Alex Cooper Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Who is Alex Cooper Boyfriend? It’s true, the American blog, Vlogger, as well as podcaster Alexander Cooper, are also known as Alex Cooper. Cooper is well-known for hosting the podcast called “Call Her Daddy” along with Sofia Franklyn. 

In the year 2016, Cooper received her first acknowledgment for her role as an anchor in the studio for Dirty Water Media. She was in the news for making headlines for kissing baseball player Noah Syndergaard at a Knicks game. 

Additionally, she has been gaining popularity and fame as a well-known online celebrity with over 1.1 million fans on her Instagram account: @alexandracooper, and over 323.3 thousand on her Twitter account: @alexandracooper. Cooper and Franklyn are back on the news due to their ongoing battle over Call Her Daddy. Call Her Daddy podcast.

On the 21st of August 1994, Alexandra Cooper was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA. Cooper’s maiden surname was Alexander Cooper, and her nationality is American. 

Cooper is part of the ethnic white group in addition, Leo as her zodiac symbol. Alex was born the third child of Bryan Cooper, his father along with Laurie Cooper, her mother. 

Bryan Cooper, Cooper’s father played soccer at his school, the University of Wisconsin, located in Madison. Alex Cooper grew up along with her siblings: older sister Kathryn as well as her Brother Grant.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend:

Who is Alex Cooper Boyfriend? It’s true that Cooper has been in a relationship with the film producer Matt Kaplan since 2020. Although she has been being open about her relationship via her blog, the 26-year-old shared her boyfriend’s name was Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. 

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In fact, Cooper gave her colleague the name after they met in a session for business growth during the outbreak. Cooper was able to meet him in her own residence at Los Angeles, and the couple continued to chat with one another for hours.

The native of Pennsylvania, the woman shares little snippets of information about her relationship in her podcast, revealing she believes her partner is more mature and different from her former boyfriends. 

She also said that he is respectful of her work and career choices. According to various online sources, the full title of Matt’s name is Matthew Kaplan, who is a film producer of renown by profession. In the past, Matt tied a knot to a model Claire Holt, who is an entertainer.

Alex Cooper Dating History:

However, Cooper admits she has dated a number of athletes, her most famous ex-boyfriends were Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul. Cooper was in a relationship with Syndergaard and was who was a New York baseball player before she became famous. 

The two began dating in April of 2017 and have been seen at several games. Their last appearance on public display was at the Knicks basketball match in December 2020. Syndergaard confirmed their split in tweets that read “Baseball is my significant other.”

For a number of years, the hosts have discussed their split and their relationship with Syndergaard who she has secretly referred to as “Slim Shady.”

Other than Syndergaard, Cooper had a brief romance with the famous YouTube actor Paul. It’s not clear the date when they began dating and on the 8th of April 2021, the famous host revealed that she was dating Paul. 

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In the early part of 2020, Alexandra declared that she had been seeing her former boyfriend again but didn’t specify the name of the person. Alex Cooper is also rumored to be having a romantic relationship with Matt Kaplan.


AlexCooper began her career as a stage manager for Comcast situated within Hartford in January 2013. She began her work in the role of a production assistant in December 2013 for NBC Sports in Princeton, located in New Jersey, and remained there until January 2014. 

In May of 2015, she worked at Boston University’s conferences and events office from May to August of 2015. Additionally, within Social Vantage, she was an account manager for client success, while for the Whdh Channel 7, she is an intern for sports. 

On September 29th, 2016 Cooper began her career as a vlogger, after she created the YouTube channel that has an identical name. The YouTube channel is home to more than 65,000 users, and views totals are greater than 2.8 million.

Alexander Cooper started her career as a blogger and podcaster following her joining Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy podcast along with Sofia Franklyn in 2018. The podcast is managed by Barstool following Sofia and Alex have signed a 3-year contract in the Barstool community. 

The concept of sexual education was brought to the pair at a bar, which is where they got together and debated. After that, Alexandra and Sofia thought of the idea of creating the podcast based on their conversation and instantly launched their famous podcast called “Call Her Daddy.”

Presently, the podcast is hosted by Cooper who is only Franklyn who quits the show and claims that Cooper was her closest friend, has rebuked her numerous times.

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Alex Cooper Net Worth:

Alexandra Cooper has made pretty decent profits during her time as a blogger and podcaster. She’s been in the industry for more than five years and has made substantial wealth from blogs, podcasts, as well as through social sites. 

The estimated net value is about $10 million, which includes all sources, podcast earnings as well as social media sites. With a wealth that is in millions, she can afford an extravagant life.

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