Have Gero and Paeka Broke up: A Dramatic Split?

Paeka Gero and Gero were famous for their incredible relationship since they announced they were engaged. The cute couple was the owners of their very personal Tik Tok account, Instagram page, and Youtube account where they would provide fans with an insight into their lives or give a glimpse into their daily routine with hilarious jokes and fun vlogs that they would often blog on. 

They have always had awed by their adorable and romantic relationship. However, over the weekend, the announcement of their split is circulating on social media like a rapid-fire. There’s been no information regarding the reasons they parted ways.

Paeka, an 18-year-old Tiktok star, and Gero, a 21-year-old YouTube sensation, are the two stars of this story. They first started dating in October of the year 2019. After they announced that they were in a relationship, they were creating major goals for the couple for millions of their fans and followers. 

The fans had always been awed by their incredible relationship, but are very angry and worried following their split. As a result of this, several fans said that they no longer believe in the notion of love Paeka has confirmed the breakup, while Gero hasn’t spoken about anything in relation to the subject. Read on to find more.

Their relationship before breakup

They’ve been known to show a glimpse of their fun and cute relationship via the TikTok profile, Instagram page, and they also have their Youtube account that is solely for the purpose of showcasing their relationship. 

These accounts were full of hilarious and funny pranks, and also took their followers and followers on a wonderful adventure. They frequently kept their followers and fans amused by posting frequently on these accounts.

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However, after news of their split was announced, all their posts were taken down along with both Paeka Gero and Gero have now made their accounts with social media, similar to their personal TikTok accounts as well as their Instagram accounts secret, i.e. their posts are only accessible to the authorization of the owner of the account.

Paeka and Gero confirm their break-up

Their breakup has been revealed through Paeka herself via her Instagram story. The Instagram story begins with “Hey guys. I’m here to share my story on this page because I’m sure many of you are worried and curious about my past and what I’ve done. 

It’s very stressful to find myself in a place where I need to talk about myself and my relationship because it’s already extremely difficult for me personally and honestly I wasn’t prepared to put all of my pain on display for all the world to observe, and form their own opinions about.”

Its Instagram story continues when she writes, “But yes, Gero and I broke up,” she added. “In an extremely respectful manner, we will take this private and without social media, and have time to heal and be focused on self-love. I’m lost for words, but I’m sure that you are all understanding.”

The Instagram story that contained the message was removed within a short period of time however, followers and fans quickly took photos of the story and share it with their personal Instagram story, expressing their sorrow. One example is the below picture.

The fans of the couple are devastated and concerned for their loved ones but at the same time. They seemed to be in an excellent relationship it is likely that they went through uneasy and depression following their breakup. Fans and followers have expressed their grief via a popular TikTok hashtag called #geroandpaeka TikTok and is home to 2.9 million followers. It is currently full of posts about their split as well as the beautiful relationship they shared.

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Paeka’s story and background as a Tik Tok star

The full title of Paeka’s identity is Paeka Campos. Paeka has been a model, actress Instagrammer, Tiktok star and a YouTuber. Her birthplace was in California, United States, on May 1st, 2002. She is a Tauras. Paeka is a Tiktok star who is scheduled to turn 19 just a few days away. 

She launched the TikTok page in the month of August of 2019 and, through lots of hard work and admiration from her fans she has now been able to become one of the most well-known Tiktok stars. 

She is a lot of fun dancing and lip-syncing to songs she enjoys on her TikTok account, @paekadegallo. It has accumulated around 1.7 million users on this platform. Paeka has also appeared in Harbinger (2015), The Place in Between (2021) as well as Divine Access (2015).

Gero’s life and background as YouTuber

Gero’s name in full will be Gero Hanirias. Gero is an American social media star who has gained his fame and fame as half of Gero’s Paeka and Gero YouTube channel. 

Gero launched his YouTube channel in May 2019 with videos and a vlog. Gero is born in Texas in America. The United States, on 3rd September 1999. Gero is Virgo and will be turning 22 this year.

Fans have their say on this issue.

Fans are very sad and concerned about their idols. They wish that they both feel content soon and get over the pain of splitting up. The fans are also worried about those who try to get into their private lives for knowing more about their split.

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