God Eater Season 2: What to Expect And Release Date

God Eater definitely takes the cake as one of the most enjoyable anime made from games. The basic plot for God Eater is pretty much identical to other fantasy-based anime. 

However, the plot is filled with thrilling events that are what make this show worth watching. It was produced by Takayuki Hirao, with animators from Ufotable Studio. The music was composed to Go Shina. 

Season 1 of the show was released in the year of 2015. The show received a lot of positive reviews and fans awaited the next season. The show had 12 episodes, which were a little over 24 minutes per episode.

After six years there are still fans who are agitated and are eager for information on when the new season of the series will premiere. The show is often described as a re-creation of Attack On Titan since there are a few minor similarities between both. 

For instance, the two characters Lenka and Eren have their parents killed at the start of the tale. The show is known for its truly heartwarming scenes and moments that make you feel chills. 

But what gives the show popular is the fact that it’s completely hilarious. Certain sections of the fandom frequently criticize the art style since it’s not commonplace. But, the style is very appropriate for me considering the anime is an adaptation of a video game.

Ufotable has created a variety of great animations. Naturally, their style was designed to give the viewer the feeling of a video game. It’s the same studio that brought us many highly animated shows like Kimetsu No Yaiba as well as The Fate Series.

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God Eater: Season 1- Overview.

The story depicts a futuristic universe. In the near future humanity is on the verge of coming to the point of extinction. The planet is currently run by Aragami monsters who can assume the form of any creature. 

Aragami are composed of several Oracle cells, which have insignificant awareness. Aragami’s actions Aragami are guided by their Aragami Core that acts in their capacity as their primary source for information. 

The thing that makes them terrifying is that they devour everything they encounter along their way. The only thing they don’t eat in any way is anything with an identical composition to their own.

There is only one way to take down Aragami is to use using the “God Arc”, a weapon that was created using the Argami base. The God Arcs are developed by a group called the Fenrir. 

People who take out Aragami by using the God Arcs are referred to as God Eater. The show follows Lenka’s story after his family is killed by Aragami. Lenka decides to become stronger and becomes the God Eater.

God Eater – Season 2 Release Date

It’s been six years since the first episode of God Eater season 1. Fans have waited patiently for the new season anticipation of an announcement for another season. 

They also hoped for a brand new season for the tenth anniversary of the God Eater Video game series which is scheduled for 2020. 

But, there have been no announcements of an upcoming season of the show on the official website of the series and the video game.

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It may be a long time before the show gets an updated season.

Predictions of God Eater-Season 2

The sequel season to The God Eater anime is nowhere close to being air. But, anyone who has seen the first season of the show can draw some basic conclusions about the future direction of the series. If there were ever to be a sequel to God Eater, what turns do you think the series would take? Below are some routes that the series is the most likely to be able to adapt to.

The first season included Lindow as the main character. Due to dying tragically to his right arm Lenka is likely to take the position of leader. We’ve seen Lenka’s immense power. This could possibly be the catalyst for Lenka’s future growth.

Shio the character who first appeared in season 1, could turn into an important supporting character in the show. For those who aren’t aware, Shion is an advanced God Arc. She is essentially half Aragami but she also has a human-like side to her.

One reason that fans are waiting patiently for the next season to air is that there’s an unanswered major question What’s the history of Aragami? This is the reason why a second season is an eagerly anticipated event. If there were a second season, viewers would know exactly what Aragami began to develop.

A new season will reveal not just new revelations from the past, but also exciting developments in the near future. The game is filled with characters that have never been featured during the original anime. 

The excitement from the initial season has made fans ask for more of this show. At this stage, we’ll have to pray that creators and concerned authorities will provide us with a brand new season in the near future.

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