Haikyuu: Biggest reasons Oikawa’s story is overlooked

Oikawa Toru’s volleyball career in high school is among the most heartbreaking character arcs in Haikyuu! –this is why it’s often ignored.

Although it’s not the most heartbreaking part of Haikyuu! The story of Oikawa Toru’s story could be better described as a tragedy. Oikawa’s nickname was “The Great King,” and he was named the best setter when he left Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Oikawa was viewed by everyone (including his own) as winning the tournament on the volleyball court at high school.

He’s talented, hard-working, smart and widely loved – but winning the national championship has never been his goal. Why is it that Haikyuu seems to cover up the sadness of Oikawa’s story so well?

One of the major reasons that Oikawa’s tale isn’t told is the fact that much of the story is told in short moments. For instance, in the second season, episode 11, “Above,” there’s an insignificant and brief dialogue between Kunimi and Kindaichi discussing rumours of Oikawa and his tendency to do “reckless things.” However, the dialogue isn’t clear what these reports are about and the story moves along without giving any weight to the discussion. 

However, in chapter 372 of the manga, the missing information is revealed when it is revealed that Oikawa had been talking about things “overseas,” meaning he probably had plans to go to Argentina prior to when even the Spring High Preliminary began.

In this way, Oikawa is aware that this may be the final time he’ll ever be on the same court with his teammates, including Iwaizumi, who he’s played with since he was a child. In the absence of the context given in the manga’s later chapters, however, the fans of anime are unaware of the tension Oikawa has to face at this point in the tournament and the pain that losing to Karasuno can be.

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In high school, Oikawa’s friendship with his teammates as well as his passion for football are now as crucial as being the best player, which means he’s afflicted with more grief than losing his two close friends, or at least, knowing that he’ll have to say goodbye to them in the event of his trip to Argentina and losing a national title. and losing an opportunity to win a national title.

The primary reason why the pain of his past is not emphasised is that the struggle in his high school years is not the primary theme of the story of Oikawa. It’s certainly a significant factor, however, like the other characters from Haikyuu! Oikawa’s tale is about growing. As a junior in high school, Oikawa works with the assumption of an all-for-one mentality. He worked himself to fatigue and injury, refusing to teach his students, Kageyama Tobio, and fought off rivalries with personal determination.

As a team sport, this mindset won’t remain forever. For Oikawa, a lot of his behaviours and behaviours can only be addressed due to the support of his teammates, particularly Iwaizumi, who is determined not to let his friend become overly stressed and takes it upon himself to provide him with an opportunity to be honest whenever he attempts to harm Tobio. 

A monologue from his internal dialogue from season one episode 24, “Removing the “Solitary King,” Oikawa says that a great setter “ensures that all of his teammates are working at full power, no matter who they are.” However, it is also evident that his team has helped him grow as a player as well as a person. This makes their loss even more tragic, even though they let the characters in the show continue to follow their own path.

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But, Haikyuu!! doesn’t dwell on the sorrow in Oikawa’s life because that’s not the end of his tale. In the end, losing his place in the spring high preliminary is not the end of his professional career, but rather the beginning. In the year following his final season, Oikawa is able to be a part of Club Atletico San Juan in Argentina, which is where he was made an Argentine citizen and where he played for the Argente National Team for the 2021 Olympics against some of his old friends (some of whom he’s kept in contact with). 

Despite being denied an Olympic medal, Oikawa is able to fulfil his goal of playing on the national team. Given the extent to which Oikawa has progressed and what he has achieved, it’s unjust to dismiss Haikyuu! and dwell on his brief tragedy.

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