Did Kirsten and Albert Break Up? Love Life Flamingo

Have Kirsten and Albert split up? Albert Spencer, more famously known as “Flamingo,” is an American YouTuber who has made headlines after an affair and a breakup with his partner. Have you heard the news? Here is the whole story we know. 

In the report, first we will look at the person named Albert Spencer. In the second part, we will look at his relationship with Kirsten. After that, how did they separate? Flamingo typically posts Roblox gaming videos.

One of the reasons he stands out among other YouTubers is because of his funny and entertaining videos. His love interest, Kirsten, is a popular social media star and is also his partner for Flamingo’s YT videos. 

They had dinner at McDonald’s and, shortly after, began dating one another. Kirsten has a Youtube channel with her name Foxkirsten. It was not until she began dating Albert that her channel gained a lot of followers. 

She started her YT channel in the year 2015 but posted her first video in the year 2019. Kirsten as well as Albert have experienced numerous ups and downs throughout their relationship over the years. 

They first began dating in high school and split numerous times before finally being together. In addition, they are the most popular YouTube couple across the nation. They both looked adorable together, and their fans were awed by their looks. Did they have a breakup?

Who is Albert Spencer?

Albert Spencer Artez, born on June the 11th, 1997, is an American YouTuber. His channels on Youtube, Albertstuff, and Flamingo, have huge popularity in America. At the time of writing, July 30th, 2021, Flamingo boasts 9.51 million subscribers and 6,904,015,699 viewers, while Albertstuff has about 81,000 subscribers. 

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Albert is well-known for his cute and funny content. The 23-year-old YouTuber is from Florida because the majority of his relatives reside in Florida. Albert enjoys listening to music and is a massive admirer of artists such as Tyler and the Creator, Clairo, My Chemical Romance, The Doors, and The Beatles. 

He also claims that his primary source of influence was Game Grumps. He earned a lot of popularity and recognition for his initial Youtube channel that he set up on July 12, 2012. 

But, he changed to his current channel, Flamingo, because YT continued to delete his videos. On September 15, 2015, Albert published his very first post on the blog, titled “Sorry I’m late for school,” and has millions of followers. 

Albert realized that his fans were interested in his private life. Then he started showing video blogs. The video game he likes the most is “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.” Albert has a keen interest in sports and enjoys skating. 

It is featured in the majority of his YT videos. He also has a dog named Bedrock, which is owned by his partner, Kristen.

Who is Kirsten?

Kirsten is a well-known Youtuber as well as a Twitch streamer. She also plays games and plays Fortnite most of the time in her videos. In addition, she has an RC390 motorcycle and enjoys horseback riding. 

Additionally, she has two pet animals called Bedrock and Peach and has an Instagram account for the two. In the end, she gave her dog, Peach, to her mum. Bedrock is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky breeds.

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The stunning YouTuber who lives in Florida also has a lot of Gerbils. While she’s known for her inexperienced behavior on Albert’s channel, she appears very adult on her YouTube channel. Kirsten is a very active social media star with about 330k followers on Instagram. Kirsten has also been a Tiktok favorite.

Did Kirsten and Albert Break up?

For a time, Kirsten and Albert are the centers of attention. Since they graduated from high school, they’ve been in love. There were instances when the two broke up, but they ended up staying in a relationship. 

However, we are sure they are supposed to remain together. So, the fans are interested in knowing if they’re still together. Perhaps they broke up? The couple broke up for a short time, but they reunited in December of 2018. 

They’re still together. Every now and then, Kirsten and Albert have a snap-on gram to share. The most gorgeous couple on YT are still together and having fun.

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