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20 Best Alchemy & Cooking Skyrim Mods

The art of cooking potions, in addition to cooking amazing meals, is not that far from one another. Indeed, some claim that they’re very similar, but the result is different. It’s not that much different from reality.

Don’t you think it’s possible to say that both are types of cooking? They’re very alike in Skyrim, at the very least. Maybe they’re somewhat different. However, here’s a list of the most effective cooking mods you can easily add to your game to create fresh methods and recipes.

I’m sure you’ll be awestruck by the majority of the mods on this list if you’ve been playing the game for some time and you’ve kept it vanilla. Some of these changes are fairly basic, whereas others are definitely drastic adjustments to features that are already in place. 

Whatever the case, these modifications will do great things to bring fresh air to your gameplay. Test them out and see what you think. I experienced the best results testing these on my modified save!

20. Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul

I’m not sure of the amount of free time you’ll need to have to create a mod similar to this, but let’s acknowledge the creator of this mod.

Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul brings more than 3,500 additional plant habitats to the game so that you are able to collect plants in places you didn’t previously.

It’s a QOL enhancement, but a wonderful mod.

19. Dovahcook

Dovahcook is amazing!

This fully lore-friendly mod provides over 40 brand-new recipes for the player to enhance the experience of their virtual Paladar.

Make sure you try each one out and work your cooking abilities up to par. Some are very useful and provide a great benefit in all aspects of the game if you know how to use them properly.

18. Drinks to satisfy the Thirsty

Do you consider yourself a loser who drinks milk at bars? If so, this mod is the one for you. 

The title is pretty self-explanatory, and it’s an interesting additional detail if you’re into this type of… matter.

17. Apothecary Inventory Rebuild

What is the reason why do apothecaries have such a small selection of items I would like to purchase when I’m trying to make high-quality alchemy? I’m not sure what makes vanilla apothecaries so unusable.

This mod can fix this. You can purchase useful products from every pharmacy in the game because this mod changes their inventory and the products they offer to make them more customer-friendly.

16. Alchemy Redone

Alchemy Redone is what I like best about it. It wants to introduce a new crafting system, but it doesn’t want to change the vanilla system. In this way, both can coexist. You can also pick whichever one is most convenient for you, wherever you travel.

The mod also includes crafting stations that can be carried around. Try it out, nomad alchemists! fting system without replacing the vanilla system.

15. Alchemy Ingredient Storage

Then there are the QOL mods. We all have a soft spot for them, don’t you think? This awesome mod allows players to organize their alchemist’s inventory better than in the standard game.

So, every time you visit your home, you’ll be able to access several satchels that permit you to keep your alchemy supplies separate from the rest and allow you to organize them as well as you want to do it manually.

It may not be the most complicated mod. However, given the amount of gameplay improvement that can be achieved through this mod, I’m adding it to my list of mods to consider.

14. Dynamic Potions

This mod could be very practical, but it’s really cheating. That’s why it’s in the 14th position on my list, but isn’t a higher position.

It makes potions simpler to modify, but it allows users to adjust the effect of the potions for a specific time. It is possible to turn any regular drink into a similar version of it that’s 30 times more expensive than the one you originally bought. 

Practical and cool? Sure, Is Cheating Well, let’s just declare that’s not the case. The phobos in Skyrim do not last as long in the long run.

13. Osare Food

Cooking pans will become your new best friends thanks to the incredible Osare Food mod, which adds a slew of brand new, delectable dishes to the game.

I’m aware that base-game Skyrim isn’t equipped with many cooking options, but this mod will cause you to reconsider your main reason for not being able to cook in Skyrim.

It also adds food items with various effects, as well as stunning models. Be sure to take them off after cooking to observe how they appear (as ridiculous as that may sound).

12. The Great Book of Alchemy

The Great Book of Alchemy is quite like the Alchemist Compendium mod, as it also includes a book of every recipe that is included in the game.

But the Alchemist Compendium is an even more attractive publication, which is why this book is ranked at 12th place, while the former is listed at 5. It’s how cookies are broken down, guys.

11. Immersive Potions

Let me be clear. The mod isn’t going to simplify things. This means that potions are not stackable. It can also make instant potions effective in a 5-second span. Why? to make it more enjoyable.

What’s the reason you wouldn’t want to do that? Actually, I don’t really like it, but I’m adding it to the list as I’m sure that many of you would enjoy the sensation of a “real” gaming experience.

10. More Powerful and Stronger Deadly Poisons

I’m sure you’ll be able to guess the purpose of this mod; it basically transforms the standard poisons into better and more efficient ones.

This is shocking, I am sure. The mods are an element of the GEMS list, which is a list of the most effective game enhancement mods available for Skyrim! The mod’s purpose is to basically alter the terrible harm that poisons cause to this game.

This makes them more efficient. I also think it allows you to utilize them, not just throw them away when you spot them (I’m sure you do this, I’m sure you do!).

9. Gromits Cooking Recipes

It’s true that cooking in Skyrim can be a bit difficult. Who wants to squander their time on things that have no bearing on the game? This mod totally changes the way you think about it.

It makes cooking rewarding while keeping things in check so that cooking doesn’t become unbalanced or overly complicated.

In all likelihood, the mod greatly improves cooking within the game. Try it out if you’re sick of vanilla-based recipes! Dullness shouldn’t be a problem in Gromits’ recipe for cooking.

8. Combine Potions

Oh, yes. This is among the favorites that I have seen. It may not be the most effective or complex one, but it definitely improves the standard of living of alchemists by a lot.

You can mix potions and their effects, which can save you a significant amount of space in your inventory by stacking effects on top of one another.

Its great benefit is that you’ll carry fewer items in your inventory. As an example, suppose you mix two potions of health regeneration that weigh 5 points each and offer 10 seconds of health regeneration each. 

When you combine them, you’ll get a potion that weighs 5 points and will heal you for 20 minutes. super cool!. This is among the favorites that I have seen.

7. Field Alchemy

How come the alchemists in movies and old stories could make their potions and perform their activities on the move, but we don’t get to experience this in Skyrim? Put all that junk to one side by using this awesome mod! This Field Alchemy mod allows you to use the mortar or pestle to go through the wilderness just as you’d like.

No matter where you’re located, so long as you’ve got the items you need and you’re able to do your alchemy anywhere.

Why wait until you get back home when you can make these while you are out on the field? make their potions and perform their activities on the move however we don’t get to experience this in Skyrim?

6. Herbal Tea

Technically speaking, this isn’t an alchemy mod or cooking mod in the sense of. I’m including it because I think it’s pretty amazing.

Do you realize how irritating it can be to choose the most beautiful flower only to find that its effects when converted into the form of a potion, work as a five-second boost to your speech or something else? This mod lets you put your flowers to better use by making teas of every kind in your cooker!

What is the reason it’s not an alchemy or cooking mod? It doesn’t require any skills to make the tea, just as those who have no knowledge of cooking could make tea in real life without having any knowledge of it. 

This is a great mod. You should try it and see for yourself! isn’t an alchemy motor cooking mod in the sense of.

5. Alchemist Compendium

The Alchemist Compendium is the name of a fabled book, which this mod makes available in the gameplay.

The book is the key to alchemy inside. Tamriel The book’s opening will let you see all the ingredients and their effects, as well as recipes. This mod basically takes away the hassle of having to quit the game in order to Google which direction to take for your health-regen food recipe.

I am apprehensive when I have to stop playing to learn about the impact after someone from Skyrim might have written it down in an article or book. It is now possible to have access to this book as an actual student would.

4. Babettes Eat

Babette’s Feast isn’t as loaded with recipes as other modifications, but it can cause you to consider a thought or two about what you’re planning to eat prior to preparing it.

This mod includes a couple of recipes to make the Dragonborn able to eat delicious home-cooked meals, which means you can utilize your talents as a chef for more than just slaying enemies on the move.

The most powerful warrior has to cook at least once in a while. Skyrim isn’t a place where you can benefit from other players. Learn how to prepare your own meals. You are a man!

3. Harvest Overhaul

When you gather flowers or plants, Harvest Overhaul makes sure you get the ingredients you need.

This makes it one of the most powerful alchemy tools. It’s not really logical that picking berries gives you one piece, and sometimes when you pick certain flowers, you only receive a single unit, even though it is the case that the design of the plant contains several varieties of them.

It’s not logical, and it’s not right to have around 10 nightshades from one harvest. This is where Harvest Overhaul kicks in, however! This mod makes the number of items harvested feel more real while maintaining the vanilla gameplay of the game. No more wandering around for hours in search of three plants in the same area!

2. Unique and Radiant Potions and Poisons

One of the least exciting aspects that alchemists endure in Skyrim is watching the potions that they have created be identical to one another. To have my potion of strength and my potion of health regen have a different effect would be interesting.

This mod adds more than 100 different textures to the game, making each container look a little different and making every appearance a representation of what’s inside of it.

It could be just an aesthetic change, but the degree of immersion it can bring to the experience helps it secure my second place at the top of this page.

1. Total Alchemy and Cooking Revision

It’s not my top choice for cooking and alchemy mods. However, it’s one of my top overhauls of Skyrim ever, which is why I’m sure it’s worthy of inclusion here. In actual fact, if you’re seeking an upgrade to the basic system with an unmatched level of quality by any other mod, this may be exactly the one you’re looking for.

This mod includes (among others) portable alchemy stations, which allow you to carry your work wherever you go, brand new effects, critters, and even ingredients that remain true to the history of Skyrim and let Skyrim feel a lot better than it did in its basic state.

Talk about the complete package. It also introduces a number of new foods that you can prepare and even recipes for cannibals that you can experiment with in case you’re crazy enough to be a fan of Namira. It’s an enormous overhaul and is among the most powerful mods that can be added to your game.

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