Apex Legends Season 11 Expected End Date & Season 12 Updates

Apex Legends continues in its 11th season. for this post, we’ll look at Apex Legends Season 11 expected ending date. Apex Legends is a battle royale game created for Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was initially released for platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One in February 2019 and then it was released for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. 

The mobile version is being developed and will be available by 2022 on Android as well as iOS. The game, as with many other Battle Royal games, supports cross-platform gameplay. Apex Legends has been a very popular game for gamers and has created quite a good community in the short period of time following the game’s release in the year 2019.

As with the other Battle Royal games, players make up two- or three-player teams prior to the game. This game is unique in that it allows players of allowing players to choose from a variety of pre-designed characters, referred to as Legends which each possess distinct capabilities. 

The game features two modes of play which is called”the” Battle Royale mode, where there are 20 three-person teams or 30 two-person duos that are stranded on an island and search for supplies and weapons, and finally defeat the other players to take the title. 

This article will cover Apex Legends Season 12 release date as well as Season 11 end date in depth.

The play area is shrinking when the action progresses requiring players to move and tie them up. Anyone who is not in the play area could face death. Apart from playing the Battle Royal mode, there is also a team deathmatch of 3v3 in which players battle against one another in several rounds. the team that scores the most points is the winner.

Apex Legends Season 11

For those who aren’t aware that the series is in Season 11 with fans delighting in the new content, Respawn Entertainment had introduced the newest season. While players are enjoying the present season, they’d like to know about the coming season. However, to do this we need to be aware of the Apex Legends season 11’s expected ending date.

Season 11 of Apex Legends, also known as Escape. Season 11 of Apex Legends also called Escape It was released on the 2nd of November 2021. It included a lot of new content that players can play with, including New Legend, map, Weapon, and new reward points that are available to Battle Pass players. We’ll be exploring each of them to learn what content is eagerly awaiting exploration during Season 11 of Apex Legends.

New Legend

The most recent Legend which was released in Season 11 is referred to as Ash. As per the patches notes that were released by EA the new Legend has been able to watch over all of the Arenas out of the darkness and been able to hold a firm grip on the heart of the Pathfinder. Ashcan be described as a simulacrum which means she’s an artificial being but with a human-like mind. She was often referred to under the title Dr. Ashleigh Reid before she became one.

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Her goal is to eradicate any trace of weakness that has held her back as an individual. Based on these abilities indicators, you’ll be able to tell the level of her power since she is a Legend who is capable of capturing the enemies’ eyes. Her skills include the ability to mark death with a passive that shows her the whereabouts the death box is located.

Ash’s got a specific warning on a death box which allows her to identify the survivors of her attackers, but it’s limited to one prompt per box. The other skill she has is Tactical Arc Snare that is an ability that allows her to throw the spinning snare which can cause be destructive and tie down the first opponent who gets too close.

Ash’s final power is called Ultimate Phase Breach. With this power, she’s able to break open a single-way portal towards a particular place. The portal isn’t restricted to Ash and therefore can be used by any person who happens to come across it. The only way for it to be removed is if it shuts itself after a short period of time.

New Map

Season 11 introduces the map known as Storm Point, a beautiful oasis that was previously an energy colony of The I.M.C. but is now in disarray. As per the Patch notes from E.A., this place was a site that many to make their own home however, all were unsuccessful. A study of the area has revealed that there are three distinct settlements that were constructed throughout the centuries in this area that are currently not home to any survivors.

The only ones who visit the area are the occasional visiting pirates or people who are castaways. The brand new large map will be the location for many close-combats and will give players many more motivation to keep playing the game thanks to the mao that they can explore. I’m pretty sure from the patch notes by E.A. that this area has plenty to be explored by players.

Escape update also restores the ability to rotate the map on two maps: Storm Point and World’s Edge. Apart from Storm Point, Apex Legends also includes three additional maps which include Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus. Kings Canyon was included in the game as a default, and World’s Edge and Olympus came in Season 3 and Season 7.

New Weapon

Along with a new storyline as well as a bigger map Apex Legends Escape update also introduces a brand new, dangerous, adaptable weapon: the C.A.R. S.M.G. The C.A.R. S.M.G., which is the shorter form of the Combat Advanced Round submachine gun is an entirely automatic weapon that is able to accept heavy or light mags, making it possible to take fights with it to the highest level.

Battle Pass

For Battle Pass, as for Battle Pass, the latest season is packed with new rewards. Participants who purchase Battle Pass in Season 11 have to pay 950 Apex coins and 2000 Apex Coins to purchase the Battle Pass Bundle. Battle Pass brings a lot of new features, such as Weapons, Character Skins, Holosprays, Apex Coins, Apex Packs, Skydive Emotes, Weapon Charms, and many other features.

As players progress throughout the stages, they receive unique rewards until they reach level 100. If you’re not looking to purchase Battle Pass, but you are interested in purchasing Battle Pass, you can get rewards for free which include 7 Apex Packs including 6 loading screens as well as 6 Weapon Skins. the Win Tracker for All Legends, 300 Apex Coins, 1 Music Pack, and a Season Badge.

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Character Improvements are brought to Apex The Legends: Season 11 Escape update.


The update promises improvements in Watson’s responsiveness and reliability when she is making Tactical and Ultimate objects. Watson can now position the Tactical or Ultimate objects on surfaces that are above her eye level, but this is only available to moderate amounts.

In addition, it also brings an increase in the size of Watson’s hitbox and damage when crossing Fences to 33%, damage on crossing a Fence up to 33 percent, the duration of debuffs after crossing the Fence up to 100 percent, and the duration to be hit with a subsequent Fence effect, to 100%, and placement range from 50% to 100 percent. In addition, with this update, Wattson moves at unarmed speed while preparing or placing Fence nodes.

Apart from the overall increase in the game, there’s also a reduction by a few things which include a decrease in recharge time from 50% to 50%, and the time between Fences closing and activating as an ally crosses the fence to 60 percent. Additionally, Fence nodes are immediately after the weapon is prepared instead of waiting for the animation to finish.

The Pylon output is also significantly improved which has reduced how many active Pylons in which Wattson can put in 1 instead of 3 prior to that. The good thing is that they will be used for a long time instead of the 90-second timeout. Additionally, the Pylon has 250 Shields and is able to distribute them to players in the vicinity.

Also, there is an increase in the rate of recharge for shields of the Pylon by 150% and a regen rate is smoothed. If the Pylon has run out of Shields it can stop recharging users’ Shields but can still be able to perform the in-coming zap ordnance. If a Pylon is damaged while generating its shields, its regeneration will be delayed by a second.

The U.I. on the ground as well as H.U.D. Elements now show the number of Shields remaining on the ground and in the Pylon. If a player is Pinging an open Pylon it will display the percent of Shields remaining on the Pylon. It is worth noting that the Season 11 update has also introduced improvements to Pylon ordnance-zapping. Ordnance is now removed whenever the Pylon detects it is in the process of hitting any surface that is within its range and the line of sight.

Weapon Updates in Apex Legends Season 11

The EVA-8’s fire rate has been decreased to 2.1 down to 2.0. The size of the pellets in Peacekeeper has been expanded, and the time to Choke up is just 1.25s at present. The Choked-up shots stay tightly packed for slightly longer they exit A.D.S. The damage to the Longbow has been decreased to 55 instead of 60.

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The effect of the Barrel has been reduced to L-star as well as the size of the collision and the damage that is caused. The damage that G7 SCOUT causes have been increased to 36 instead of 34. 

In addition, it also has changed to Supply Drop Weapon rates which include, early game crate weapon rates being increased to 50%, from 25%, mid-game weapon rate in a crate up to 75%, and the late-game crate weapon rate being increased to 100%.

Other enhancements

In addition to introducing a brand-new Map, Legends, Weapons as well as improvements to Weapons and characters in the season 11 update also adds improvements to the quality of life and U.I. U.I. The team members will now be able to show that they have self-revived by using their game tags in-world.

The update adds V.O. to allow players to notify each other if they’re running out of ammo. Updated social Awareness badges to be disabled to default on all players’ accounts. Bug fixes include fixings where friends playing Apex did not count toward the total number of online friends when playing an event.

When you put the Caustic trap on top of the Seer Ultimate, the bug keeps the ultimate safe from any harm. The Volt’s skin charms were changed so that charms were more prominent. 

The bug, in which players were losing additional Boosted Loader ammo, if the player reloads their weapon prior to reaching their base ammo limit is also now corrected. The issue was that players suffered damage to their health when they hit an opponent with Valk strategic missiles. 

The problem is that players are unable to have access to Legend Select while starting the game in Trios and the game’s creators have solved many other bugs.

Apex Legends Season 11 expected end date

According to numerous reports and leaks, there is a rumor that it is believed that Season 11 of Apex Legends is scheduled to conclude on February 8th, 2022. As we’ve said previously it isn’t an opinion based on any kind of official reports, but rather speculations from different leaks and rumors.

When is Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date

At the moment, we aren’t sure when Apex Legends Season 11 is due to be over. The rumors point to the 8th of February, we can expect Apex Legends Season 12 to launch in the near future. After the release of Season 12, it will be the time to get an Apex Legends season 12 Battle Pass, offering the latest features as well as rewards.

Apex Legends Season 12 Patch Notes

We don’t have any details on the Apex Legends season 12 leak, or perhaps Apex Legends 12 Characters. It is possible to expect an entirely new weapon or map similar to what we have seen in previous seasons. 

We’ll probably see a glimpse of previously unreleased content a few weeks before the launch date, and the Apex Legends the season 12 trailer. We’re eager to find out the apex legendary cast of season 12’s legends and also their skills.

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