13 Best Faye Cosplay From Cowboy Bebop

This article will be listing the top 13 most popular Faye Valentine cosplays from the animated series Cowboy Bebop. 

Cowboy Bebop is one of the shows that gets better over time. It is a fascinating story with fantastic characters. It was among the first series to introduce Western culture to the world of anime. 

The experiment was successful and, even though it was only one episode, it was one of the best. A character who receives a lot of affection is Faye Valentine. Faye Valentine was a member of Spike Spiegel’s team of associates. 

Her job was bounty hunting for people who were as smart as foxes. Although Faye loved Spike, Faye never confessed to him, nor did Spike. Her style was shorts and a yellow top or a redshirt. 

Violet’s hair was Faye Valentine’s trademark. The main focus of the article today is Without further delay, let’s look at the best 13 roles of playing Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop as cosplay.


Cosplay is a form of art and Zarsu has mastered the art. Her cosplay in the role of Faye Valentine is top-notch. Everything is perfect, beginning from her hairstyle to even the attire. There’s even cash on her hands to show her occupation which is a bounty hunter. It was smart of her to utilize the money.


Shadecramer’s costume in the form of Faye Valentine is up to the standard. Cosplays are popular across the globe however, not all costumes show every aspect. Here, it appears like she’d be the most impressive if a live-action film could ever be made. The gun she held in her hands was the weapon of Faye in the animated.

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Contrary to the previous two cosplays Mostflogged was able to capture the innocent aspect of Faye. She would use her innocence to escape dangerous situations, similar to in the casino. The redshirt caught my attention because it looked exactly like the one in the animated.


At first, I thought I was looking at a still image from the animated film. It’s a great example of how amazing Yayacosplay’s depiction of Faye is. The length of her hair and the ensemble are perfect. It is clear that she is a pro and skilled cosplayer, and it is evident that she’s going to be among the best.


A professional cosplayer will go through the character and collect information. This is exactly the same with Termina Cosplay. She has left no room for error and the background fits perfectly. Visit her personal page, titled TerminaCosplay.


Even though her yellow headband isn’t noticeable, she made her way onto the list because of her exemplary performance. There’s no doubt that she is an avid Cowboy Bebop follower. Her sense of cosplay is excellent.


The truth is that Akemi is among the most talented cosplayers in the world. Her attire matches her background. Faye Valentine would be proud to be a part of this costume. It’s like looking at the mirror image of her.


Many will argue that her hair is bluer than her original hair, but when you leave the hair in her, it creates the perfect Faye Valentine. The black stripes have done the trick.


Her background reminds me of her background from the Bebop spaceship. The shirt is in the right place. Reaverskill is the sole name on this list wearing the shirt. Her face is similar to that of Faye’s. The widow’s head on the forehead is also amazing.

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Faye Valentine has the same look on her face like AliciaMigueles. It’s very difficult to play a character who is so popular. She did not allow for mistakes for people to critique her.


Faye Valentine is a smoker. The cosplayer showed the dangerous aspect that is Faye Valentine at the 2014 New York Fan Convention. Faye Valentine with a gun and cigarette could make someone’s day.


HezaChan has been trying hard to show the bad aspect that is Faye Valentine. Her expression is a clear indication of this. It would be nice to see her better than the others when her cosplay’s details were more obvious.


It made the list due to the fact that unlike other cosplays it depicts what Faye Valentine would look like in the future. With phones and tattoos instead of cigarettes and guns is something that she should look at. The image she has can make male Cowboy Bebop fans go nuts.

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