All American Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date Is So Long

All American season 4 episode 8 did not premiere at all on The CW in late 2021 as was expected. The release date has been pushed back, and the reason for the delay is explained below.

All American season 4 episode 8’s date of release was pushed back to 2022, and here’s why the show’s suspension is lengthy. The CW’s football-themed drama, based upon Spencer Paysinger’s career before joining the NFL, has become a major success in recent years. 

While a lot of viewers found All American on Netflix and then sat through the show, it has new episodes every week on The CW first. All American is currently in the middle of season 4, and is moving forward quickly. However, episode 8 will not be released at the time that most people expect it to be.

The main storyline in All American Season 4 is about Spencer James’ pursuit to go to college. Spencer James was awarded an all-ride scholarship at an Ohio school. Ohio initially, but then decided to withdraw his commitment after one of the coaches quit. 

This added another challenge for Spencer’s senior season, and he’s not the only American character facing difficulties. Jordan Baker and Simone Hicks are trying to get their relationship to work prior to her spinoff, and Olivia struggles with the challenges associated with being a sponsor. The first seven episodes of All American season 4 have explored a variety of storylines, including this one.

The CW began showing fresh episodes of All American season 4 in October 2021, and viewers got used to watching the show every week from then on. Episode 8, however, was not as scheduled on the 20th of December 2021. 

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The show has taken an extended break, which resulted in pushing its All American season 4 episode 8 release date to February 21, 2022. This new season will premiere on August 8th at 8 pm EST. Viewers will get two doses of All American too because the pilot episode of Simone’s spinoff All American: Homecoming will air directly following the episode on the same date.

It’s not unusual to see All American to have a week of rest between episodes at times however, a gap of two months isn’t common. Season 3 was similarly long in delay, it was due to COVID-19 affecting production, which led to delays at the start of the new season. 

It’s not known if the ongoing pandemic was the primary reason for All American season 4 episode 8’s launch taking this long. Instead, the show is having a midseason break this is something common for all TV shows. 

For instance, Showtime’s Arrowverse shows are also taking similar breaks during the holiday season So shows similar to the Flash will not come back until 2022.

If All American season 4 episode 8 breaths of air at the end of February 2022, fans will be able to witness how significant events play out. The final episode ended with an illness scare for Billy Baker’s father after the school’s dance. 

In the meantime, Spencer is also going to face trouble after being blamed for his team members’ stealing their belongings from New Beverly. In the wake of All American: Homecoming, scheduled to premiere shortly after, All American season 4 episode 8’s upcoming release will provide viewers with the chance to see and experience a lot.

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