10 Best Crush Weapons in Old School Rune Scape

The most valuable weapon in RuneScape is the Crush-styled one because they are essential for PvM as well as PvP.

To ensure that the fight goes your way, whether you are facing the mighty Tekton or Cerberus in Chambers of Xeric you will need a reliable crush weapon.

Which are the most effective crush weapons? What are the best crush weapons? And, most importantly, how can you get these powerful weapons?

Let’s get to the bottom of these questions.

10. Hill Giant Club

The Hill Giant Club may not be the most attractive for members, but it is the best-in-slot crush weapon for non-members, earning the number 10 position on this list.

Club members enjoy a +65 crush bonus which makes it not only the best crush weapon but also the most accessible weapon for non-members.

How to Get: Obor, the Hill giant boss, must be defeated. He’s located at Edgeville dungeon. Only a giant key can access him.

9. Granite Maul

Some weapons are not suitable for killing monsters.

Sometimes, we just want to fight each other.

For many, the Granite Maul is the best weapon for the job.

The maul has a +81 crush bonus which makes it a powerful weapon that you can use to attack your opponent. However, this bonus is only one reason why this weapon is so popular.

Granite Maul’s special ability, “Quick Smash”, allows players to deal extra damage in the same game tick. This makes it easy to kill enemies by stacking tons of damage!

This weapon is essential if you are looking to get into the PvP arena.

How to Get: To get the drop, you’ll need 75 Slayer to kill Gargoyles. The Slayer Tower has plenty of Gargoyles for you to kill off or on top of any slayer task.

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8. Verac’s Flail

The Verac’s Flail is one of the most popular weapons in the game. It was one of the best crush weapons of RuneScape’s early versions.

Flail boasts a +82 crush bonus, which makes it worthy of this ranking.

The real magic comes when you combine the Flail with Verac’s armor sets.

This gives you a chance to have completely ignore your opponent’s defense and prayer, which is unbelievably helpful!

This set’s usefulness is often appreciated by bosses such as Calisto.

How to Get: Head to the Barrows minigame to find the final chest. It is very popular because there is a lot of other loot here.

7. Barrelchest Anchor

This weapon is very similar to the Granite Maul. It’s also a popular PvP weapon.

It is common for players to use the anchor in conjunction with special weapons in order to inflict massive amounts of damage on an enemy at once.

It is a highly desirable weapon for Pkers due to its +100 strength bonus and easy access to it.

Where to get: Completion of the quest “The Great Brain Robbery”, to earn this powerful anchor-turned weapon!

6. Zamorakian Hasta

The Zamorakian Hasta can be used primarily as a stabbing weapon.

The +65 crush bonus makes it a popular choice for attackers.

Still, the Hasta offers a +85 extra stab bonus and is quite flexible. It can be used in many places.

Because of its versatility, the Hasta is often used by bosses such as Vet’ion.

Where to Buy: Dropped by K’ril Tsutsaroth at the God War Dungeon as a Zamorakian Sparrow. If you are lucky enough to find this drop, please take it to Otto God blessed in Otto’s Grotto. He can turn it into a have for a small fee.

5. Viggora’s Chainmace

Sometimes a weapon’s usefulness is restricted to Runescape.

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This is the perfect example: The Chainmace

You might throw away this weapon with a crush bonus +67.

It’s easily the most useful weapon in RuneScape.

The passive effect of the Chainmace is to apply a 50% damage increase and a 50% accuracy boost while in Wilderness.

This weapon is powerful in the Wilderness area and can be used to defeat higher-tier weapons with ease.

Because it is limited in scope but still very valuable, it earns the number 5.

Where to get: Explore the Wilderness to find the Revenant Caves and defeat the Revenants. This drop is rare and may take some time to obtain.

4. Elder Maul

Let’s now get to the meat of this list. It contains some very powerful weapons…

The Elder Maul is one such weapon, with a staggering+135 crush bonus and the highest tier crush weapon of RuneScape!

It might seem odd that it is at number 4, considering its impressive bonus.

This is due to the fact that it has a 6 attack speed, which makes it one of OSRS’s slower weapons. It also limits its DPS and utility.

Solo raiders in the Chambers of Xeric often use it.

How to Get: After you defeat Olm, this is a potential mega-rare reward from Chambers of Xeric. This reward is only available to the most skilled players of the game.

3. Abyssal Bludgeon

This weapon is a gift that I can’t praise enough.

The bludgeon is fast, has a crush bonus, and has a strength bonus of +85. It can also be used for many purposes.

This weapon is the second most powerful crush weapon in the game, according to DPS. It’s a highly desirable weapon.

The Abyssalbludgeon is used often for Nightmare, Slayer, and Gargoyles. This is also used by players to train their strength when grinding it up to 99.

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How to Get: To build your own bludgeon, you’ll need to face the Abyssal sire.

2. Dragon Warhammer

This is an unusual entry in this list because it is almost never used as the primary weapon. Instead, it is used for its special attack, which is one of OSRS’s most valuable.

Warhammer has a +95 crush bonus. It’s a nice perk.
You can only use the special attack “Smash,” which lowers your target’s defense by 30% if you hit.

This special is a must-have because it can be used twice in one row and has a stackable effect.

If you wish to raid or play PvM, most teams will require that you bring this item.

Where to Buy: You’ll need to grind Lizardman Shamans to get this God-Tier weapon. Because the Dragon Warhammer drops at a low 1/5000, you will be grinding it for a long time.

1. The Inquisitor’s Mace

Now… the best crush weapon in all of the game.

The Inquisitor’s Pene

This weapon is a formidable weapon that can crush its enemies with ease.

It can be used single-handed, unlike other weapons like the anchor and bludgeon.

This allows the Inquisitor’s Mace to be combined with an Avernic Defense, making it even more deadly.

It is faster than the Elder Maul and Barrelchest anchor. This means that the mace does more damage than any other crush weapon.

It is tied for the best melee weapon of RuneScape. Only the Blade of Saeldor and The Ghazi Rapier is better. This easily earns the Inquisitor’s Mace the top spot.

How to Get: To get this rare drop, you’ll need to go to Slepe to face The Nightmare of Ashihama. This fight is not easy so be prepared!

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