Are Myrla And Johnny Dating? The Rumors Are Not True?

The 13th season of Married at First Sight has concluded, and Myrla and Johnny have come through it all. According to the audience, there was amorous tension between the two.

The two became inseparable after sharing a remarkable connection.

However, the audience is sceptical about the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

Fans have hypothesised that Myrla and Johnny had built their own connection in the weeks since leaving reality TV, as neither of them found a suitable spouse in the most recent episode.

There are a number of reasons why fans dismiss the possibility of love chemistry between the two characters.

Myrla and Johnny claim to be just friends

In the thirteenth season, when both Johnny and Myrla were married, the fans could still see the chemistry between them.

The chemistry between Myrla and Johnny was emphasised heavily.

Johnny was constantly condemned for demeaning Bao throughout their marriage.

Before Bao rejected him on the decision day, Johnny showed no dedication to his wife, mocking her insecurities and saying she is inauthentic.

Myrla’s ex-boyfriend Gil was also not suitable for the celebrity.

She claimed that he was balding and living paycheck to paycheck.

Myrla and Johnny’s budding friendship by the time of their reunion had the audience convinced that it would develop into more.

The two appeared to develop romantic feelings for one another when Bao turned down Johnny and Myrla divorced her ex-husband Gil soon after the end of season 13.

As they reminisced about their time spent together in the show, they both seemed genuinely happy to have reunited with old pals.

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From Thanksgiving feasts to bingo nights, the two have been regulars in each other’s social media posts.

Myrla and Johnny both affirmed at the get-together that they travelled to Mexico together.

However, since they managed to avoid being photographed together, the couple has been spending lots of time together.

Fan speculation ran rampant that the duo had played matchmaker for themselves and were giving romance a shot.

Nonetheless, Johnny recently dispelled rumours that he and Myrla were more than just pals in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

He added that he didn’t want to ruin their friendship for the rest of the time.

Fans, however, speculate that there may be further obstacles preventing the two from moving beyond their platonic status.

Myrla and Johnny: fan theories about the pair being platonic

A concerned admirer posed the question, “Johnny is not with Myrla because of some friendship? I mean, really? Their devoted following was both startled and dismayed to learn that the actors were wasting their fantastic chemistry.

Other audiences, however, quickly offered their own theories and rationales for why the two could be friends.

Fans often speculate that Myrla has no desire to date Johnny.

Fans know Myrla has high demands, but Johnny is able to meet them.

Another supporter speculated that Johnny did a little testing, but Myrla has put him squarely in the friend zone.

Some of their fans may have drawn that conclusion because of the pair’s inappropriate flirtation.

Skeptical fans may believe that Johnny and his ex-wife Bao only sought to spark jealousy in their respective partners, rather than actually having romantic love for one another.

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Fan reaction during the reunion suggested that the flirting was all staged to make Gil envious.

Fans of Married at First Sight were hoping that even though Myrla and Johnny weren’t the show’s most beloved participants, they would at least have a romantic future at the end of the season.

The crowd is sceptical that Myrla and Johnny would make a successful couple, due to both their high-maintenance personalities and their lacklustre performance at the reunion.

Indeed, the friendship between Myrla and Gil is the last surviving relationship at this point in the thirteenth season.

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