9 Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made

Dynasty Warriors is loosely based upon the 14th-century Chinese historical novel, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, by Luo Guangzhong. It has been one of the most popular franchises in gaming.

Few games can claim to have created a new genre like Dynasty Warriors’ hack-slash crowd combat extravaganza known as the “Musou” game. Even less can say they have been its most influential proponent.

Although Omega Force has brought the gift of Musou over to many other IPs (e.g. Hyrule Warriors or Dragon Quest Heroes), their main title remains the benchmark against which all of these games are measured.

It’s a good thing.

This ranking includes all the main titles of Dynasty Warriors, regardless of whether you have been cutting down your enemies like grass for many years or are just starting to learn about it.

9. Dynasty Warriors 9 (2018)

It is always disappointing to see the last entry in a series that has been so popular drop out of the rankings, especially when they were just as ambitious and hyped as Dynasty Warriors 9.

Maybe it was this great ambition that brought down the game.

They promised a beautiful open world, but it ended up feeling barren. The game doesn’t run at 30fps and the graphics are poor.

The voice acting is a bad voice actor. But this is not the fun kind!

8. Dynasty Warriors (1997)

The PlayStation’s original Dynasty Warriors was unlike any other PlayStation release.

The “Dynasty Warriors” series, which most people know today, was created as a spinoff before it was spun out of control.

Similar to the original Soulcalibur fighter, the weapon-based fighter attempted to offer an alternative to all the Street Fighter clones flooding the market in the late ’90s. It succeeded in bringing new life to the genre.

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It was a huge success and has received positive reviews. This is a great start to the franchise’s future.

7. Dynasty Warriors 2 (2000)

The next game bearing the DW name abandoned everything except the setting and characters. This was to create the crowd-combat concept that would become the “Musou” genre.

This PS2 launch title, like its predecessor, takes place during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

It is the story of the Shu and Wei factions who sought to unify China after the fall of the Han Dynasty.

Although the game has the slowest gameplay and a smaller number of characters, it still offers the same hedonistic pleasure as the superhuman warlord that we all long for.

6. Dynasty Warriors 6 (2006)

The seventh instalment of the DW series was released on 7th-generation consoles to a mixed reception. It went on to be a kind of black sheep in the series.

This was due to the replacement of Renbu’s classic combo framework. Characters can now access better combinations by getting more kills without being hit, rather than being determined solely by their weapon.

It’s still a solid game that offers interesting cutscenes, nice gameplay, and a rich character creator.

5. Dynasty Warriors 3 (2001)

The third instalment of DW’s iconic game, the Third Instalment.

It took the fundamental concepts of its predecessor and made them more complex.

This game is part of the 6th generation consoles and features an individual Story mode or “Musou’ mode – for every character.

You can also level up your character or improve their equipment in this mode.

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This game was also the first to have a vs. mode, and more importantly, Cooperative play.

4. Dynasty Warriors 7 (2011)

Despite not being as well-known as other entries in the franchise this PS3/XBOX360 gem saved the franchise from the abyss DW6 dragged it into.

DW7 brings back the classic combo system and adds the Jin Kingdom to Musou mode along with several characters from that group.

This story is now a complete account of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, rather than just focusing on specific parts.

It may be the best DW for real storytelling.

3. Dynasty Warriors 5 (2005)

Dynasty Warriors 5 was the franchise’s peak moment. The game lived up to the hype.

This title is a fantastic one. It focuses on making all the more than 40 characters playable feel special and important.

This is done by giving players their finishing moves and movesets. Each player also has a Musou mode that is crucial to the overall plot.

Unfortunately, Co-Op’s experience in this instalment was significantly reduced due to its taxing nature and stunning graphics. This keeps it from true greatness.

2. Dynasty Warriors 4 (2003)

Ask any Dynasty Warrior veteran who has been following the series from its inception and they will likely name DW4 the best game of the series.

It was also my first ever game.

DW4 has been released on the PS2 as well as the XBOX. It builds upon the polished gameplay of its predecessor, allowing players to level their characters’ weapons and introducing one-on-1 duels between generals to take control of contested forts.

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Apart from its improved cinematic value, my favourite thing about this game is the way the developers didn’t hesitate to depart even further from the source material to create a more engaging Musou mode.

1. Dynasty Warriors 8 (2013)

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the game for die-hard fans.

Over 80 characters are fully developed and varied. The series also introduces an affinity system to weapons and a revamped combat system. DW8 is simply the best.

These achievements are wrapped in the most stunning graphics in the series.

These stunning visuals feature amazing characters and vibrant environments. You can switch between English and Japanese voiceovers, depending on your preference.

This is the DW game for you, whether you are a veteran or newcomer to the series.

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