How Old Is Vegeta In Dragon Ball Super?

What is Vegeta’s age in “Dragon Ball Super?” Akira Toriyama was the creator of Dragon Ball. It aired from 1989 to 1996. The manga also appeared from December 3, 1984, to June 5, 1995. It is one of the most loved animes. It was a story about a young boy who became the greatest fighter in the universe.

The series aired for three decades. Dragon Ball Super was the sequel to this amazing Shonen series. Dragon Ball GT was a sequel to the original series. The GT series was not canon, however, because Toriyama did not work on it. It was instead the creation of his assistant.

The new series centers on the characters from the original series, like Vegeta and Goku. It follows the events that took place after Kid Boo was defeated in the original series. The Super Manga series began serializing on June 20, 2015. The anime began airing in 2015, a month after the Super manga series. While the manga series is still being produced, it was canceled in 2018. 

There is not much information about DB Super Season 2. However, a movie is currently in production and will be released in 2022. The characters from the original series are stronger and more mature than ever, as well as their age. It seems like just yesterday that Vegeta was an adversary; now he is a protector. Fans want to know the age of Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super.”

Who is Prince Vegeta, you ask?

King Vegeta’s eldest son is Vegeta’s eldest son and ruler of the Saiyans. He makes him their prince. Vegeta was a young man when he joined the Frieza army, which had power over Planet Vegeta. Raditz and Vegeta were sent to a distant planet with Nappa. 

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They were also prompted to return to their homeland. Vegeta refused to obey the order and wanted to tell Vegeta not to receive the message. In reality, the message was to bring all Saiyans to Planet Vegeta to eliminate their race. Vegeta and his survivors were made into warriors by Frieza’s army after they survived the attack.

Vegeta knew about Frieza destroying his planet. He kept quiet because he knew the power of Frieza. He waited for his chance to exact his revenge. Vegeta received a report about the Dragon Balls from the dying Raditz.

He planned to visit Earth to grant immortality to them and defeat Frieza. He lost to Goku, a Saiyan and another from the “Lower Classes”. Vegeta then began training to become stronger. 

He eventually makes it to Planet Namek, where he tries to kill Frieza. However, his efforts are unsuccessful, and he also dies. Vegeta and all the others who had died on Namek after Goku defeated Frieza were brought back to life.

Vegeta began to live a normal life and started training to become a Super Saiyan. He also became closer to Bulma during his training and had a son named Trunks with her. He was soon faced with another challenge: androids and cells. Vegeta became closer to his family after the Cell story and began training his son. 

Vegeta plans to join Trunks and Goku as they take part in the World Martial Arts Tournament after hearing about his rival. Babidi took control of him during the tournament. He later freed himself from this control and gave his life to save the Earth.

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Vegeta was unable to stop Majin Buu’s destruction of the Earth. King Yennma gave Vegeta another chance, but he was still dead. He fails again, but Supreme Kai saves Vegeta. They fail to defeat Majin Buu, even after fusing Goku with Vegeta. With a Spirit Bomb, Goku finally defeats Kid Buu (the strongest form). Vegeta starts spending more time with his loved ones after the events of the Buu saga. Bulma, the God of Destruction, and Beerus got him furious.

Vegeta is currently training with Goku under the direction of Whis, Berrus’s assistant teacher and teacher. Trunks’ daughter, Bula, and his newborn daughter, also loved Vegeta. He is not a villain anymore, but a hero who fights for his new home, Earth. 

Although he has become more caring and gentle, he retains some of his old traits, such as being stubborn, proud, and egoistic. He still challenges Goku to be stronger than him and competes against him.

What is the age of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super?

Vegeta was 48 years old at the time of Dragon Ball Super’s end. Vegeta was first discovered by Raditz, a dying man. He was then 29 years old. Vegeta was only 30 years old when he met Goku.

According to the warning, Vegeta arrived on Earth after one year. Vegeta appears again on Namek, where he is killed by Frieza. Dende then revives him on Earth and he begins living there. He develops a relationship and fatherhood with Bulma after two years on Earth. Vegeta was 33 years old at the time he was born.

Vegeta was 48 years old at the time of Dragon Ball Super’s end. He didn’t look like a man in his 40s. Let me remind you that, as the Prince of Saiyans once stated, the Saiyans are warriors. 

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They grow quickly, and Goku experienced a significant growth spurt during the first series. After the age of 18, Saiyan’s growth slows. Their physical growth is slower than that of humans, even though they get older each year.

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