Does Someone Die in ‘Alone’ Season 7?

The winner of Alone Season 7 lived for a whopping 100 days, while three other competitors made it past the 80-day mark. As the harsh reality of the game unfolded, viewers naturally became concerned for the contestants’ well-being and wondered if anyone had lost their life during Season 7.

Somehow, viewers all over the world find themselves captivated by wilderness survival shows. The series “Alone” on the History Channel is a perfect illustration of this idea. Ten contestants are placed in dangerous environments each season with only the essentials.

Your mission is to stay alive for as long as possible, and your ultimate objective is to eliminate all of your opponents. The winner receives a million dollars in cash. And the rest… well, it was probably just a recollection of the NDE.

Concerns about the extreme conditions under which the participants are forced to operate are, jokes aside, entirely justified. When it comes to reality television, safety is often put on the back burner in favor of drama, leading to a number of tragic deaths from physical and psychological trauma.

So, what precautions do the creators of Alone take to make sure everyone involved stays safe?

Does Someone Die in Alone Season 7?

No one has ever died on Alone despite the island’s extreme environment and the frequent attacks from wild animals. Even though there have been fatalities, the medical staff has always made it to the scene in time to treat the victims. “Safety first, shows second,” guarantees Executive Producer Shawn Witt.

How Bad Was Alone Season 7?

Season 7 of Alone took place back in the Canadian Arctic, a region established as one of the most unforgiving by previous seasons.

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The start of the competition was coordinated with the arrival of the Arctic winter. In order to increase their chances of survival, contestants were allowed to bring ten items with them. Ropes, knives, and wires were among the items seized. To make a difficult task even more so, they had to keep their own cameras on them at all times and record their own footage.

Winner of the seventh season, Roland Welker, talked about his experience with a wild musk ox on The Rush Radio.

How Do Creators Ensure the Safety of Contestants?

Season 2’s champion, Dave McIntyre, chimed in to clarify how often contestants are expected to check-in and how the production team follows their progress on Reddit.

David elaborates by saying that the crew will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe, but that you will still be required to sign a waiver.

Producer Shawn Witt explained that as patients live longer, more frequent medical evaluations are required.

A weekly medical checkup is performed on all participants at the start of the season. However, after 45 days, the participants are seen by doctors every three to four days.

In addition, the show follows rigorous evacuation procedures.

Carleigh Fairchild, a contestant from Season 3, was immediately evacuated when her body mass index dropped below the required minimum. In these situations, a body mass index (BMI) of 17 or less poses a serious threat to health. Doctors warned Carleigh that playing football after she was measured at 16.8 would harm her digestive and nervous systems as well as her eyesight. The crew didn’t waste any time getting her to safety, and hopefully, she received prompt medical attention afterward.

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Has Anyone Ever Died on Survival Shows?

The possibility of a contestant’s demise on a survival show is remote but not unheard of. Deaths in the production of television shows have actually occurred. Although many of these shows have been axed, others are still airing new seasons.

Many contestants have tragically died in the entertainment industry despite extensive safety precautions. A contestant on the French reality shows Koh-Lanta (the French equivalent of Survivor) died of heart failure in 2013. Another contestant in the Bulgarian version of Survivor passed away from a heart attack.

There is a long list of potential dangers that contestants face, but suffice it to say that despite the crew’s best efforts, they must always account for the fact that they could die at any time.

The Impact on the Contestants’ Mental Health

The premise of the show Alone is that contestants must survive in hostile environments… by themselves.

Apart from the occasional medical checkups, the contestants are completely cut off from the outside world (which, again, barely counts since the medics are not allowed to speak to the contestants, much less express emotions or understanding).

The mental health of the competitors could be jeopardized by this kind of isolation.

In his Reddit Q&A, David McIntyre addressed this issue.

For such a test of endurance to be passed, it takes more than just physical fortitude. This is how former champion Ted Baird put it:

Ex-contestants have reported continuing mental health declines years after leaving the shows. And in the worst of cases, it has led to suicide.

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Although nothing of the sort has ever occurred on Alone, viewers should keep in mind that doing so requires considerable fortitude.

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