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Cassie Stoddart Murder: Where Are Brian Draper & Torey Adamcik Now?

In September 2006, Cassie Jo Stoddart was in high school and house-sitting for her aunt and uncle.

She would never have thought that having a few friends over would lead to her death.

The show “A Time to Kill: Evil in the Basement” on Investigation Discovery tells the shocking story of two teenagers who killed someone for no reason.

The police moved quickly to talk to the people they thought were involved and eventually got a conviction.

So, if you want to know what happened to Cassie, we can tell you!

How Did Cassie Jo Stoddart Die?

Cassie was born in December 1989 in Pocatello, Idaho. She was in high school when she was killed.

When she and her siblings were younger, her grandparents took care of them for a while.

Cassie was said to be creative and interested in music.

The 16-year-old was at Allison and Frank Contreras’ house on September 22, 2006.

Cassie took care of her aunt and uncle’s house and pets while they were out of town. But on September 24, when the family got back home, they found something terrible.

Cassie was lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the living room when the Contreras’ 13-year-old daughter found her.

They contacted the police right away. Cassie had been stabbed about 30 times, and the wounds were deep.

The medical examiner said that the multiple wounds on her trunk were the cause of her death.

Cassie had about 12 cuts and scrapes that could have killed her. They were caused by two different knives.

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Who Killed Cassie Jo Stoddart?

Investigators found out that Cassie had asked her boyfriend, Matt Beckham, to spend the night at the house.

So, they asked him to come in for a meeting.

He said that the two of them also had Torey Adamcik over to hang out at their house. Brian Draper was with Torey when they went.

Brian and Torey went to school with Cassie. Matt told the police that Brian and Torey hung out for a few hours before they left.

After about 15 minutes, the power went out at the house. When Matt’s mother got a call from him asking if he could spend the night with his girlfriend, she told him no and came to get him. (However, she did offer to let Cassie come over and stay with them, but Cassie turned her down).

About that time, he had called Torey to tell him he was leaving. Matt said Torey was whispering and said he was at the movies.

After that, the police talked to Torey. He told the police that he and Brian left Cassie’s house to go see a movie and then spent the night at his house. But he couldn’t say anything about the movie they had gone to see. Brian was also questioned in the end.

He told the police that he and his friend had unlocked one of the house’s doors so they could scare Cassie later. He also said that they were wearing masks, black clothes, gloves, and knives. At the time, they were both 16 years old.

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Brian showed the police where the evidence had been hidden at the time. They found, among other things, knives that looked like daggers, gloves, boots, clothes, and a videotape.

Brian said that Torey stabbed Cassie, but he later admitted that he did it himself because he was afraid Torey would turn against him.

But the video seemed to show that the two of them were to blame. In it, they talk about killing Cassie and make plans for it. They also talk about it right after it happened.

Torey and Brian also said that they were like other famous serial killers, but Torey said that those other killers were just beginners compared to what they were going to do. “I feel like I want to kill someone,” Brian said on the tape.

I know that’s not normal, but what the hell.” Since the videotape was a key piece of evidence, both Brian and Torey were charged with Cassie’s murder and were going to be tried separately.

Where Are Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik Now?

In April 2007, Brian was found guilty of first-degree murder and a plot to kill.

Adam’s trial began a little more than a month later, and in June 2007, he was found guilty of the same charges.

In August of that year, both were sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for the murder and 30 years to life for the conspiracy.

Records from the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Kuna, Ada County, show that both of them are still in jail.

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Both of them have tried over the years to get their convictions overturned, but they have been denied.

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