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21 Best Shows Like Lucifer You Need To Watch

When it goes to mythical, spiritual, or mystical, we’ve probably seen every movie/TV trope in life. Everyone is now discovering fresh and exciting ways to tell old stories, and one fascinating way to do so is to bring the supernatural to function.

Lucifer is one such Show. Premiering in 2016, this supernatural police procedural comedy tells the story of the original fallen angel—or the demon, also known as Lucifer Morningstar.

This show is clever, entertaining, and viewers can’t seem to get enough of it, with Lucifer hitting the fever pitch at the end of his third season. The series became popular enough for Netflix to pick it up for two more seasons.

Thus in case you’re another of those Lucifer fans who loves to watch divine, supernatural-thriller-drama, and really want to binge on more shows like this, I’d like to help you with this article.

21 Best Shows Like Lucifer You Need To Watch

So here’s a list of 21 best shows like Lucifer that will hook you right away.

21. Constantine

If Lucifer is your go-to character for supernatural investigations, with Constantine, you can find a new favorite. Constantine tells the story of John Constantine, an exorcist and supernatural master who, based on the DC comic book, struggles with his faith and is perpetually haunted by the sins of his past.

Constantine may not be as suave or as collected as a character as his opposite lead in Lucifer, but he more than compensates for what he lacks in coolness in terms of his skill in dealing with the supernatural.


Constantine only aired for one season before being canceled, but with appearances on another critically acclaimed Arrow show, the character remained incredibly popular.

20. Supernatural

It’s practically impossible to talk about a supernatural research show without mentioning the long-running cult classic, Supernatural.

The series is about two brothers who are chasing monsters, including angels, demons, and even a different version of Heaven, and all sorts of supernatural creatures.


Supernatural has ended an epic 15-year run with its last season in 2020. You will watch the bulk of Supernatural on Netflix.

19. American Gods

American Gods really expands the envelope on what ultimately means religion and worship if you’re into the sort of stuff with a lot of blood and gore to boot.

The show starts with an ex-convict nicknamed Shadow Moon after being released from prison when he meets an enigmatic man named Mr. Wednesday, a self-proclaimed God.

American Gods

It gets crazier the further they progress.

18. Preacher

The Preacher is a show about the quest for Heaven. Now this may sound fanatically religious, but trust me when I say that a preacher has nothing fanatically religious.

Preacher is a show that does not take itself seriously, putting the party in circumstances that are best characterized as over-the-top and incredibly elaborate, making the show so enticing.


With Pastor, there is no’ fitting in’ the chaos begins to come and leaves viewers of the three-season franchise gaping at the gripping lunacy of it all.

17. Forever

If you’re looking for a criminal investigation series with a bit of imagination, Forever might simply be your closest match.

The story follows a detective who pairs up with a man who, not to be confused with the 2018 series of the same name, happens to be immortal and incredibly intuitive.


The case that this series is much stronger than Lucifer may be created in several respects, with authors of the latter likely taking influence from the series.

Unfortunately, Forever only has one season, which is a real shame considering the incredible storytelling.

16. Limitless

Many on this list would know the name Unlimited better than anyone, considering the reputation of the same-name hit movie starring Bradley Cooper.


Limitless tells the story of Brian Finch, who, due to the mysterious drug NZT, possesses extraordinary reasoning skills when he partners with the FBI to help solve tough crimes.

15. I-Zombie

Generally speaking, the zombie genre is known to be slow and clunky.


But iZombie is an interesting take on zombies and it’s obviously another kind of supernatural show like Lucifer, it’s an outstanding display.

14. Dirk

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a quirky demonstration. This humorous science fiction mystery show tells the story of Todd Brotzman (played by Elijah Wood).

Who after the writer of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Cosmos, is introduced to Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), a fast-talking, eccentric detective who was hired to solve the murder.


Despite only having two seasons, the show has become an immediate hit.

13. The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files follows the story of Harry Dresden, a Chicago sorcerer who works as a private investigator.

Detective Murphy, acting as a Chicago police specialist, is tasked with focusing on the most uncommon incidents.

The Dresden Files

The center of the show is the same as what you can read in the novels, a novelty dependent on current source content for other book-to-screen adaptations (a fantasy book series by the same name).

12. Grimm

Although this protagonist is not the devil, the comparisons between Grimm and Lucifer are obvious. The plot of the show centers around a detective who discovers that the “Wesen” can see supernatural entities hiding among us.

The reception for the show was lukewarm at first, but then improved significantly when the show concluded in its sixth and final season in 2017.


You may want to look into this series if you’re looking for a bit of reality to go with your fantasy.

11. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is another ghost comedy-drama series with a very strange plot. It’s the tale of a pie-maker named Ned, who has the ability to bring the dead back to life with a single touch.

For its visual style and compelling characters, the series was awarded with seven wins, which earned it multiple awards and nominations, including seventeen Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Pushing Daisies

The only problem that you may have after seeing this movie is that it has no more seasons to its credit.

10. Reaper

Reaper is about a young clerk named Sam Oliver, who learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil on his 21st birthday and is now tasked by the devil to become his grim reaper, tracking down escaped souls and bringing them back to hell.


Reaper is utterly funny and will have you torn at the seams with the ridiculousness and clumsiness of the characters as they go from one job to the next.

9. Lost Girl

Lost Girl is sort of an odd one, but again, which series isn’t on this list?

Lost Girl follows Bo’s storey, a succubus who is part of a mysterious society called the Fae that survives and feeds from their lives in various forms to survive among humans.

Lost Girl

This Canadian series is for you if you’re into this kind of horror drama.

8. Evil

Evil is the story of a clinical psychologist, a Catholic priest, a former journalist, an expert in technology and research.

They come together to explore the spiritual instances that occur in the church.


So far, the show has a season and is available for viewing with a Voot subscription.

7. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The chilling exploits of Sabrina are not for the faint-hearted. A young witch who practices witchcraft revolves around this mystical series.

There are many jump-scares in the series. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina were darker in nature than Lucifer, but it is definitely a recommendation that enjoys a little suspense.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

This show is split into three parts and all are available for viewing on Netflix.

6. Castle

Rick Castle, a mystery novelist, pulls the strings to become a murder detective’s partner. In spite of their daily brawl, the two become a successful pair that can take down big-time offenders.


It certainly doesn’t have a fantasy theme like Lucifer, but the complexities of the lead are very much like Chloe and Lucifer. This series is the perfect one to follow a couple of fights.

5. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a teenage drama that has become a hit on the CW and, also years after its completion, has created a huge fan base.

It’s also a major hit with a solid supernatural plot among Lucifer fans as well. A seemingly tiny town called Mystic Falls welcomes a new and familiar tourist.

The Vampire Diaries

When she falls in love with a vampire and gets embroiled in the city’s supernatural history, not to mention the steamy love triangle, the show follows the story of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev).

4. Moonlight

I’m hoping go out on a limb here and suggest that if you’re OK watching a program about the Lord of Hell coming to Earth to solve any police murders, then you’re certainly not going to find that a crime-solving series of vampires is too far-fetched as a private investigator.


For just one season, from 2007 to 2008, the Moonlight CBS series aired, but its combination of supernatural and super-roman drama made it an immense cult hit among the obsessed vampires of the time.

3. Fringe

Fringe, the J.J. The Abrams show, which was just a popular show in the mid-2000s, is a great series for fans of Lucifer who want a procedural crime blended with the supernatural.

A special team called the Fringe Group works under the supervision of Homeland Security. A special forensic technique called fringe research is used by the unit.


They abandon the normal divisions of criminal practice when solving strange crimes. The mysteries of an alternate universe are the basis of these events.

2. Sleepy Hollow

In the mid-2010s, unsuitable police shows became a Fox trademark, but with Sleepy Hollow, a practice with magical aspects that exceeded all expectations, the archaic format was injected into the ass.

Sleepy Hollow

The idea seems absurd, but the first season is quite fun, with a bit of romance, horror, and comedy. Fair warning: the quality of the show decreases after Season 1.

1. Good Omens

Despite their distinct nature, the angel and the devil, both childhood friends, are seeking to stop the arrival of the Antichrist.

With Armageddon on the horizon, the two must match their powers in order to guarantee the existence of the world. Strong Omens is a remarkable aspect of David Tennant’s outstanding success over the years.

Good Omens

It is the surprising resemblance between the demonic Crowley of Tennant and the angel Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale that carries both amusement and malicious entertainment.

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