Dr. Oakley and Shane, Are they together? Have they got kids?

These days, a divorce makes headlines more often than a wedding does.

These days, people are so closed off to other points of view that they can’t even hear their own partners out.

The couple has broken up as a result. Dr. Michelle and Shane Oakley tied the knot in the ’90s. Many of Dr. Michelle’s fans have recently questioned whether or not she is still married to Shane.

To say that Dr. Michelle is one of the world’s most famous veterinarians is an understatement. Michelle married her college sweetheart.

It was during their final year of university that they first started dating.

As soon as she finished her bachelor’s degree in zoology, they tied the knot. In the year 2000, Michelle completed her veterinary degree.

After working for the government for nine years as a veterinarian, she also founded her own unique clinic.

She offers veterinary care for feline and canine patients at her clinic.

The Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center was another organization where Michelle volunteered.

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve was another place she worked. Dr. Michelle Oakley oversees programs in both Scandinavia and Sri Lanka in addition to the United States. Dr. Michelle Oakley and her husband, Shane Oakley, have two daughters.

Sierra, her eldest, aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work as a veterinarian in the Yukon.

Maya is currently enrolled in an undergraduate criminal justice program.

They have a beautiful daughter and they couldn’t be happier.

The question of whether or not Dr. Oakley and Shane Oakley are still married persists, however.

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Are Dr. Oakley and Shane Still Married?

Though she has a very busy schedule, Dr. Michelle still makes time to spend with her loved ones.

Shane is the Deputy Conservation Officer and firefighter for Dr. Michelle.

On December 10, 1992, the couple tied the knot in Hawaii. Michelle Oakley, Ph.D., and Shane Oakley, her husband, are still together.

They’ve been together for over twenty years, and the duo is as popular as ever.

Consequently, the question “Are Dr. Oakley and Shane Still Married?” has a resounding yes as a response.

Do They Have Kids?

The couple’s two daughters were born while Michele was a student at a veterinary college.

This couple’s first child, a daughter named Sierra Oakley, entered the world on July 15, 1997.

Sierra, a sporty teen who led the Yukon women’s hockey team to gold at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, was an avid athlete who participated in extracurricular activities throughout high school.

She has watched her mother give loving care to pets her whole life.

It is possible that Sierra’s mother influenced her to go into the same line of work.

Maya Oakley was born in the year 2000, the second child of Michelle and Shane.

She’s a sports aficionado like her sister, and in 2015 she even played goalie for the same team her sibling led to victory at the Canada Winter Games.

Maya and Sierra play crucial roles since they are seen to like working at their mother’s clinic over the summer.

Willow Oakley is the youngest child of Michelle and Shane and was born in 2004.

About Dr. Michelle Oakley

For hundreds of kilometers in the Yukon Territory, Dr. Michelle Oakley has been the only all-species veterinarian.

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Most of her customers live in “off the grid” areas without access to utilities like public water systems or power. Dr. Oakley provides emergency veterinary care in the Yukon, Canada, for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and the American Bald Eagle Foundation.

She is an Indiana native who moved to Michigan to study zoology at the University. After marrying veterinarian Shane Oakley in 2000, she completed her doctoral studies at Atlantic Veterinary College.

Dr. Oakley has volunteered as a relief veterinarian at the Calgary Zoo on a regular basis since completing her internship there.

In the realm of social media, Dr. Michelle is a busy bee. She has amassed an impressive 84.3K Instagram followers. She’s also very present on other forms of social media.

On her Instagram, Dr. Oakley shares animal photos and updates about her research. It’s clear from her social media posts that she has a soft spot for furry friends.

The celebrity seems preoccupied with animal care all the time. In addition, her eldest daughter is always eager to lend a hand whenever she can.

They are one of the world’s most stunning and contented couples: Dr. Michelle and Shane Oakley.

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