Dave Season 3: What To Expect & A Recap

Fans have been wondering about the storey and release time of Season 3 after two successful seasons. 

Lil Dicky plays a fictional version of himself on the show. This gives viewers a glimpse behind-the-scenes of his journey to becoming one of today’s most successful rappers. Dave is convinced, but now he must convince his closest friends. 

He might convince the whole world with their support! He promises to work hard and not give up on his dream of becoming the next celebrity, which will both frustrate and inspire his friends.

Lil Dicky is the show’s creator and director. His real name is Dave Burd. Jeff Schaffer is his real name. The show’s producers are Chris Smirnoff, Melanie Elin, and Corey Omer. Lil Dicky’s musical and personal life are the main focus of Dave’s show. 

It also stars a lot of famous and wealthy celebrities, which is why it’s so popular. Let’s now dive into the details of Season 3 of Dave.

Episode 3 of Dave: Release Date and Cast

Season 3 is still not confirmed yet. The first episode of season 1 aired in March 2020. This was just before the outbreak of COVID. The shutdown caused delays in the creation of a sequel. Season 2 aired in June 2021. This is a gap of 15 months between seasons. Based on the timeline, we can speculate that season 3 will arrive in August or September next year.

We can expect the return of the cast for season 3. On the show, Dave Burd is a fictionalised version of himself. Davionte Ganter plays the role of “GaTa” in the show. He is Dave’s hypeman and has bipolar disorder. Other cast members include Taylor Misiak and Andrew Santino. Travis Bennet and Christine Ko are also included.

The comedy series The Simpsons is well-known for its hilarious guest appearances. The upcoming season will feature some extraordinary guests. Past seasons featured big stars like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, Macklemore, Macklemore, Trippie Redd, and Macklemore. 

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Lil Dicky said that he has an inexhaustible list of people he would like to have appear on the show. However, we’ll have to wait until season 3 to confirm this!

What does Lil Dicky have to say about Season 3?

The average viewership for “Dave” was 4.8 million per episode on all platforms between April 2020 and now. The show was deemed the network’s most important. Lil Dicky, also one of its creators, stated that he used to turn in every episode on the deadline four days before the show aired.

He spoke of how he had lost his self-esteem due to working too hard, so season 3 was not on his mind. While discussing the stock for season 3, Lil Dicky stated that he believes he will make the most hilarious season of television ever! We can’t wait to see what Dave has in store for the third season!

Lil Dicky said that his most recent record is still being made. It has taken so long, and he is sure his followers are frustrated at this point. It has been a challenge for Lil Dicky to find time to write new music and balance acting, writing, and directing the series. He is currently looking forward to more time to work on his album.

Season 1: A Recap

Season 1 is about Dave’s hustle to make a career out of rap. The series highlights his insecurities, anxieties, and struggles. The series shows everything, from Dave’s white privileges compared to other rappers to his personal problems with Ally. 

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In Episode 5, Dave’s friend and the hype man, admits that he has bipolar disorder. The series shows that even though it’s a comedy, it can make a significant leap into psychology.

The first season’s main character is criticised for introducing himself and calling himself Dave, rather than his stage name of “Lil Dicky.” In Episode 9, Dave splits with his girlfriend. He puts his career first over his relationship. He not only builds a name for himself in hip-hop, but he also strives to discover who he really is.

If Dave can gain a few followers in the finale, He decides to release controversial music mocking prison-based abuse. After much thought, Dave agrees to their advice. He continues to rap and play live, blowing people away as “Lil Dicky”, finally discovering who he really is. Before the credits roll, radio host Charlamagne asks him, “What’s my name?”

Season 2: A Recap

Four months after the events of the first season, the second season continues. Although Dave still has a relationship with Ally, he is only now realising the impact she had on his creative process. After a few episodes, Ally’s return is felt the same way by the audience.

Dave struggles creatively despite being able to live in an elegant mansion in the Hollywood Hills, provided by his company. His team, including Mike, GaTa, and his manager, Mike, will suffer if he is unable to create songs. Lil Dicky tries to create a video with CL, a real Korean rapper and pop singer. He is trying to cover a song that he didn’t write to appeal to fans of a particular genre.

White privilege is the theme of the new season. This episode demonstrates how white privilege is key to Lil Dicky’s success and his ability to maintain his comic image. The third episode is a completely different story. This episode features Benny Blanco, Dave’s super-producer and friend. Also Read: Where Is The Army Of Thieves Filmed? All the filming locations

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Dave is ready to release his first album. Album releases include tour dates and festivals. Album releases also include a lot of marketing. Dave’s crew feels that he is not being given enough attention by his label. GaTa feels pushed aside and criticised by Dave and his mom. Mike continues to work hard as a manager in this industry, even though Dave is seeing more success.

Season 2: The End

The final episode discusses Dave’s VMA performance as well as his relationship with Mike and GaTa. For Dave to get along with Elz, GaTa, and their relationship, which has been insecure throughout the season,

GaTa believes Dave doesn’t care about his best interests and is ignorant. Elz believes that he’s lazy. Their friendship improves as Dave puts GaTa first. Elz notices a change in Dave after he makes good on his promises and keeps his commitments. 

After a fallout, Dave shows great character and comes through for GaTa. The season finale is a wonderful one.

What can fans expect from Season 3?

Dave releases his album on the same day as Ariana Grande’s surprise album to close out the second season. His album chart position is lower than it should be. He becomes depressed. GaTa saves the day! Instead of allowing Dave to live in misery, GaTa tries to convince him of his true success.

His songs are at the top of the charts, and he will soon be performing at the VMAs. After performing at the VMAs, they began touring together under the name “Dave”.

The third season will likely be more about Dave and GaTa’s friendship. GaTa’s plans will be influenced by Dave’s ideas for a new album. While Dave may be able to grow his career, GaTa might prefer to continue his journey. 

We know that Dave’s ex-girlfriend, Ally, has moved on with another man. We have not seen Dave’s reaction. In the next season, we might get a glimpse of that.

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