20 Best Besiege Mods To Download (All Free)

There are many ways to describe Besiege. Steam describes it as a “physics-based building video game”, while Wiki places it under strategy sandbox.

This is part of what makes this game so unique. The core idea about what the game is supposed be is so original that it is guaranteed to feel singular.

Besiege is a paradise for modders because it offers so much freedom. You can also add custom content to enhance the creative aspect of the experience.

Let’s take a look at some mods that are worth installing. They can all be found in the Steam Workshop.

20. Dozer

A siege engine is designed to remove heavy doors, castle walls and other forms of medieval fortification.

This custom-built bulldozer is the best way to tear down any structure that stands in your path.

This will ensure you’re able to tackle every level. This block set can be quite CPU-intensive so make sure you have enough RAM.

19. Thomas the Mech Engine

Most of us recognize Thomas the Tank Engine as a childhood favorite.

Ok, okay. This might be for older gamers…

Here’s Fnom3 calling it “the ultimate Thomas.”

Thomas is well-known for his smiley, child-friendly face.

Thomas the Mech Engine, a larger version of Thomas the Engine, is built to trample on everything in its path.

ArkWIILSOON563 wrote a perfect user comment, summarizing my feelings.

“My childhood was destroyed.”

18. Bionic Chicken Hawk

The next one looks straight out of Horizon Zero Dawn (remember those pesky Stormbirds?).

Flying Flapjack’s Bionic Chicken Hawk, which is made mostly from wood, can be just as deadly.

The Chicken Hawk, as the author explains, is a “roboassassin” in the sky that can dive bomb chickens and pick up its enemies using its robo-talons.

It can even drop bombs.

You could not ask for more.

17. Big Daddy (Bioshock).

Although the previous entry was not likely to be based on Horizon: Zero Dawn this is a direct copy of an iconic character from another video game, but this time it’s from an older game.

Bioshock’s Big Daddies, some of the most vile characters in video games, are among the most obnoxious. If you don’t pay attention, they will blast through you. This is why they are so great in Besiege.

It’s very unfortunate that the current version of the Big Daddy is still unable walk. However, you are welcome to make modifications to get him moving.

16. 38 Special

Speed runners use glitches and other techniques to break any game they encounter.

Although Ross P. may not have broken any records with this machine, he was able create one machine that could beat all levels of Besiege.

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This game was created a few years ago. New levels have been added since then, but the 38 Special was still able to complete all 38 levels during its release.

This is even more amazing because it was built with only 12 blocks.

15. Blade Runners

There are modders out there who love to create effective Besiege-destroying contraptions, but there are also those who let their imagination run wild.

The game serves no purpose other than to allow you to create almost anything you like, which is part what makes it so great.

Modders, Beware! There are many original builds in his workshop. This one caught my eye.

His original train build used cogs to create the tracks. He discovered that blades are much more affordable and can be used as tracks.

This amazing Blade Runner build is the result, and you can see the creativity in the videos.

His tracks were custom-built to include lifts and bridges. This just goes to show the extent that Besiege’s build mechanics can be taken.

14. AT-ST Walker

You’d probably have seen my other lists and know that I love to include any Star Wars whenever I can.

Star Wars is a great movie.

Thom’s AT-ST Walker build was the first thing that struck my eye.

The build can move around and even jump!

It weighs in at only 116 blocks, so it’s lighter than some of the other items on the list.

13. T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

We have something for you if you prefer to fly than land.

If you are a Star Wars fan like me, and would rather fight for the rebels than the empire, you will probably enjoy this one.

Although it’s amazing to see an actual X-Wing Starfighter made with wood, here is the proof.

It is fully mobile and includes an anti-gravity landing system, cannons and landing gear as well as movable wings.

12. UFO

Although Besiege has been compared to Kerbal Spa Program at times, the core concept focuses on a different time.

It is clear that the developers intended to build medieval machines rather than advanced rocket ships.

However, the game already has more advanced technology than what was shown in the previous entries. This is largely due to the creativity of mod communities.

We’ve crossed the line so here’s an actual UFO by modder Besiege This!

11. Saturn V Rocket

The line isn’t just blurred at this point.

We’re so far beyond the Star Wars vehicle line and even a fully functioning UFO, so let’s embrace it.

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People refer to Chip2222’s Saturn V Rocket as “Kerbal Besiege Programme”

The rocket’s design is faithful to Besiege’s original design. It is made mostly from wood. It can fly, but don’t let its appearance fool your eyes. However, it will need to be activated in 0 gravity mode to make it work.

10. EasyScale

You may be wondering how these bizarre contraptions are made in the Besiege system.

To get you started in creating your own custom siege engines you will need to download EasyScale.

EasyScale is a tool that has been around for a while and has quickly become a staple in every Besiege builder’s arsenal.

Mods allow you to manipulate individual parts to make them fit your project perfectly. Neat, right?

9. Portal-Pack

This means that you are limited in what you can do with stock blocks from the base game.

There are many block packs that you can use to make your next build more exciting.

This Portal pack gives you 15 blocks from the puzzle game.

You will also find a companion cube as well as a launcher in the pack!

8. VidyaWeapons

Although this pack may not have as many blocks, it is still a great option. However, it does offer some of the best options.

The VidyaWeapons Pack offers three new blocks that are focused on weaponry. It also gives you access to a portal device, a gravity gun and a poultryizer.

Each is taken from various popular video games, as you probably know.

You can create portals using the portal device from the Portal series.

The Half Life franchise gave the gravity gun its name. This allows you to grab anything and shoot it.

The poultryizer comes from the Blizzard universe. It can be seen in games such as WoW or Hearthstone. It is as easy as aiming and shooting. The chicken will immediately transform whatever it hits.

7. Hovering Block Mod

Although weapons are great, it is nice to be able to just make things.

If you are interested in this block mod, you will be able to use it in your future builds.

The Hovering Block Mod allows any machine to hover above the ground.

This one has a smooth stabilization feature that gives your machines realistic hovering animation relative the terrain below.

6. FiaoCombinedMod

The FiaoCombinedMod, which user wang_w571 has uploaded, is the last on the block pack list.

Let’s go back to the destruction of things. What if you were more organized when making machines?

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FiaoCombinedMod makes it possible to do just that. It gives you access to additional blocks to make your weaponized machines more precise.

This mod allows you to create blocks for missile guidance computers or complex tracking systems, so that you can be more precise with your launchers.

The pack also includes a structure reinforcer to make your build stronger, as well as a laser that can zap any object it is pointed at.

5. Besiege Custom Scene Mod

You now have the tools and custom builds you need, but you will also need new levels to test them out.

This add-on to Besiege Custom Scene allows you to replace your default world with completely customized terrain.

There are many premade scenarios that you can use, but it’s also possible to create your own scenario.

4. Sandbox City

This brings us to Sandbox City by Brammer001, our first custom Besiege universe.

Although this is an easy alternative to the traditional sandbox, the creator says that it is not as simple as it seems.

Sandbox City has a lot of fun features that you can explore. It even has its own harbor and racetrack. This makes it the ideal place for testing new cars, boats, and planes.

3. Rally Cross

This mod, by Thomas the Mech Engine’s creator, turns Besiege into a racing game.

You get scaled cars and a track for you to race with up to three friends.

This is a great way for you to get away from the engineering problems that you would normally face in Besiege.

2. True War Game

We also have a mod that allows you to play Total War.

This PvP war scenario for Besiege by Daichi’s True War Game transforms your gameplay.

All of the models were built using Besiege blocks. These blocks were then modified to fit the scale. To better match the scenario, the models were also recolored.

True War Game, inspired by Alexander the Great’s army’s phalanx formation, is a testament to how much modding can take this game.

1. New Valhalla

We’re closing the list with a fun multiplayer scenario that you can play with your friends.

New Valhalla is a fictional kingdom made up of floating rocks.

Enjoy objective-based team play with up to three friends. One team is responsible for passing a series of checkpoints and the other team must stop them.

It might seem easy.

The map is what makes this mod so interesting. It shows the amount of thought and effort that the creator put into creating this world.

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