How Did Hanako Kun Die & His Past Life

How do we know Hanako Kun? Which is anime do you think Hanako Kun is from? What caused Hanako die? What did he look like when he was a human being? Did you know that the proverb that appearances can deceive? 

Hanako is the best example of this maxim because he appears to be an elementary school kid but in reality, is mighty over half a century old ghost. As a human Hanko Kun was also known as Yugi Amane.

He is among the principal characters in the anime Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun based on the manga series with an identical name. Otakus are now extremely curious about the mysterious boy who is a terrifying ghost.

I’m sure at this point, you’ve been intrigued by the most adorable ghost in the entire universe of anime. Hanako If you’re in this piece, we’d just like to say thank you for everything, and that you are rated 10/10 for cuteness. This article is solely dedicated to our single Hanako Kun.

Warning Beware of spoilers ahead

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: Synopsis

The Hanako-san story, or the tale that tells of the ghostly figure of a young girl who haunts school toilets, is among the most popular Japanese urban myths. Hanako’s story has its own version in Kamome School.

According to the legend of the school that if one succeeds in summoning Hanako-santo her, she will accept a request from the person who summoned her. Kamome Academy has seen many people throughout time trying at summoning her thanks to the legends, each one coming up empty. 

Then Nene Yashiro teenage student at Kamome Academy, who is in search of love Kamome Academy, seeks love and Hanako-san’s help, and in a surprising sequence of events, she realizes that the mythical girl actually is a boy who is just a few years old.

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The thrilling adventure begins with Nene who, unknowingly, is involved in the realm of the supernatural when she becomes Hanako’s aide. After a string of horrific events concerning her love interests and her love for Hanako, she is soon to discover Kun’s hidden duty, which is to maintain an equilibrium between the mortal and supernatural.

In 2020, Toilet-Bound will be released. Hanako-Kun only has one season and 12 episodes. The show is streaming across a range of platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others.

Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun was the first manga series written by Aidalro and is serialized by Aidalro in Monthly GFantasy, a shonen manga magazine published by Square Enix since 2014. It has been published in 16 Tankobon volumes. Because of the manga’s success, The Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun manga was transformed into an anime series in the year 2020.

Hanako Kun Past Life?

As a young man, Amane had suffered from a birth defect that meant his heart and circulation failed to work normally. At the time of his and Tsukasa’s early years, The current medical system did not provide the needed treatment. 

Tsukasa often was out looking for objects from the garden such as toys, flowers, and even a kitten that he brought home when he learned an announcement that said his elder brother was not going to live for the following month. 

This forced him to give up one of his wishes, which resulted in the most significant sacrifice. Amane miraculously recovered on the morning of November 25th, the twins and their birthdays. However, he was shocked to find that Tsukasa was gone.

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Amane attended the middle school of Kamome and was taught by teacher Tsuchigomori in his class as the homeroom instructor. As per Tsuchigomori, Amane didn’t have any friends and would always come to school hurt throughout his first year in the institution. 

Despite being questioned by Tsuchigomori, Amane refused to reveal who the person responsible for his injuries was. Amane handed Tsuchigomori the “treasure” that was the moonstone believed to be from outer space. He also said that Amane wanted to travel the world however, he chose to stay home and hints at his news prior to becoming an adult.

The story of his future was recorded in the comics. He was to be an instructor of science in the Kamome Academy as an adult However, his plans changed when he was faced with having to kill his twin brother, Tsukasa, and Tsukasa, using knives. 

Hanako himself passed away due to unidentified causes shortly after and tragically became ghostly and was the only known person to Tsuchigomori (at the time) to influence their future.

After being ghostly, Amane Yugi became known as Hanako and assumed the role that was the 7th mystery. Prior to the meeting with the Nene or Kou, his abilities were secured with the help of the Minamoto brothers and their grandmother.

It is the source of that “seal” tattoo on his cheeks came from. This could mean that Hanako’s powers were more powerful than they are at their current level. The reason for the power being sealed to Hanako is unclear.

How did Hanako Kun die?

Trigger Warning: Suicide-related Mentions

At present, only certain aspects of the past of Hanako are shown in the anime and the manga. What we know the moment is that Hanako was through a lot throughout his life and was a terribly bad background as a person. 

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Also known by the name of Yugi Amane Hanako was killed due to unidentified causes. The reason for his death has not been stated in the anime, nor in the manga. After killing his twin brother Yugi Tsukasa Amane passed away at the age of 13. 

Then, following his transformation into ghostly, Amane took up the name of Hanako and was later Seventh Mystery of Kamome Academy.

It is evident through the story that Hanako has an immense amount of guilt after all these years for murdering his brother Tsukasa. Many readers believe that the guilt could be too to Amane to bear, and this might have caused to him take his own life. 

But, it is important to be aware that this is only speculation. Since the manga is being published, we’re certain that the reason behind Hanako’s death will be discovered in the near future. Let’s be hopeful that our beloved character didn’t meet an unfortunate ending. Therefore, until then we all need to be patient and take in what it offers.

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