Can Wonder Woman Fly?

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So now let’s jump on the topic of today’s article that is because of the trailer of the new upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 which bought many kinds of thought and questions about the flying of Wonder Woman in the series of superwoman.

Because for me she is also the counterpart female character of Superman and everyone speculates that she can also fly like him. And during her journey of 75-years, almost her character changes very drastically in every story through her origin, and of course her powers that she can use.

And one of the most variable power of her ability to fly in the fight and other times using different magical or technical means to get airborne.

Now let talk about the movie, which was released on December 25, 2020, at the end of the month and in the story Wonder Woman whose real name is Diana Prince, who lives her life quietly among mortal, or we can say among humans, though with her power she always maintains her low profile.

Soon Diana has to face her villain Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah, who possesses superhuman strength and agility where she has to fight against them to save the world to gather all her power, strength wisdom and courage that she always suppress in the past by keeping it low.

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If we talk about superhero movie any sequel, we can say that the sequel will show us something new that we have never thought and learned about them and even the things and human that are precious to them.

And they always wanted to keep them but as we all know her life changed when she lost her first love, Steve Trevor, so many years ago. And as we saw many movies, she hasn’t had any attention to any man and literary she lives alone.

And hey, she is one of my favorite character in the DC series, and if we talk about the story in which the start of the movie is very gigantic where the story starts from the past era where Diana was a child and fight against the woman who are thrice older than her age and from there the movie turns into a bigger and louder scenario where a fictional magical far-off land filled with gorgeous, superhuman warrior woman. That’s right! It’s the U.S.A. In the year 1984!

Where Diana Prince is living alone in Washington, D.C., where she works at the Smithsonian and spends her immortal life in quiet peacefulness.

In the whole movie, she only made one single friend be her colleague, Barbara Minerva, a sweet but awkward gemologist who admires Diana’s glamour.

Can Wonder Woman fly in the movies?

Can Wonder Woman fly in the movies?

Now Let’s focus on the main topic of this article do you think Wonder Woman can fly? And my answer is yes, she can fly but in different ways and those ways are:

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The Invisible Plane

Her first way is her invisible jet and the jet has appeared in the comic version of herself. And with the fact, the jet has amazing speed and fighting abilities.

The gadget of her sometimes like a helicopter and later, after the 2000s, the plane becomes a jet and, the Invisible Jet is going to appear in her new movie, too!

The Sandals of Hermes

This is the gift from Hermes himself to Diana and the sandals were also used by Artemis when she won the contest to become the emissary to man’s world.

Artemis also received many things by which her power and strength got increased.


Pegasus is one of the characters that appeared in comics quite a lot of time and with the winged horse, there are several other mythological creatures among her allies, including a Minotaur.

Where they help her to fight and obviously to fly high also. 

Lantern Ring

Wonder Woman is also a member of different lantern Corps, where after being killed, she becomes the Black Lantern and they have the power to fly when they are the member of the corp.

And her power allowed her to master the Black Lantern ring and join Star sapphires.

Hermes’s Feather

Hermes feather was not a gift for Diana by himself and he cannot give Diana the ability to fly by giving her his sandals. Instead, he throws one of her feathers, and when this scratches her, it gives her the ability to fly.

Golden Eagle Armor

Wonder Woman able to fly with her gold Armor which was also featured in the anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 movie. And the Armor appears only when she was in great danger and her foes when she needs full protection.

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