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How Much Is Lil Loaded Net Worth?

A young hip-hop artist Lil Loaded whose real name is Dashawn Maurice Robertson, has gained a lot of attention on the scene even at an early age. He was unnoticed until the release of his summer 2019 album 6locc 6a6y became an instant hit with the fans. 

Following his initial popularity, Lil Loaded soon collaborated with the late singer King Von for the single Avatar. The music video for the song was able to earn millions of views on YouTube. 

King Von died in November following the Atlanta club shooting. With such a promising future ahead, it’s true that it is a shame that the journey was only a short one in the case of Lil Loaded.

When the rapper was only beginning his career, making small steps towards notoriety, Lil Loaded soon landed in a legal saga when he was accused of murdering a friend. The media reported that the 18-year-old was shot during the shooting of a music video. 

In Feb. 2021, the rapper was convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter. The rapper was recently in the spotlight following his death after turning 21 years older. His lawyer has issued an official statement on his death, however, the cause of his death hasn’t been released yet.

Lil Loaded Net Worth: Professional Work, Music Releases, And More.

When a streamer featured Lil Loaded’s track on one of their videos the song went on to receive as much as 28 million hits. The song was later declared gold. The fame of Lil Loaded has led him to sign a lucrative contract with Epic Records. 

Lil Loaded had an estimated net worth of $400,000. Lil Loaded was at the height of fame but was sadly taken away quickly. Fans mourned his loss and used Twitter to voice their grief over the loss of their favorite rapper.

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Following the success of his debut single, He released his debut album, A Demon in 6lue, and his second mixtape CRIPTAPE in the year 2020.

The 6locc 6a6y Hitmaker Lil Loaded Passed Away At 21.

In a shocking twist of things, Lil Loaded has passed aged 21. Although the cause of the tragic death of Lil Loaded hasn’t been made public as of now, however, we could get additional information about it should authorities release an official statement. 

The rapper was scheduled to appear before a judge for his legal battle in connection with his death Khalil Walker. Khalil Walker was on bail and scheduled to appear at his court hearing. The rapper has recently released his hit song, Hotboi. It was able to draw huge interest from fans of music and became an instant success.

The artist’s death was later accused of manslaughter in February. Robertson’s lawyer released an official statement in response to the loss, saying that the young star had a promising and exciting career in music ahead of him. The lawyer for Robertson’s attorney Ashton confirmed the sad news about the singer’s passing.

Death, Controversies And More.

It’s truly sad that this talented artist has left the world so fast. The artist was another superstar in the making, and the fans have been left without an excellent creation in the pipeline. 

The rapper has previously addressed the accusation of murdering his friend. As fans poured over him with encouragement, he stated that some would like to portray him as guilty even though he’s innocent. Lil Loaded also said that He was sorry for his friend and they’re going to make this a reality.

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Many of Robertson’s artists and friends were on social media to express their sorrow over the announcement. One person stated, the late artist was a major element of the current generation in Dallas rappers. 

The industry definitely lost a bright star and that is indeed unfortunate. However, the public was immediately aware that the young rapper shared an unintentional status update regarding forgiveness, and this has led to some speculations regarding his death. 

Many are even suggesting that the rapper could have taken suicide. But nothing of this kind has been proven at this time and could be announced in the coming time.

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