‘Dynasty’ Season 4: Is Steven Carrington Coming Back?

Season 2 of the popular CW programme Dynasty ended abruptly in November 2018, after four episodes in.

James Mackay’s Steven Carrington, played by several fans, was abruptly written off the programme.

Although it is not uncommon for soap actors to be written out of the show, the lack of resolution for the character in this instance made it especially upsetting.

Season 4 is due to premiere on May 7 after more than two years off the air.

Fans, though, have not forgotten Steven. Fans are still debating whether or not Steven will return for Season 4 and why James Mackay departed the show. Let’s see how much we can learn!

 Is Steven Carrington Going to Return in Season 4?

Former head writer Paula Sabbaga announced Steven’s return for Season 4’s political arc on May 24, 2019, a few months after James Mackay left the show.

However, showrunners and James Mackay have been silent about Steven Carrington’s Season 4 return as of late.

If Paula Sabbaga’s prediction from 2019 holds true, James Mackay may make an unexpected return or be played by a new actor (the way showrunners did for the character of Cristal).

What Happened to Steven Carrington?

Fans want Steven to return so that he can explain the shocking revelation that he was committed to a mental institution at the end of Season 1.

Adam, Steven and Fallon Carrington’s long-lost older brother, re-entered their family’s life years after he had been abducted as a youngster. He set out to trick Steven from the beginning.

Adam pretended to be George Emerson, a character from Steven’s favourite book. He did this so he could get to know Steven better, win his trust, and get him to spill the beans on the family’s past and secrets.

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In doing so, he made Steven appear insane in the eyes of Fallon and Steven’s husband Sam, who believed that George did not exist outside of Steven’s imagination.

Adam’s scheme succeeded brilliantly; Blake adopted him, and he became the favourite child, while Steven was committed to a mental institution.

Following this event, James Mackay’s Steven was written out of the programme entirely. Since then, he has been largely forgotten outside of casual references among the rest of the Carringtons.

Even though Steven is still in the hospital 13 episodes later, the plot involving him and his husband Sam has ended.

Why Did Actor James Mackay Leave Dynasty?

James Mackay, who played Steven, posted this Instagram photo a few hours before the airing of episode 5 of season 2.

It included him and Elizabeth Gillies, who plays his on-screen half-sister Fallon Carrington. Although he did not go into specifics, it was clear from the caption that he had not quit the show voluntarily.

Fans have no idea why James Mackay was written out of the programme or why his character was killed off so quickly. Unfortunately, we were unable to say our goodbyes to Steven.

What Happens if Steven Carrington Comes Back

Adam’s actual, deceitful personality and his hand in Steven’s fate have stayed hidden from the rest of the family due to Steven’s absence. If Steven were to return, he might be able to reveal Adam’s true nature and the evil he has perpetrated.

Previous comments by former chief writer Paula Sabbaga suggest that political aspirations are another possible path for Steven to pursue.

About Dynasty

The prime-time soap opera Dynasty is based on the original series from the 1980s of the same name.

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It centres on two of America’s wealthiest families, the Colbys and the Carringtons. The show exposes the seedy underbelly of backroom dealings that shape corporations, as their children battle for control of the company’s money.

The story is mostly told from the perspectives of Fallon, Blake Carrington’s daughter, and Cristal, his fiancée and the future captain of the Carrington Atlantic.

Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick created the CW show Dynasty.

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