20 Best Curly Hair CCs Women Can Rock In The Sims 4

The most awe-inspiring thing about every Sim is a great hairstyle. It’s among the first things you can choose to personalize and debate as who is ever content with just 43 hairstyles?

The Sims 4 base game is fantastic and all, however, the developers didn’t meet the mark with regard to hairstyles… particularly curly hairstyles.

If you’ve noticed, there’s really not much enthusiasm for vanilla curls in any way. There were just two different styles that were different, with the second appearing like a large cotton ball (which was the attempt of EA to create a ‘fro’). To say that it’s a disappointing selection is an exaggeration.

We’re fortunate to have some dedicated custom content creators! From two hairstyles that aren’t so, diverse players now have over 100 curly hair CCs on the internet! Don’t have to worry about negative hair days.

In order to spare you the hassle of searching through hundreds of random CCs, I’ve compiled the top curly styles that are sure to cause you to swear off straight hair forever.

20. Sintiklia The Diva Clayified

Do you want your Sim to appear like an edgy Scottish princess?

Take the risk to take on the curly hair storm as Merida! If you’re not sure of the meaning behind this, then you’re not seeing an unforgettable experience in one of the greatest Disney films ever made.

The CC perfectly shows the wild nature of curls can appear.

The poly number must be crazy too.

However, it’s certainly not the only time you’ve been trying to create the perfect hairstyle.

19. Gabby Hair

It’s going to be very difficult however, I would love if I were a Sim just to have a creator who was completely dedicated to providing me with the finest hair.

Actually, I’m feeling jealous of the person who has Gabby’s hair.

If you’re only beginning to experiment with curly hairstyles on your Sim This Gabby CC will give you an incredible first introduction into the realm of curls that are thick.

18. Delta

Bravo Zulu, We have a photo!

Simstrouble is among the most outstanding CC creators in the field of creating hair. Its Delta hair is definitely worth the space since it’s compatible with hats and works perfectly for every occasion. Absolutely love any look, this hairstyle looks great.

However, it’s also great because of its neutral look which can be used by every gender!

Find hairstyles that match your partner, friend, or anyone else on your speed dial. Spread the love for curls of every shape and form.

17. Morgana Hair

Do you want to get the right appearance without looking like a total fuck?

This is a basic ingredient for creating a captivating style The Morgana hair CC.

If you own The Realm of the Magic expansion pack, you’ll know that Glimmerbrook is a town. Glimmerbrook has always had witches around it.

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The only difference between you and Your Sim can is that she does not have to be a witch in order to cast spells.

With more than 63 shades to pick from, you’ll be able to find enough fun that your hair will stay fascinating for the rest of your life.

16. Baddie Hair

I needed to do an internet search using Urban Dictionary to know what the word “Instagram Baddie” means.

To help anyone who is in a state of confusion, a baddie is an individual who is known for their beauty.

Being a baddie means wearing flawless brows perfect makeup, flawless brows, and confidence that is unbeatable. In other words, a woman who’s always on top of her game.

If you truly desire your Sim to be the most authentic version of you, then become a baddie from the first glance.

Hairstyles that will make you look like an Instagram trendsetter and live a glamorous life of constantly taking photos… with TS4, that’s.

15. Jayden Hair

In our lives – or, more specifically at least in the life of a girl has thought of becoming mermaids.

Hair would grow and wrap our chests in it as this is how they styled it in the ocean. And then came the “mermaid” hairstyle which probably caused some permanent harm.

Fortunately, your Sim won’t have to think about the desire of cutting their hair shorter or the risk associated with bleaching hair at the root into split ends.

It’s that easy! Jayden Hair will see your fantasies of a mermaid come true by just clicking a download button!

14. Ophelie Hair

Make a statement by sporting this Ophelie hairstyle that evokes old Hollywood glamour!

Let your Sim sparkle at major events of her life, sporting an old-fashioned look that has stood the age of the world.

It’s her wedding day or her first appearance on the red carpet, it’s important that you don’t want to ruin any moment by having unflattering locks.

When it comes to looking elegant, go with the curls.

13. Kool Thing

Psychologically speaking, it’s been said that curly women are flamboyant in their personalities.

It could be due to the frizzy issue that causes hair to look crazy, or perhaps the beautiful volume that is way out of scale.

Whatever the reason the point is that it’s awesome to know that this CC exists.

It’s got a distinctly unique personality that is perfect for any event that your Sim will participate in (plus numerous colors to choose from, I don’t know how to count!)

From casual pursuits and formal endeavors, you’ll not have to do much for making your Sim insanely hot.

12. Fiona Fro

Thank you, EA for allowing us to finally get an acceptable ‘fro that has more texture and a creative approach!

Creator Savvy. Sweet is the mainstay of the Sims 4 CC community. Therefore, I expected nothing less than her extensive assortment of hairstyles.

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This is, however, a personal highest.

With a sleek, parted style on the front, and the puffy curls in the back This CC transformed a basic hairstyle into something truly adorable.

11. Tiare Hair

For someone who is able to braid in a standard way, I’m pretty obsessed with the design of this CC.

With the majority of hair being pulled back, the design beautifully highlights the hair braids and the appearance that you have chosen for your Sim. It could also look great with hoops.

If you’re in search of an elegant hairstyle that is bigger than life and more voluminous, then the Tiare hair cc is the one for you because of its style.

10. Anjela Hair

I am awestruck by short hairstyles. But what about short hairstyles with curls or braids?

I’m floored.

This style inspires me to make a killer Sim which doesn’t give an inch.

From playing pranks with your friends at universities to causing death through embarrassment. Anjela Hair will transform your Sim into an adorable devil.

You can think about it: perhaps an edgy look is all you’re looking for to make your Sim’s world more exciting.

9. Mercedes Hair

When CC creators work together with CC creators, you can be sure that it will be great. This pack is full of information, but let’s concentrate on the first thing that caught my attention: Mercedes (the hair).

Mercedes is the rich girl look that everybody tried to imitate in some way but has never shown it off in the right way.

However, with the great design in The Sims, you won’t need to worry about appearing like a child of 10 who is addicted to snap-cracks.

8. Julie Hair

The Ariana ponytail does not compare to Julie’s long lion’s-mane curly.

Large, big, and full of personality, Vikai has created an adorable CC that makes you appreciate the efforts of the creators.

Did you look at that braided knot? It’s just adorable!

This hairstyle could have been a challenge to maintain in real life, but not for your Sim.

7. The Lows Are So Low

As of now, the entries on this list are filled with curly curls that are rowdy.

However, let’s soften it by embracing a sleeker hairstyle.

The most appealing feature of this CC is that you can decide to wear a ponytail or bun. With the many tasks our Sims must accomplish within a short amount of time, you’ll want an option that is flexible enough to cope with the chaos.

If everything else fails and the Grim Reaper comes calling then at least you’ll look beautiful, even when you’re dead.

6. Crawling Queen

Oh my god, Simstrouble has done it again.

She’s top on this list thanks to a bit of CC that will make me want to visit salons and ask stylists to create an amazing transformation.

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Who wouldn’t love to have curly, long hair that resembles waterfalls cascading down?

In addition, they have perfect wavy hairstyles that require a true artist to fashion.

I’m telling you that this is among the most gorgeous long curly hairstyles available in The Sims 4.

You can’t say otherwise.

5. Up and Out Curls

Naturally, the list couldn’t suffice without a hairstyle that was inspired by the mother of Curls herself, Goldilocks.

If you’re concerned about three bears that are taking your wig Don’t worry about it. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the possibility of lags during the game.

This CC comes with high poly counts all because of the desire to curl.

Due to the high resolution that computers provide, they can be prone to delay… However, should you feel you are able to take it, that it’ll be worth it!

Really, what’s an hour of slow-paced play when you can look gorgeous?

4. Zara Hair

In the beginning, this was supposed to be the curly hairstyle that CC could find in this listing. It’s not hard to figure out the reason why that is because The ombre hairstyle is what the majority of Pinterest boards are about.

But ombre curls? That’s god-tier.

I’ve seen many hair CCs with ombre hair however the Zara Hair is undoubtedly the most appealing mesh design I’ve seen.

If you’ve not been aware of the creator, Aharris00britney, this CC isn’t the only one to fall for.

3. Joni

Buns out, Sims out!

The Joni hairstyle is adorable. While it’s the buns that are among the most striking aspects of this CC but it’s the extra baby hairs on the side of her forehead which impressed me the most. the effort.

You must ensure that you’re not making a bad decision by avoiding this cute look. Your Sim could be going without hair.

2. Naomi

Alexa and play the song The Motivation of Normani.

This Naomi’s hair has me excited.

It’s got the braids, the pom-pom curly pigtails the parted bangs, and almost everything I love about it combined in one hairstyle!

Did I mention you can make an Ombre? I’m sure I’ve spoken enough to get your interest.

1. Luna

It’s been quite a challenge to classify all these amazing CCs. However, the crown eventually goes to Luna.

When I first saw it, I was stunned.

I thought it was due to the headband, which is an attractive addition. But the sheer quantity of the hair is extremely pleasing.

Of all of the entries in this list, it was the only one that I felt confident to rate as the curliest hair for the TS4. So, get curling, ladies!

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