Are George And Dream Dating? Rumors or Truth?

Minecraft streamers are growing their own popularity on popular social networking platforms. There’s George who has the username of GeorgeNotFound and Dream using his username DreamWasTaken. 

The latter of the two Dream is the more well-known with a following of more than 7 million across every channel on his YouTube. The main YouTube Channel happens to have more than 6.54 million subscribers, and the Twitch page boasts a hefty number of 550k subscribers.

On the other side, We have George. George’s YouTube Channel stays at a staggering 1.81 million subscribers. And every one of the Minecraft gamers loves his video. Since the YouTuber has only started recently as a creator of content and player, his fan base is expected to grow in time. 

We’ve witnessed the bonds formed between Dream George and George and their friends when playing games together. Sometimes, they act as if they are teammates and fight opponents together in Minecraft. Other times they play games against one another on friendly Minecraft adventures. Everyone is awed by their collaboration.

If you see yourself to be someone who would like to know the latest news regarding the relationship between George and Dream If so, then you’re in the right spot. We have decided to finish the story of Dream as well as George as YouTube friends and partners in general, and also the development that has taken place with Dream as a channel on YouTube. Also, we’ll shed some light on some particulars of the personal lives of the two creators.

George and Dream Are A Thing: Proof

In the present, the fans are awed by the love relationship between Dream George and George. They’re promoting the pair through social platforms like Twitter and obviously, YouTube. The incident occurred after the two boys have made their flirty remarks on Minecraft. 

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According to the assumptions of their many fans in the media, Dream and George are far more than YouTube stars or players who work together on Minecraft adventures. 

Rumors have been circulating that the two could be involved in a secret affair. There is no evidence about it at present despite giving obvious clues about the possibility. However, the relationship rumor has not been only a matter of speculation any longer. Internet users now have concrete proof of the relationship.

Check out any video featuring Dream and George together and you’ll see the two of them flirting. In the previous video, Beating Minecraft with One Inventory Slot, we find that Dream was extremely charming in her relationship with George and even gifted him with flowers while playing the game. 

They spent a lot of time trying to convince George to express his love for You throughout the time. But, George has also been doing the same with similar flirty remarks. Once, Dream lost a bet of 1000 US dollars to George. Alongside the cash prize, he obtained the number of the mother of Dreams.

Their relationship

It was later revealed that George sent a message to Dream’s mother stating and claimed to be the boyfriend of her son. It is important to know that the bond with George and Dream actually belongs to an even higher level than being friends. 

They have an affectionate relationship with one another. The two were discovered back in November of 2019, that Dream gave George more than 5000 US dollars to spend on Amazon. It was 10 times more than the amount he offered to his fellow members who are on Amazon, like Sapnap and BadBoyHalo as well as through gifts.

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The couple has been adamant on Twitter that there’s something suspicious going on in their relationship. The day before April 2020, we got an announcement from George saying that Dream and Dream are getting married soon. 

However, the fans realized it was fake since he has not made any proposal Dream to Dream by any means that could be possible. Then, later, George tweeted again playfully saying that their wedding is off. 

If you’re not happy with this evidence Let us present some of the more famous remarks on Twitter. He responded to one of Dream’s tweets with the words that he is in love with him.

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