Hell Fest 2 Release Date: Will There Be a Sequel?

Produced and directed by Gregory Plotkin, “Hell Fest” is a slasher horror film that follows a group of friends who attend Hell Fest, a horror-themed Halloween-themed carnival. 

While the group is about to celebrate their Halloween celebration, a mysterious killer appears to stalk them with malicious intentions. 

At first, the killer appears to be an element of the festival, as the killer blends into the Hell Fest’s costume. 

It becomes difficult for the group to discern the true danger, but then they recognize the risk to their own lives. The murderer begins to kill them with brutality, which is a slasher’s preference. 

The film concludes with a spooky ending, and if you’re thinking about the sequel, you’re on the right track!

Release Date for Hell Fest 2

Hell Fest 2 Release Date

“Hell Fest” premiered worldwide on the 27th of September this year in several countries, including Hungary, Singapore, and Malaysia. The film’s release in the United States came one day later. 

The film received positive reviews, but it didn’t prove to be a box-office hit despite earning an estimated $18 million, despite an estimated $5.5 million budget. With the added marketing expenses, the revenue was not enough to justify the need for a sequel. 

Furthermore, “Hell Festival” is a slasher movie that was released in theatres.

Because there are a lot of independent slasher movies available on VOD and DVD, the sequel’s theatrical release may seem too farfetched. There’s no information about Hell Fest 2’s sequel from the production company, although there are numerous possibilities for the plot. 

However, given that Hell Festival was in production in limbo for a long time, there’s a slim chance of it being revived. But, the directors could choose to satisfy those who love the series with a new installment. In this case, we can anticipate “Hell Fest 2” to be released around 2023, or even later.

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“Hell Fest” stars Amy Forsyth as Natalie, who is alive in the final scene, as does Reign Edwards, who plays Brooke’s part. Bex Taylor-Klaus is the Taylor who is murdered by the masked killer. Christian James appears as Quinn, and Matt Mercurio plays the role of Asher. Roby Attal appears on screen as Gavin. 

Male characters die off in the film, and in the case of sequels, we can anticipate Amy Forsyth and Reign Edwards to reprise their roles. Tony Todd, a horror legend, plays the role of the Barker, and we may see Tony Todd in the likely sequel.

In the final scene of Hell Fest, we discover that the perpetrator is an infant. Contrary to the vendetta-driven killers of horror films such as “Halloween” and the “Friday the 13th” franchise, the murderer of “Hell Fest” is a monster who is part of the community. 

The many masks he has are evidence that he’s on a rampage of murder at other carnivals, where he can blend into the general public. The sequel opens doors to numerous possibilities. Could the murderer be arrested? How many times has the killer been on another murder rampage? The motives for his murders?

These questions could be addressed during the follow-up. In the end, Gregory Plotkin has had plenty of experience working in the genre of horror. He was the editor of films such as “Get Out” and “Happy Death Day.”

His first directorial venture was with “Paranormal Activities: The Ghost Dimension.” With his knowledge of the horror genre, the revival of “Hell Festival” could likely explore a new aspect of the horror genre known as slashers.

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In the course of an interview, Plotkin stated concerning the movie, “There’s this whole concept of the mask room, which was the killings that [the villain] had done in the past. I’ve considered several fun ways to kill us, as well as a few different scenarios. A few years ago, these parks were not as intricate and elaborate as they are now.

There are many diverse geographical areas where we could create the park. If we’re fortunate enough to be able to stage it, I’d be thrilled to. Unfortunately, the decision isn’t in my control right now. ” 

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