Criminal Minds:10 Hidden Details Missed About Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid, the smartest person in the BAU, is always among Criminal Minds’ most adored characters. However, there are certain facts about him that remain secret.

On Criminal Minds in Criminal Minds, In Criminal Minds, Dr. Spencer Reid—a Supervisory Special Agent from the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)—has been involved in some significant character arcs in the 15 seasons that Dr. Spencer Reid has been a part of this CBS crime drama. 

This includes being on one of the top ten Tinder dates of all time and being snatched by serial killer Tobias Henkel. As the main character in the show, Reid is featured in many notable stories, so viewers are more acquainted with him. 

Although the extremely intelligent FBI agent makes it obvious, there’s a lot of information on Reid that is largely undiscovered. Reid, the smartest person in the BAU is always among Criminal Minds’ most adore characters. However, there are certain facts about him that remain a secret.

10. What are the qualifications he Are Possessing?

Based on the details laid out during Season 4’s “Masterpiece,” Reid holds PhDs in Chemistry, Maths, Biology, and Engineering. Additionally, he holds BAs in sociology as well as psychology. 

In Season 6 (“Big Sea”), the actor also displays his knowledge of forensic anthropology, which is the ability to accurately determine the race and gender of the bones of a person.

Reid is always portrayed as a dedicated and intelligent person. His many accomplishments aren’t anything new. Although he may appear to be solely focused on science, this isn’t the case. 

His knowledge base is extensive, and at some point, he had the idea of taking a course in literature. But, in usual Spencer Reid fashion, he had read the entire textbook for the course, so he decided to pursue something else.

9. Level Of Intelligence

It requires a more intelligent person to be able to discern the thoughts of criminals. At an IQ of 187, Reid’s is greater than Albert Einstein’s, whose figure stood at 160. Reid’s IQ is also equal to the IQ of another famous television character. 

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Regarding the Big Bang TheoryOne of the secret facts regarding Sheldon Cooper is that he also has an IQ of 187. They do not, however, have Evangelos Katsioulis, who has the highest IQ (198) according to the World Genius Directory.

Dr. Spencer Reid has an eidetic memory as well as an intelligence level of 187. This information is made clear when he’s met through Hotch at Woodland. Woodland believes Reid has too little experience to have been to medical school.

However, Reid states the fact that his “doctor” title is derived from being a doctor with three PhDs. Reid also divulges his intelligence and claims to be able to read 20,000 words per minute.

8. His Socks

Reid doesn’t wear socks that match. This is actually a reference to the actor Matthew Gray Gubler himself. In the course of an interview, Gubler said the following: In the past, his grandmother once advised him that wearing a pair of socks with different colors is a sign of luck.

It’s not exclusive to the TV show. In real life, some people are also of the opinion that the wrong socks can attract Lady Luck. People who love the show may be interested in trying to wear socks similar to the character Dr. Spencer Reid to see whether they’ll have luck in different aspects of their lives.

7. Appearances in the Opening Sequences

The BAU Supervisory Special Agent is the only character who appears during the first sequences of each episode of the series. This is a total of 324 episodes. This is a clear indication of how vital Reid plays in the process. Without his expertise in analysis and insight, the majority of cases that come to the BAU’s office would be unable to proceed. The extensive use of the character’s character is justified due to the actor, Matthew Gray Gubler’s salary of $100,000 per episode, which makes Gubler the highest-paid actor in the cast. Who appears during the first sequences of each episode of the series. This is a total of 324 episodes.

6. Multilingual

To watch the five-hour movie “Sense Memory” without subtitles, Reid uses his fluency in Russian. Season 10’s “Rock Creek Park” features an actor who can communicate with a Yoruba-speaking woman.

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This skill is a part of Reid’s remarkable character development because, in Season 2, Reid admits that he doesn’t know Spanish as well as Russian. The fact that he can learn Russian quickly demonstrates the level of his intelligence. It’s not clear how the language was taught, but there’s a possibility it was self-taught.

5. Childhood Nickname

When Reid returns home with his mother after a study at the hospital in Season 12 of the show, she lets her know that his nickname from childhood used to be “Crash.” This is due to the fact that he used to smash into objects in his younger years.

The relationship between Reid and his mom, Diana, isn’t an easy one. On the plus side, Diana is believed to be just as smart as Reid, so it’s not a surprise that she would give him a simple but appropriate nickname. Even as an adult, Reid hasn’t escaped labels since he’s been given nicknames like Sir Percival or Junior G-Man by his coworkers.

4. Residence

The special agent lives in the Capital Plaza Apartments, specifically Apartment Number 23 on the second floor. The details are evident during Episode 8’s “Magnum Opus” as well as season 9’s “Demons.” 

The residence is probably situated near Washington, DC since his cars are likely to be equipped with DC plates. It’s odd to think that Reid lives in DC in light of the fact that the headquarters of the FBI’s Bureau of Behavioral Analysis (BAU) is in Quantico, Virginia. 

It could also be a frequent filming error. Although BAU is a BAU team, it is located in Virginia, and part of the show is shot on location in Washington, DC. In season 10, the character gets a new car, sporting the Virginia license number 478-591, despite it not being mentioned that he’s relocated houses.

3. Leg Injury

As he tries to defend Dr. Barton in the fifth season of “Nameless and Faceless,” Reid is shot in the lower leg. It takes time for him to heal, and it all has to do with the real world. It was actor Matthew Gray Gubler who actually got an injury to his knee which required three operations. 

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He was forced to walk using the aid of a cane. Instead of stopping filming, the producers decided to create a narrative for Reid. This is among the many occasions that television shows have integrated real-life issues like pregnancies into their plots.

2. Unsub Killer

Dr. Spencer Reid might appear innocent and nerdy, but he’s the one at fault for the murders of eight non-subs in his time with the show. This includes Phillip Dowd, Chloe Donaghy, Tobias Hankel, Daniel Milworth, John Bradley, Andrew Meeks, and Casey Allen Pinker.

Reid’s ruthless killing spree is just one of the ways that Criminal Minds evolves through each season. His job description doesn’t require the constant fight against criminals as some other agents within the BAU do. 

He’s almost as good with the BAU as Penelope Garcia, but given the dangers of his job and the nature of his work, he’s found himself fighting the BAU on several occasions. A majority of the lives that he’s suffered have been the result of self-defense.

1. Character Inconsistency

The BAU team is on the hunt for the one who was among the most famous unsubs from Criminal Minds, Robert Johnson, a.k.a. “The Internet Killer,” in Season 5’s “The Internet Will Never End.” 

The episode reveals that Reid states that he isn’t a registered email user. However, a few episodes after (“Cradle to the Grave”), in the episode, he does have one email account. Usually, inconsistent episodes occur throughout the seasons because the writers themselves are prone to forgetting small details from previous seasons. 

But this one occurs quite quickly, which makes it even more bizarre. The fact that Reid quit being a tech-phobe and chose to check his email after meeting Johnson, therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that this is an inconsistency between the characters.

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