Gojo Satoru in the Shibuya Arc In Jujutsu Kaisen

Through the years, we’ve come across groundbreaking manga series each time. In the year 2021, Jujutsu Kaisen has set records after breaking records. 

The manga has increased its revenue by 590% since the debut of the animated series. What was the surprise? 

It was shocking, but it was not really a surprise considering that Gege Akutami was producing a brilliant series of arcs, one after another. 

The fact that the anime ended with the end of the Death Painting arc was a major disappointment for many of the fans who had gone through the manga. 

While we’re more than thrilled to be able to experience Yuta Okkotsu’s tale in the prequel film, we’re also eager to watch this Shibuya Arc get animated. 

There are a lot of panels to be seen, but we’re particularly interested in Gojo Satoru’s on the Shibuya Arc.

Gojo Satoru became a popular fan immediately following his appearance. 

The silver-haired saviour swept his way into the hearts of the people with his stunning blue eyes and jujutsu that was ablaze with techniques. 

The series continued to grow, and there were a variety of aspects to him that kept attracting people to the character. 

Gege Akutami’s talent shines through when we look at the diverse number of characters that they have used and created in their work. 

Their work and the inspiration that drove the creation of an iconic character similar to Satoru created something as amazing as Jujutsu Kaisen.

The actor has never failed to provide us with combat sequences that are worth contemplating throughout our lives. 

Gojo Satoru’s fight scene in the Shibuya Arc was a sight to behold.

Spoiler Warning: The article includes spoilers for the manga Jujutsu Kaisen manga. At your own risk, read it on your own time!

Gojo Satoru: Character Analysis

Before we begin to analyze Gojo Satoru’s character from his role in the Shibuya Arc, let’s first learn more about the character. 

At a basic level, we understand Gojo Satoru is an 18-year-old who is very powerful. 

He is always happy and calm in his fight with his adversaries and does not do anything reckless.

A Strong Character?

Gojo Satoru’s abilities are awe-inspiring. Not only against his adversaries, but also against other sorcerers.

Being Satoru was detained inside the Prison Realm, which led to disastrous chaos between the sorcerers. 

This means that his presence alone prevented this community from crumbling. When he left, all hell broke loose through Culling Games.

Culling Games Satoru shows the strength that is beyond the capabilities of a sorcerer with a special grade. 

But is his peculiar, cursed energy what determines him?

Satoru recognizes that he is powerful and will demonstrate it, even through the use of force. 

He’s often awed by himself and often considers others inferior, as when he was a child. 

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He’s usually serene, but when facing tough opponents, he could be excited and proclaim his dominance by going for it. 

The problem was that his personality was weaker before that, but it decreased in the wake of his loss to Toji Fushiguro. 

After a year, the man had developed his skills, and his level of performance increased. 

As a mature man and a ruthless person, he has no mercy for those who oppose him. 

But, unlike the characters of Itadori Yuji, Yuji is willing to give up. He’s not afraid to sacrifice his life to advance a greater cause.

The Persona of Gojo Satoru

In terms of personality, Gojo Satoru is always seen laughing and playing with his friends. 

However, there was a time when the actor was serious. 

It was when he was a kid, sitting close to Getou Suguru. 

His personality can’t be properly examined without mentioning Suguru. 

This is the effect that Suguru had on his personality. 

Satoru says that Suguru is the only person he has ever known. 

In fact, Suguru was equal despite the superiority that he occasionally displayed. 

If they were fighting together, Suguru was always at the highest level with his full effort. 

Suguru’s presence was a source of confidence and a feeling of security that would not be felt by any other person.

The incident is briefly discussed as they attempt to save Riko Amanai. 

After seeing Satoru unable to sleep, Suguru asks him if he intends to return to Jujutsu Tech. He just says it’s okay, and adds, “Also,”… aside from that, there is a reason why you’re there.

Satoru has a positive outlook all the time, but he’s lost control of his emotions at times when it was about Suguru. 

It’s not surprising for him to revert to his more snarky manners following the passing of Getou Suguru. 

He’s certainly not more efficient.

However, he is becoming a lonely person following the loss of his sole friend.

The Principles of Gojo Satoru

There isn’t much information about the life of Satoru’s father. Being born to have six eyes, his weight of power was enormous. 

Although I am not going to believe any information about his childhood, Satoru is constantly trying to ensure that people have a good young life. 

When he first began helping Riko Amanai from the sands of time, he advised that if she did not surrender her body to Tengen and Tengen, they would be fighting for her. 

In the next, he saved Megumi from Toji Fushiguro, who was planning to sell him to his Zenin Clan. His exact statement was, “I will not stop Megumi from enjoying the most enjoyable moments of his lifetime,” about Itadori Yuji’s circumstances.

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Every time, Satoru shows a certain affection for the idea of being a child’s advocate instead of entrusting them with the selfish choices of adults. 

The reason for this is not clear. However, he is thoughtful in making sure that the pain of those around him is lessened.

Gojo Satoru in The Shibuya Arc

We’ve established the central theme of Gojo’s Personality, let’s examine him in the largest arc so that has been seen of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Gojo excels at combat. He is at the scene where the accident occurred at 8:31 pm. 

When he arrives at his location, he reviews the incident and then immediately rescinds what he shouldn’t be doing.

The Shibuya Arc shows the fact that in an even match no one is at a disadvantage if their player is Satoru. 

He exhibits a completely different kind of character which once more has me to appreciate Gege Akutami. 

Through the entire fight, he’s attentive and full of killing intentions toward the cursed spirits.


Gojo Satoru from Shibuya Arc.

Shibuya Arc stands against three deadly cursed spirits, all of whom are capable of creating destruction: Hanami, Jogo, and Chosu. 

The strategy they devised was to use Hanami’s power amplifier. 

Instead of facing him in the face, the team decided to restrict Satoru’s abilities. 

The amplified power increased the probability of missed shots, and this could make him more cautious about employing the Blue technique. 

In addition, they ensured to include several people to ensure that he doesn’t make use of the domain expansion. 

The strategy devised by them was quite clever. Under the instructions of Noritoshi Kamo just had to hold him for 20 minutes.

It took just a few seconds for Satoru to grasp their plan. 

The only thing he can say to their well-thought-out strategy is, “I’m shocked that you think it’s possible to beat me with your pathetic excuse for an intellect!” Gojo Satoru is at his best! Satoru opts for Hanami first. 

He was aware of every flaw in her amplifying abilities. 

But, we’re confronted with the fact that even with the usual physical and cursed energy, Satoru can be overpowering.


Satoru is not a fighter who focuses solely on the head-on battle. 

When he knows their plans, we’d expect him to head straight towards Hanami. 

Instead, he ensures she shuts off her powers by pretending she is Jogo. 

In a matter of seconds, she is killed off. The curse spirits’ next move is to keep their distance.

This is a smart move because their amplification power is gone.

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Immeasurable Void

The immeasurable void created by Satoru was not just the fastest, but it was also the most powerful and intelligent move of the Shibuya Arc.

Non-sorcerers are unable to live in the domain without having to face opponents. 

When Mahito releases thousands of transformed humans, opening one’s domain was likely to be the easiest option.

However, the presence of ordinary people who wanted to restrict Satoru made it difficult. 

In the end, Satoru did fall for the trap they set up. 

However, he can release the incalculable vacuum. 

That was the only amount of time a human could spend inside a realm without suffering long-term consequences, according to his calculations.

The effect it had on the mind lasted more than 299 seconds after it vanished.


The victory was evidently under Gojo Satoru’s control. 

It is often said that if it wasn’t for the prison arena, nothing could have stopped Satoru. 

It makes no sense for Satoru to lose to something so trivial. The real reason behind his loss could be Getou Suguru. 

Every time we are brought back to Suguru. 

The requirement for putting someone in prison within the world was to keep them from being watched for at least a minute. The act of holding Satoru off for even a second is not a possibility in and of itself. 

However, watching Suguru standing before Satoru was enough to make it not just a few seconds, but the duration of years for Satoru.

We are brought back to the bond that exists between them. 

The sorrow that Satoru felt for murdering him grew. 

His serene face, which barely showed a smile, was awash with fear. 

Gojo Satoru, from his role in the Shibuya Arc, shows that nothing will stop him except for his own feelings.

Final Words

There is a myriad of ways to talk about what happened at the Shibuya Arc. 

It was brutally brutal in many ways and filled with bloodbaths. Gege Akutami isn’t holding his breath to showcase his morally superior hero. Satoru Gojo is a strong and realistic character. 

He is determined to save the greatest number of people possible rather than help all of them. 

Satoru accepts that the deaths are an element of conflict. 

In the first battle of Itadori against Mahito, he was awed by the human transformation. In the instance of Satoru would not hesitate to eliminate the ones he believed to be dangerous or who were not able to save.

It’s the characters and arcs such as such that allow us to see the real reality of a fight against pure evil.

You can read the Jujutsu Kaisen manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus.

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