10 Best Druid Mods For Skyrim of All Time

Nature’s connection won’t be as strong as when you are a Druid in Skyrim. But as a Druid, it isn’t a viable choice. You always have to download mods if you really want to experience an authentic Druid experience within the game.

In the end, Druid mods are actually quite simple to find because so many people enjoy playing this way. In this list, I’ve focused on mods that can strengthen the player’s connection to the natural world, be it through offering natural methods to live your life or adding new nature-related spells.

It’s important to admit that I was not expecting to find an array of amazing mods on the list. I was delighted when I created this list, and I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with these choices as well. Check ’em out!

10. Kyne’s Sacred Trials

This mod really lets you participate in Kyne’s Sacred Trials, not just the things you can play in the basic game in which you must face a weak test and receive a useless amulet as a reward.

This mod completely revamps Kyne’s Trials. It allows players to be blessed once the quest is completed. You’ll be able to recite the new shout, plus you’ll receive a better product at the end of this quest (no spoilers!).

The initial quest is known as “The Blessings of Nature.” I’m sure you’re aware of the one I’m talking about. It is true that it will cease to be useful after installing the mod.

9. Reach Magic

Druids are usually portrayed as being nature-loving as they connect to the world and are generally good people.

Through Reach Magic, it is possible to manipulate and harness the power of nature itself, which allows you to utilize these powers for your personal profit. This mod turns the player into a spellcaster who’s capable of bringing the most from nature. 

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Then you can use it to revive yourself as well as create powerful creatures of darkness and restore your weak powers. Allow the dark to take over you.

8. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

You might have heard about the Apocalypse mod if you’ve ever played an earlier mage playthrough.

However, I’m adding it to this list because it can also bring many cool nature-themed spells to this game. Whirlwinds are powerful forces that you can summon or create tempests, calling on the fire element, as well as many other kinds of magical spells.

This mod is also said to fit perfectly with Skyrim’s foundation system, making Skyrim magical.

I’d go as far as to suggest that, if you’re unaware of which spells are being added in the mod, you’ll never be able to discern the differences between these spells and the standard game spells.

7. Spirit of Kynareth

You can draw powers from Kynareth herself by using the Spirit of Kynareth mod.

This lets you change into four different animal species. 

Do you think that’s a cool idea? Its animations look stunning as well, which adds a lot of excitement to the Druid game!

6. Druid Conjuration

Bunnies, Spriggans, bears… What else do you want to invoke?

In this mod, new Druid-themed summoning spells are included in the game that can be learned by a newly-created spell teacher (who is also included with the mod).

Conjuration doesn’t have to be just about the introduction of Oblivion creatures into the world, doesn’t it? Now is the time to get another furry creature created by nature!

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5. Druid’s Den

Mother Nature has provided us with a vast world both in real life and in games.

Therefore, we must be taking advantage of this. A Druid shouldn’t need to live in a secluded dwelling if they don’t need to. And this Druid’s Den mod is ideal for those who agree with the same view.

The Den is the ideal home for a player as a Druid. It’s large enough to come with a massive tree within!

4. Forgotten Magic Redone

I’m aware that this mod doesn’t add anything one could call “druidical.”

However, it is worthy of an appearance in my top 10 due to its numerous nature-related spells. Forgotten Magic is the method to download if you would like to bring more options to your spellcaster’s arsenal.

That’s probably what you’re looking for. since there’s a dearth of truly natural-friendly spells.

This mod is perfect for the needs of druids and performs this to the highest level of perfection. It also includes additional spells that are unique to wizards that test it, which is a bonus!

3. The Noiral Reborn

The Noiral Reborn illustrates precisely why not every person who is in close proximity to nature is also expected to have “good” powers.

By using the Noiral Reborn mod, you’ll be capable of casting a range of spells that draw power that comes from nature’s dark sides.

It’s possible to create creatures and cast spells that are new and appear cool due to the new, themed cosmetics included in your gameplay. The visuals are an excellent addition. And this mod lets you summon the appearance of a mounted kickass.

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Are you curious about learning more about this? Well, no spoilers here! Simply give this mod a short download and look it up.

2. House for Witches and Druids

It’s not sensible to be one with nature if you’re simply going to reside in a big city, is it?

By using this mod, you’ll be able to relocate to a brand new hut near Lost Prospect Mine. 

Lost Prospect Mine It’s located in a region that appears to be being taken back from Earth itself, and there’s no better spot for a Druid to reside.

1. Druid Essentials

If you’re looking for the best Druid mod you can purchase for Skyrim, do not look any further.

Druid Essentials is so complete, it’s possible to say the game is a DLC all by itself.

With just one mod, you can bring the “get in touch with nature” experience to your Skyrim save.

It’s an essential feature to have for a completely refreshed gameplay. 

And it’s one that’s designed so well that you’ll think that it was created for Bethesda on its own. It’s not going to mean much in a time where Skyrim has seen as many as seven updates, but nonetheless.

The mod is worth a look. New magic spells, armor, and weapons are all available to make you an authentic Druid.

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