Where Is Army Of Thieves Filmed? All The Filming Locations

Who doesn’t appreciate the pleasure of a great heist movie? There are many great films like Rififi, Le Cercle Rouge, and Michael Mann’s Heat among some. In the film Army of the Dead, however, Zack Snyder agreed to take the most extreme approach; why not just throw some goblins into the mix-up? 

So, where are the locations of filming for Army of Thieves? Army of Thieves?

The Intervention team is starring Dave Bautista as a commando who is rescued from his seclusion to form the crew and to enter Las Vegas besieged by zombies. What is the purpose? To gain entry into the most well-known casino’s safe return with a large amount. It was a wild journey and Zack evidently saw the potential of a prequel to take us further into the fascinating world.

“Army of Thieves,” directed by Matthias Schweighofer and starring Matthias Schwaighofer is a romantic comedy heist movie that serves as a prelude to Zack Snyder’s zombie-themed blockbuster ‘Army of the Dead.

The story is set in the initial phases of the zombie outbreak when the zombie outbreak has just started in Nevada. And elsewhere, in Europe, Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel) is a powerful jewel thief, entices the safecracker master Dieter (Schweighofer) to become part of the elite team.

The robbery is carried out by Dieter, Gwendoline, and their gang all across Europe and makes ‘Army of Thieves’ a huge film that has a variety of locations. We’ll take care of you if you’re interested in knowing if the movie was shot in the real world or elsewhere.

Army Of Thieves Filming Locations

Army of Thieves was filmed at various locations across Europe including Prague, Hallstatt, Austria as well as Obersalzberg, Germany, by Schweighofer along with the remaining cast and crew. 

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A variety of locations throughout Europe, including the Czech Republic were utilized to film the movie’s scenes. Furthermore, certain scenes could be made in Paris. Since the fact that the French city is a key role in the plot. “Army Of Thieves” ended production in December of 2020.

On October 29, Army of Thieves premiered on Netflix the streaming service. the show is looking at Matthias Schweighofer’s Ludwig Dieter, a highly proficient vigilante masked. In this film, the actor is directing the film from Zack. Then, we’re transported across the globe along with Dieter and his former team.

Prague, Czech Republic

The location of filming for the Army of Thieves was Prague which is the capital city of the Central European country of the Czech Republic. Its Vyehrad Railway Bridge, situated at eleznin most 128 00 Praha 2 linking Nusle Valley with Smchov so over the Vltava River, is one of Prague’s most well-known landmarks. The well-known St. Vitus Cathedral is part of the Schweighofer Group and is located at III. nadvo 48/2, 119 01 Praha 1-Hradcany.

The façade of the Galerie Rudolfinum is located in Alovo nab. 12 110 00 Stare Msto has been allegedly transformed into The fictional NPIB building, which is where the Prague portion of the robbery occurs along with somewhat post-production CGI adjustments. The interior part of NPIB was shown through an Expat Czech Savings Bank Center Building located at situated at Rytska 29 Praha 1.

Marianske lazn, Slapy, Hskov, Stara Hu, Vinaice, Vrane nad Vltavou as well as Vinaice, Stara Hu, Marianske lazn and Velka Amerika quarry in the Czech Republic were also used for filming various sequences within the movie. Other films made at the City of a Hundred Spires include “Spider-Man Far From Home” and “Jojo Rabbit.”

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Hallstatt, Austria

In the film ‘Army of Thieves, the beautiful Austrian city Hallstatt is a major filming location. The water scenes in the film were shot across Hallstatter See, also known as Lake Hallstatt. It is the Hallstatt Lutheran Church is located at Landungspl. 101 4830 Hallstatt and is included in the film.

Obersalzberg, Germany

Obersalzberg is a hidden hillside resort located in the Bavarian state of Germany. The scenes of the armored truck were shot in the famous tourist destination.

P Aris, France

As we’ve said before, Paris is an important part of the tale. The film features an iconic perspective of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was at least part of the movie’s scenes were shot within The City of Lights. Other films that were shot within Paris include ‘Inception Killing Eve’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds.’

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