Calm Strips Shark Tank Update: What happened Next?

Episode 13 from Season 13 of ABC’s “Shark Tank” The episode saw Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller introduce their new product, Calm Strips, hoping to make a significant investment. 

Calm Strips are an original and exciting take on products for relaxation that stick to any surface and aid in fighting anxiety. Although tactile calming products aren’t something to be praised for, Calm Strips’ mobility and user-friendliness merit a second glance. Here’s what we discovered!

Calm Strips: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Michael Malkin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Old Dominion University and even has an Advanced Certificate for the field of Project Management from the same university. 

While he did work as an English teacher, following the completion of his bachelor’s degree, Michael was soon able to move into management and has run locations for Dell as well as Apple. 

However, Luce Fuller was employed as a store manager at Starbucks and as an Associate Manager for Coach before joining Apple as a specialist in November of 2013. The expertise and skills of Luce saw her rise rapidly through the ranks of the company. 

Throughout her career, she’s been in various roles such as preservation and operations specialists, operations experts, operations specialists, and schedule planners. She has been associated with Calm Strips from the very beginning and currently holds the position of Director of Public Relations. 

Additionally, Michael’s work as an Apple store manager, in turn, caused the formation of Calm Strips. If the store became overcrowded or noisy, Michael would feel anxiety rising and taking over his thoughts.

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Michael tried many ways to alleviate the pain, such as pounding his hands on the tabletop and then scraping his fingers using carpenter’s tape. While the latter did work in a way, however, it made the fingers extremely sticky and therefore wasn’t practical. 

Michael was aware that his situation necessitated a more specialized device like a fidget spinner, but decided against using one because it was not as discrete as he’d have liked. 

When the carpenter’s tape began to work to his satisfaction, Michael began experimenting with the technique and attempted to improve the product to appeal to an even wider audience.

So, Michael developed his idea for Calm Strips and realized he could create a product to be sold. Calm Strips are constructed of sturdy vinyl that has a pleasant river rock or sandy texture and features a variety of art. 

Rubbing the surface can provide an extremely relaxing sensation. In addition, they are mobile and can be stuck to any surface. They can also be worn on a keyring, a lanyard, or in the pocket of a bag and are therefore very subtle. 

Additionally, Michael even remembered how the tape of a carpenter caused his fingers to become sticky. He was sure to use an adhesive that was not sticky, making strips that were easy to get rid of and reuse, leaving no residue.

Where Is Calm Strips Now?

It is interesting to note that Calm Strips launched in April 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, and instantly saw tremendous results. With many people trapped in their homes, depression, and anxiety were at their highest as Calm Strips was able to give the immediate relief that those in need needed. In a short amount of time, the company has increased in size, and as of today, Calm Strips has over 125,000 happy customers across the world. In addition to sending products to the US and Canada, the business has expanded its reach and now has customers who are located in Australia as well as the UK.

Additionally, they’re very popular with schools and have been highly praised by teachers as well as guidance counselors. Calm Strips are available in many exciting styles, and a set of five strips that can be reused costs $12.99. 

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Additionally, the business offers packs of 30 each for $49.99 or 120 strips for $119.99. Customers who are interested in purchasing strips on Amazon or on the official website, which offers frequent discounts, should consider.

Also, It is interesting to note that the company has a unique way of connecting with the community by holding regular art contests and displaying the winners’ designs on their new strips. So, with an amazing marketing strategy and a distinctive product that supports it, Calm Strips is headed towards greater success and popularity in the years ahead.

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