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How Rich is Kala Brown: Net Worth

The pursuit of the serial murderer in South Carolina came to an end in the year 2016. The pursuit of Todd Christopher Kohlhepp began in the year 203 when a murder was discovered. Kohlhepp went on to commit seven murders in the span of 13 years. 

The 48-hour show on CBS revealed the truth about the case after it had sunk and revealed information that people were unaware of. The series’ serial confessions were focused on the victim of the killer, Kala Brown.

After being reported missing for two years in 2016, Kala was discovered in a cargo container on Kohlhepp’s property. With the help of her rescue operation, police were able to catch Todd in the area of Spartanburg County, where he kept Kala.

Adam Mayson, her first fiancé, committed suicide in the early months of 2019. He was discovered unconscious and suffering from self-inflicted knife injuries. 

In July of 2019, Kala and her boyfriend, James Moore, faced a charge of third-degree domestic violence. Kala is trying to get over the trauma she experienced. She’s involved in a relationship that has changed and has also become a mother to a daughter.

The Kidnapping of Kala Brown

Kala Brown, born in Aderson, South Carolina, was thirty years old. She was with Charlie Carver, who was two years older than her. They recently got divorced from his spouse. They lived together. 

At the end of August 2016, the couple disappeared. Since there was no information on where they were, Charlie’s mom declared them absent to the police. An acquaintance who was a friend of Kala’s, Leah Miller, also reported her missing. An investigation into the couple’s home discovered that they hadn’t been at home for some time.

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In the blink of an eye, Their Facebook profiles began updating. They began posting photos of the couple getting married. The photo also depicted the couple moving out to begin a new life. They even moved into the house they wanted. 

However, their families believed that something was wrong and urged the police to keep investigating. This took about 2 months. With the help of the IP address, police were able to find Kala’s mobile and trace the couple. 

They were able to get inside Todd Kohlhepp’s house. The officers found Kala tied to the metal chains in a trunk of metal after she began banging on the trunk.

What happened at The Court Trial

After being saved, Kala reveals the things she’s endured. She disclosed that Todd was her employer. He was a real estate agent and she worked for him as a housekeeper of the homes he used to sell. 

On August 31, she, along with Charlie, went to Todd’s house to work on landscaping. However, he raped the couple. He tied Kala as well as locked her up in the trunk. He also murdered Charlie. He also removed their car, painting it and destroying it in the woods.

When she spoke out about the pain she experienced and her feelings for him, he spoke out. She was fed every day, but only for a short time. She was also abused by Todd on a daily basis while held captive. But, Todd’s mother has not denied the allegations that Todd abused her. 

Todd threatened to murder her with the help of the victims he had killed earlier. At his trial, Todd confessed that he had killed seven people until the present. He also committed a quadruple murder ten years ago. 

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Kala filed a lawsuit against Todd for kidnapping, false imprisonment, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. When he confessed to the charges, the judge imposed the sentence of life imprisonment.

Kala Brown’s Net Worth

When estimating the proceeds she earned through the suit, the value of Kala Brown is between $5 million and $6 million. The judge issued orders to auction off the estate as well as other assets that belong to Todd Kohlhepp. 

After determining the damages she suffered, the judge decided that she’d receive the reward divided into two parts. She was awarded $1.5 million for actual damages. She then received $4.7 million in punitive damages. The award total is $6.3 million.

In the beginning, Kala pleaded for the amount of $360 million. The enormous sum was supposed to pay for damages related to medical costs in the form of pain and suffering, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment.

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