexy female characters, the passionate relationship between the deuteragonists makes it one of the sexiest adults shows ever created. The show can be watched on this page.

5. Love To-LIE-Angle (2018)

The ecchi-based anime is about Hanabi Natsuno, a teenager who returns to Tokyo after a long absence and enrolls at an exclusive female dormitory in the town of Tachibanakan. 

On her first day at Tachibanakan, she stumbles upon an unclothed woman with a beautiful face who captivates her, and Hanabi discovers that she’s attracted to girls. However, to her delight, her friends fight against each other for her attention and show the newcomer all the love she requires. 

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As the story continues to unfold, they are able to explore their sexuality with each other and are involved in numerous hot-blooded relationships that make “Love-To-Lie-Angle” an enjoyable experience too. The show can be streamed through the VRV.

4. Ikkitousen (2003-)

The story is based on Yuji Shiozaki’s manga of the identical title, Ikkitousen, an action-packed anime that follows Hakufu Sonsaku, a high school student who is caught up in a conflict of turf between seven high schools. 

She is a reincarnation of the legendary Chinese warlord called Sun Ce, and she is determined to end the conflict between the two factions based on the advice of her maternal grandmother. 

However, Hakufu is confronted by formidable enemies who are known as “The Big Four,” who will go to the greatest extent to defeat her. The show isn’t only female-centric but also contains adult-oriented content that should only be seen by an adult audience. You can stream the show on this page.

3. Queen’s Blade (2009)

The anime is set during the Medieval period when the Queen of the Land is selected through a bloody battle between warriors. The one who is able to beat her adversaries is crowned queen and reigns over the world in the manner she chooses until a subsequent event is held to determine who will be the new queen. 

The action-packed show will introduce viewers to a brutal world of bloodshed, power, and glitz, with sexy actors flaunting their bodies and competing in semi-naked wrestling contests. Ecchi fans will enjoy it.


“The story is about Kaoru, an individual with an S & M fetish. He has always wished to befriend his long-lost close friend Nana through the S&M.Due to an accident that occurred, they’ve been apart for many years.

As the days go by and their lives come to a point at which they’ll require an established routine to move on in their daily lives, A few days later, Kaoru’s mother sends one of the items he has to Nana to be safe. 

It’s a bit odd that Nana tests them out and develops a love for the toys. Perhaps this could be a possible solution to alleviate her stress? ” If you’ve ever read the Nana To Kaoru manga and you’re interested, then you’ll be interested in watching this anime. 

There are some concerns about the adaptation. So, we recommend you go through this OVA and decide for yourself because it is based on the viewer’s viewpoint. For the scenes you’re hoping for, you’ll find plenty of them in the 24-minute episode. 

If you’re not familiar with this manga, you should give it a go since there’s only one episode, isn’t it? In the end, it’s one of the top adult mangas on our list.1. My Wife is the Student Council’s President

1. My wife is the Student Council President.

“Hayato Izumi” is running for the position of president of the student council alongside his opponent, UI Wakana. Although he’s responsible, diligent, and driven, UI wins by using unimaginable tactics like a comprehensive education for students at a cost of thousands of dollars. 

Izumi is able to accept defeat and settles for vice president. They were forced to live together as they had made a vow a long time ago that they would both be married when they were older. 

Today, Izumi and UI have to manage their lives as lovers and members of the student council. My wife is the President of the Student Council, and it is among the most thrilling adult animes available. 

Sure, you’ll enjoy a compelling story, but the best part is that the characters are beautifully portrayed. Ecchi is the anime is too simple and leaves you wondering if this is really an adult-oriented show.

Never take a book’s cover. Although on the surface it appears to be an anime series that is normal, once you’re absorbed into it, you’ll see the distinction. Therefore, if you’re seeking a great adult-oriented anime, put it on your list too.

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