Can Naruto Kill Boruto If Borushiki Goes Out of Control?

Boruto has transformed into nothing more than an unstoppable time bomb that could explode at any moment since Momoshiki planted the seeds of his Karma in him. Even Sasuke could not stop the Momoshiki-controlled Boruto from slashing into his Rinnegan. 

This is enough to consider Borushiki an apocalypse-level thread. Naruto tried to slow down the otsutsukification of Boruto through Byakugan anti-oscillation pills. But the strategy was a disaster in the end.

Borushiki came back in the latest chapters and attempted to destroy Naruto. These leaders from Shinobi Nation and Shinobi Nation have been worried regarding the Borushiki problem for quite a long time. 

At the most recent Five Kage Summit, Naruto promised Gaara that it was his responsibility as Hokage to take every step necessary to end the Borushiki issue. Is that a requirement that includes killing Boruto in the event that he loses control? The article includes spoilers from the Boruto manga and manga, so be sure to read them.

The Borushiki Problem

The karma of Boruto’s is like an eagle with two blades. It definitely gives him a major boost in stamina, strength, and speed. However, each time he uses this power, he takes one step closer to becoming a Momoshiki. Boruto is currently almost entirely Otsutsukified.

The situation is likely to worsen from here on. In the latest chapters, the Momoshiki consciousness has already been able to take over Boruto. If it weren’t for the intervention of Kawaki, we might have lost Naruto to the massive Rasengan that Borushiki targeted at him.

When Momoshiki is reincarnated into Boruto’s body, he’ll carry on with his original plan. He will attempt to find the Chakra fruit by offering Kawaki in the Ten-Teals. It will surely bring back the terrible events of the Fourth Great Shinobi World and maybe even more terrifying than the previous one.

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Can Boruto Regain his consciousness?

The manner in which Borushiki was able to attack Naruto without delay indicates that Boruto has lost all control over his body. In the past, we’ve witnessed similar instances where Jinchurikis such as Gaara and Naruto were unable to control their beasts with tails. 

But I’m not sure even the wood model can withstand the powers of Momoshiki. With Momoshiki’s powerful evil motives, I’m not sure Boruto will ever be able to get along with Momoshiki the way Naruto and Gara were able to do with the demons that resided in their bodies.

A good strike on the head of Boruto can help him regain consciousness temporarily. If you’re looking for an all-time solution, everything will depend on the determination of Boruto to keep using Karma’s powers but not lose his control. 

In the Chapter 65 episode, the character did manage to do this for a short time, but it wasn’t enough to stay for long. If he remembers the way he pulled it off and masters the method, there’s a good chance that he will be successful.

Can Naruto kill Boruto If Borushiki Resurfaces?

It’s not true. Naruto cannot take down Boruto by his own hand, regardless of whether he poses an enemy to Boruto’s Shinobi World. His fatherly emotions are bound to interfere with his duties as a hostage. 

We all know how much Naruto respects his family members. He fought for Sasuke even though the latter was a criminal on the international stage and was under the supervision of Akatsuki. There’s no way Naruto could abandon his son so easily.

Even Sasuke believes that Naruto would be reluctant to kill Boruto, and he reveals that he’ll kill Boruto should things go south. Additionally, Naruto without Kurama doesn’t have a chance against the reincarnation of Momoshiki. 

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He says the Sage version is more powerful than ever before, but let’s be honest and say that it’s just not enough against an Otsutsuki threat. This is why I’m more worried about the safety of Naruto in the event that father and son are facing each other in a battle.

In addition, Naruto will fail to take down Boruto not just because of the plot, but because of the very first scene in the series, where Boruto is still alive. He was fighting Kawaki, who declared Naruto to be dead. 

Could this mean that Kawaki is the danger that we should be concerned about? This is the subject of a separate article, so keep checking back to our website for the most recent theories.

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