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Emmett Corrigan Murder: Where is Rob Hall Now?

In March 2011, a shooting in a parking lot brought to light a messy love triangle between two couples that went horribly wrong.

The show “Til Death Us Do Part: Three Pops and a Pause” on Investigation Discovery looks into Emmett Corrigan’s death in Meridian, Idaho, which happened during a shootout outside a pharmacy.

In the end, the police got a conviction based mostly on evidence that wasn’t direct. Then, let’s learn more about this case, shall we?

How Did Emmett Corrigan Die?

Emmett Corrigan was born in August 1980, and he later went to Utah State University to study philosophy.

In 2003, he met Ashlee, who would become his wife. They got married in March 2004.

Emmett and Ashlee had five children after they got married. Emmett, who was driven and wanted to be successful, went to law school and passed the bar.

The 30-year-old also started his own practice, which did well and kept him busy. The family lived in Meridian, Idaho, and Emmett went to a local pharmacy on March 11, 2011, but he never came back.

After 10 p.m. that night, a 911 call said that several shots were fired in the parking lot of the pharmacy. This made the police rush there. Emmett’s body was found with two bullet holes from a.380-caliber pistol.

One hit him in the head, while the other hit him in the chest. In the middle of all the chaos, a witness and another hurt person would help solve this crime.

Who Killed Emmett Corrigan?

As the investigators looked into Emmett Corrigan’s personal life, they found that things weren’t great at the time. When Emmett opened his law office at the end of 2010, he hired Kandi Hall, who was 40 at the time, to work as a paralegal.

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Coworkers say that the two of them were having an affair. Emmett had gone to the pharmacy to meet Kandi on the night of the accident. She was married to Robert Hall, with whom she had two children.

Robert was the other person hurt in the parking lot, and Kandi was the only one there when the shooting happened.

So, Emmett and Kandi met on March 11 at the pharmacy, where Kandi got in Emmett’s truck. She said that they went for a drive, stopped at a gas station, and then had sex in the car.

Around this time, Kandi’s daughter saw that her mother’s car was parked at the pharmacy. When Rob found out about this, he called Kandi to find out where she was.

At this point, Kandi said that Emmett had talked to Rob on the phone, and she said that they had a heated argument.

Kandi said that Emmett’s tone was hostile.

Rob then drove to the pharmacy and waited for them there while they looked around. After 10 pm, Emmett and Kandi showed up, and Rob got into an argument with Emmett.

She said that Emmett made her husband want to fight, which led to a fight.

Kandi said she heard three gunshots after she stopped and turned around to go back to her car. Rob got a small cut on his head, so he was taken to the hospital to get care. He was charged with murder in the first degree.

According to the show, Rob’s hands had a lot of gunshot residue on them, while Emmett’s hands had almost none. At Rob’s trial in 2012, his lawyers said that he was just protecting himself.

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Rob said he didn’t remember shooting Emmett, but he said that Emmett shoved him and the gun fell out during the fight.

The government said Rob waited for them, shot Emmett, and then turned the gun on himself.

Where is Rob Hall Now?

Rob was found guilty of second-degree murder in October 2012. “I’m so sorry for everything,” he said in court. When I say, “I can’t explain (what happened),” I really mean it.” Rob also said that if he had shot Emmett, it would have been to protect himself.

He also said sorry to Emmett’s kids for what they had to go through at the time. Rob Hall was given a sentence of 30 years in prison, of which he must serve at least 17 and a half years before he can be released.

Rob is still in jail at Idaho State Correctional Institution in Kuna, Ada County, according to prison records. He will be able to get out in 2028.

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