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Alisha Bromfield Murder: Where is Brian Cooper Now?

21-year-old Alisha Bromfield was brutally strangled and killed on August 12, 2012. The young expectant mother Her murder shocked the community of Door County, Wisconsin.

Investigation Discovery’s “The Killer Beside Me: Evil Blossoms” Filmmakers chose to focus their attention on how an investigation led to a deeper, more sinister truth rather than just showing us what happened.

If you’re looking to learn more about the case of Alisha’s murder and the location of the killer currently, we’ve been able to provide you with information. 

How Did Alisha Bromfield Die?

The description of her is that she was a cheerful person, energetic and generous in spirit. Alisha Bromfield was a joy to behold everywhere she was. She was very in love with her parents and was the most popular with her peers. 

Additionally, when she was killed, she was pregnant. Alisha was thrilled to become a mother and, even though she knew that the father of her child wasn’t on the scene, her joy knew no limits. In addition, she worked at a big retailer’s garden department.

The day before her death, Alisha was in Door County to attend her boss’s sister’s wedding. The wedding went off without any issues, as did the reception, and Alisha was back at her hotel following the festivities. 

In the morning, the police received a frightening call from a man who claimed that he had committed a crime within Sands Bay Beach Resort. Sands Bay Beach Resort. Based on the information that was made, the police were able to rush to the scene and found Alisha in a coma on the floor. 

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The woman was naked, but the blanket covered her body until her chest. The head is lying on a cushion. A medical exam found bruises and injuries as well as marks around her body. 

The reason for her death was found to be strangulation. The police also discovered that someone was having sex on the same body.

Who Killed Alisha Bromfield?

The 911 caller didn’t attempt to conceal his identity during the call when he admitted to the crime and was later identified as the boss of Alisha Cooper. So, just moments after the dispatcher informed the police regarding the incident, the suspect was arrested at the station that he had used for the phone call. 

While in custody, he informed officers that he was in the area to attend the wedding of his sister while staying at Alisha. He also mentioned that Alisha was pregnant; however, it was not his father. 

He claimed to the police that the two of them, Alisha and John, were in a heated argument, and it appeared that their relationship was over. In outrage, the killer killed her. In addition, he admitted to having sex with the corpse after the murder.

The police started looking at Brian Cooper. They found that, at the age of 36, he was a lot larger than Alisha. While Alisha was not keen on having a relationship with him, reports indicate that she attempted to make him feel comfortable as she had to do her job to ensure the safety of her son. 

But, as per witnesses and family members of Alisha, Brian did not treat her with respect. He frequently compelled her to give him priority and would call her by name. Also, even though the two were not dating, the two of them would make Alisha his girlfriend.

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When Brian asked Alisha to join him at his sister’s wedding ceremony in Door County, she hesitated but eventually agreed as she wanted to continue her job. Furthermore, she reasoned that because everyone would be in the same location, she would be safe.

Even on the morning of the trip, Alisha and Brian had one minor disagreement, but they proceeded with their plans. When they had completed the long journey towards Door County, they put up at the Sand Bay Beach Resort.

But the other guests were not at the same location. While the wedding was a success, Alisha and Brian got into a heated argument the same night. Intoxicated by alcohol, Brian went into a fit of rage and stabbed the bride to death. 

Following the confession, Brian Cooper was charged with third-degree assault on an unidentified corpse and two counts of intentional murder.

Where Is Brian Cooper Now?

When he was brought to trial, Brian decided to plead not guilty in a plea deal, claiming that he was intoxicated by alcohol and didn’t realize what was happening. While he was found guilty of the assault on dead bodies, the jury was deadlocked in deciding the verdict on murder. 

But, during the trial, Brian was finally convicted of two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and received two life sentences consecutively in 2014. Presently, Brian Cooper is incarcerated in the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin.

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