15 Best Gloves in Old School RuneScape

The glove slot in OSRS has many useful contents.

You can find gloves and bracelets to assist in nearly every skill. Some have very unique uses and effects.

The OSRS gloves are great for learning certain skills and can often be used to save time and money. You’ll want the most out of your time, as it takes almost 2500-hours to reach the maximum cape.

There is so much to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Your personal glove inspector will help you decide what’s hot.

15. Gloves of Silence

These gloves are beautiful, but they’re also very silent.

The most agile thieves in Gielinor use the gloves of Silence to easily pick the pockets of NPCs.

Pickpocketing will be less difficult with gloves. This will increase your loot per hour and also improve your experience.

Please note that these gloves won’t work after you finish the Ardougne Elite diary. The diary gives you a 10% permanent boost in pickpocketing, which doesn’t stack with the gloves.

How do I get it? To make these gloves, you will need two dark kebbit furs (600 coins) and to take them to Varrock’s fancy dress shop. These gloves can only be worn by Hunters at least level 54.

14. Bracelet of Slaughter

Did you ever wish you could have lasted longer on a Slayer mission?

This is possible with the Bracelet Of Slaughter!

This will allow you to have a 25% less chance of your current kill being counted towards your total task. However, you still get all the experience.

This is particularly useful for hunting items from Slayer bosses such as Cerberus and Hydra.

To maximize your DPS, you should only wear the bracelet for the last kill.

How do I get it: This bracelet is made using magic level 49 to enchant a Topaz bracelet.

13. Bracelet of Ethereum

This bracelet is unique because it only works in one part of the game: The Revenant Caves in Wilderness.

The Bracelet for Ethereum must be charged with ether. Revenants can do damage in the cave by 75%. One charge of ether is allowed per attack.

This bracelet is quite common from Revenants. However, be careful as it is easily lost upon death.

Be careful about how much ether it is charged with.

Revenants are known for their great drop tables. If you wish to camp for rare drops like the Craws Bow, it is important to reduce your damage. Packers to beware!

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How to Get: Common Drop from Revenants

12. Superior Mining Gloves

These gloves are an upgraded version of the Mining Gloves and are extremely useful!

There is a possibility that certain rocks will yield ore while they are still in good condition. This saves time as you don’t have to wait for the ore respawn.

This is especially important for Rune Ore mining since there’s a 12.5% chance that a Rune Ore will not be depleted.

Where to buy: These gloves can be purchased from The Mining Guild. These gloves can be purchased at Belona for 60 unidentified minerals, and your original mining gloves.

11. Chaos Gauntlets

These powerful, mid-level magic gauntlets can be obtained by completing the “Family Crest” quest.

All bolt spells receive an increased maximum hit of +3 when equipped. This is a huge boost.

This would mean that the maximum hit of any bolt spells would be 1 point less than their blast spell counterparts.

This is great because you can do almost the same DPS at a lower cost and with a lower magic level.

These are useful for places where magic-shy monsters like Blue Dragons and Steel Dragons are present, as well as areas where you want to secure a spot.

How do I get it? Take the steel gauntlets that you have received from Johnathon’s quest at the Jolly Boar inn, just outside Varrock. To charge them, he will also need 25k.

10. Karamja Gloves (4)

Karamja Gloves 4, which are locked behind the elite Karamja Diary, are well worth the effort.

These gloves provide an additional 10% agility experience for those who complete obstacles in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. There is also a slight discount on Tzhaar-related costs and discounts at Karamja General Shop.

They also offer unlimited free teleports from the gem mine to the Slayer Master Duradel.

Nearly all these bonuses can be unlocked prior to the elite diary, with the exception of the Duradel Teleport.

How to Get: Once you have completed the diary, these gloves can be claimed by Pirate Jackie the Fruit at Brimhaven agility.

9. Gauntlets for Cooking

These gloves can be unlocked by completing the “Family Crest” Quest.

These gloves can reduce the frequency at which you burn fish. It’s also very noticeable.

Lobsters, for example, stop cooking once they reach level 74. However, the Cooking Gauntlets reduce this to level 64.

These gloves can save you tons of time and allow you to cook your fish to perfection faster.

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How do I get them? Take your steel gauntlets and go to Caleb in Catherby to obtain these. He will then charge 25k for these.

8. Combat Bracelet

This bracelet is little known in OSRS as players often choose to wear it instead of the Barrows Gloves.

The bracelet offers some nice bonuses but most people use it for its built-in Teleports.

You can then go to the Warriors Guild or Champions Guild, Edgeville Monastery, or the Ranging Guild.

Please note that the Combat Bracelet usually only holds 4 charges and must be recharged at Legends Guild.

How do I get: Enchant Dragonstone Bracelet level 78 Magic.

7. Goldsmith Gauntlets

This is the last of the “Family Crest Quest” gloves. It’s my personal favorite.

The Goldsmith Gauntlets increase the amount of experience gained from smelting ores of gold by doubling it from 22.5 to 56.2 experience each ore.

This effect is why the gloves are used often by players up to 99 Smithing.

Blast Furnace rates of nearly 300k an hour are not uncommon.

How do I get it? Bring your quest to Avan’s steel gauntlets and he will charge 25k to charge them up.

6. 3rd Age Vambraces

The vambraces, like most 3rd-age items, are quite expensive and often considered a flex item.

These vambraces offer the second-highest range bonus for OSRS vambraces. They are an excellent alternative to prayers that do not have Barrows Gloves such as pures.

You also have a +9 magic defense bonus which can be useful for tanking.

How do I get them? These can only be obtained via elite and master clues. However, it is possible to purchase them on the Grand Exchange.

5. Regen Bracelet

The Regen Bracelet is unique because it doesn’t require you to equip it, has better combat stats than the Combat Bracelet, and has a special effect.

This special effect doubles the player’s natural healing ability from 1 hitpoint per hour to +2 hitpoints each minute.

This effect can also be combined with the Hitpoints Skill Cape or the Prayer, Quick Heal.

This can quadruple natural heal.

The Regen Bracelet can also be used for agility training and thieving. It is very popular among 1 defense pure.

How do I get it: Make an Onyx Bracelet with level 87 Magic.

4. Dragon Gloves

Dragon Gloves can be purchased from the Culinaromancer’s Chest as part of the quest Recipe For Disaster.

These are often purchased by players while they’re on their way to obtaining the Barrows Gloves. The Dragon Gloves only requires you to spend 107 Quest Points while the Barrows Gloves need 175 QuestPoints.

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These are stat-wise strong and offer +9 in nearly every area, except magic.

They are very attractive and make a complete dragon set look amazing.

These are great for anyone looking for a fashion item.

How do I get it: These can be purchased in the Lumbridge Basement chest at a specific point of the “Recipe for Disaster” Quest.

3. Torcelet

The Tormented Bracelet is gaining ground and will soon be at the top of our lists. It’s a great choice for Magic in OSRS, and it certainly ranks as the best slot bracelet.

This bracelet boasts a +10 magic attack bonus and a magic damage rating of 5%. This is essential for content like Chambers of Xeric.

This jewelry is similar to all Zeynte jewelry. You will need to have a high level of 75 Hitpoints in order for it to be worn.

This bracelet is intended for end-game players and has very strict requirements.

How do I get it: To enchant the Zeynte Bracelet (requires level 93 magic), you’ll need to be level 93 in magic. You can also buy the bracelet at the Grand Exchange for approximately 10m. These bracelets are not inexpensive.

2. Ferocious Gloves

The Ferocious Gloves hold the title of best in slot melee gloves. They require a very high defense and attack level of 80 to use.

They provide +16 in melee offensive styles and a +14 strength benefit.

Be aware of the mage bonus and negative range, which are not intended to be used in conjunction with those styles.

These gloves are used mainly for PvM and Slayer at high levels.

How do I get it: A pair of Barrows Gloves will require Hydra Leather. Only the Alchemical Hydra can supply Hydra leather at a 1/512 drop rate.

1. Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves are easily one of the most loved gloves in the game. A pair of gloves is often the first step to entering OSRS.

They provide +12 in all offensive and defensive stats, except magic. This makes them the best gloves for any style.

They don’t have a dominant role in any given area but the bonuses can be used by any player for content that requires multiple attack styles, such as Chamber of Xeric or DKS.

These are 100% worth the effort.

How do I get: Complete Recipe For Disaster quest. This is the longest quest in The Legend of Zelda and has 10 sub-quests as well as a lot of requirements.

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