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10 Best Dagger & Knife Mods For Skyrim (Ranked)

Daggers aren’t the best choice for everyone. In fact, in the case of Skyrim players, the only people who really benefit from knives are assassins, role-players, and violent thieves.

However, those who are interested in acquiring the most powerful daggers available might find the standard assortment quite disappointing. Let’s look at mods to explore what they might have to provide.

A lot of these blades will leave you wondering why Bethesda did not add more stylish knives in the first place. To begin with, But hey, it’s a good thing that the modder community will always be there to help us.

Make use of these mods with care and ensure that you paint them with the blood of your foes.

Some of them are extremely powerful, and I’m able to assure you this: I didn’t bother including too many of them in my list of mods. These are brand new daggers and knives, so make sure you use them with aplomb!

10. Curse of Sithis

The Curse of Sithis might not be the ideal knife for you to choose when you want to cut a loaf of bread, but it’s certainly the ideal knife for cutting into the throats of adversaries.

I’m talking about if this knife doesn’t cut straight through the bone, I’m not sure what will.

Be sharp. Keep your skills sharp. You’ll kill some fools!

9. For the Brotherhood Dagger

This innovative mod adds a few new daggers to the game. The game can be incorporated into the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

As you’d expect, the two are specifically made to meet the demands of an assassin in the real sense. I also like the fact that the mod’s creator shares my sentiments.

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There are many modifications for all kinds of weapons, but there aren’t many interesting dagger mods. The daggers are designed specifically to offer a suitable replacement for assassins that prefer to make use of a greatsword instead of a dagger.

Let’s also combine massive damage output with a small weapon. That sounds like an ideal idea, right? Daggers offer an amazing base damage amount. There are no more times when you have to resort to longer blades!

8. Leaf Dagger

This weapon may seem to have a straightforward appearance initially. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance. 

This Leaf Dagger is super strong and can accomplish great work for an assassin looking to kill someone with the “shiny new blade”, according to the creator of the mod.

What is the reason it’s being referred to as “the Leaf Dagger”? This is a topic for another time (read the question: who knows?).

Simply grab the mod and enjoy the new blade’s shine!

7. Epoch Weapon Pack

This weapon pack includes several different weapons, such as an easy knife that I cannot help but love.

In contrast to the other daggers listed, it has an extremely basic appearance. It’s not likely to be over-done when it comes to the set of features.

Instead, you’ll be able to hold it in your hand and it’ll be like the knife of a skilled assassin. 

It will accomplish the task that you have to finish, that’s for certain. The other weapons included in this pack are quite good as well!

6. Cyrodiilic Steel Dagger

I love it when modders are determined to make the mods they create as compatible with lore as possible. simply by including the name of an in-game place in their designs.

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This Cyrodilic Steel Dagger ticks that box. However, it’s not only about the name of this particular mod.

The blade is a part of the same design that you will see on weapons made in Cyrodiil as well as the weapons’ designs that Oblivion made us accustomed to.

5. Warblade Dagger Sword & Shield

I’m thinking this might be the only dagger on my list that appears more like the dagger it actually is.

This weapon isn’t even designed to be employed by assassins or sly thieves. It has a shield and features an extremely high aspect ratio, making both the dagger and shield appear to be one large piece.

The weapon does a lot of damage, and it serves its purpose quite well – giving players a unique and matching pair of swords as well as a shield with the most unique design elsewhere in the world of Skyrim.

4. Reversed Daggers

If you’re in search of combat daggers, this mod is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

It also comes with the most effective combat daggers I’ve ever seen.

Do you mean having the blades reversed? What a cool idea! Do not waste your time; instead, install this mod and look like a gangsta frosting some fools (I beg your pardon for the sentence I wrote).

3. Darker Than Black Dagger

The dagger you see here doesn’t mean “darker than black”. It’s too hard to program.

This blade is actually the one that is featured in the More Dark Than Black anime.

This is an ebony dagger that can be made in any forge, provided you’re in possession of the ebony smithing perk.

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The weapon is adorned with gorgeous textures and an amazing design that looks exactly like the weapon from the show. Fans of anime are in heaven!

2. Dagger of Vaermina

The reason I’m not putting this one as high in my top 10 is the fact that it is only a dagger added to the gameplay. 

It’s a gorgeous mod. It doesn’t matter if you would like to have this weapon or not, you will like to carry it wherever you travel.

The Dagger of Vaermina is sure to make you look as cool as Dovahkin.

1. DaggerCraft Package

Why should you download one dagger when you could download an entire collection of them?

The DaggerCraft package brings a variety of awesome new blades for your game (6 in all), each of which features a distinct crafting material as well as unique statistics, too.

Try it. I assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied.

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