Do Naked and Afraid Participants Get Paid & How Much Do They Make?

Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” is a survival-themed reality show in which competitors are stripped naked and left in the wilderness to fend for themselves. They must go without clothing but are allowed to bring one piece of equipment.

Aside from that, they have to fend for themselves in the wilderness for a certain amount of time by gathering food, building shelter, and collecting water.

There’s no time limit on the battle, but the survivalists’ willingness to put their lives on the line whenever they want makes us question whether or not it’s worthwhile.

You may be asking if the contestants get compensated. So, here’s what we do know:

Do Naked and Afraid Participants Get Paid?

Whether or not “Naked and Afraid” competitors receive payment has been debated for years. According to the official synopsis, the candidates would be left on their own for 21 days with “only their pride and sense of accomplishment” as the reward.

In 2015, Kristi Russell, the casting director, was questioned by Channel Guide if there is a reward for individuals who accomplish the challenge. She was very forthright in her assertion that “there is no award.”

Many fans are stunned by this, as expected. The candidates risk not only their monthly incomes due to their time away from work but also their physical and mental well-being.

Most of us, given all of these factors, would never consent to submit to such a procedure.

Former contestants have been quoted as saying they joined the show for the confidence boost of knowing they could make it in the wilderness. That being said, financial gain is not the driving force.

Former competitor Jeff Zausch made a similar observation about how some people were destined to be racing car drivers and others to be CEOs of organizations.

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Like them, he thinks he was built for greater things than are often achievable for humans.

It’s clear that candidates find the experience of surviving the task to be more satisfying than any other aspect of the show. It is untrue, however, that the contestants receive no compensation.

How Much Do the Participants on Naked and Afraid Make?

Despite the lack of cash prizes, Kristi Russell assured us that the contestants were paid for their time.

What she meant by “weekly stipend to compensate for missed pay” was that they receive weekly money.

Naked and Afraid’ finalists received $5000 each, according to the show’s written rules in 2014.

They would also be provided with two nights’ hotel accommodations prior to the survival challenge and round-trip airfare to the venue.

As an added bonus, competitors frequently “tap out” of the game.

Severe diseases, injuries, and even mental health problems might prompt people to make the decision to leave.

It may not seem like a fair deal, but the competitors know what they’re getting into.

Those that are cast on the show by Discovery Channel are only allowed to compete in the survival challenge if the network is confident that they are physically and mentally up to the task.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and healthy with no history of serious medical problems.

Russell added that they also have to demonstrate their ability to cope with the challenges of living in the wilderness.

Several years have elapsed since the announcement in 2014, therefore it’s possible that the actual compensation will be slightly more than $5000.

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New statistics have not been made public, though.

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