How to Get a Reading From Tyler Henry? What Is the Cost?

Tyler Henry is only in his mid-20s, but he is already one of the most famous clairvoyant mediums in the world.

According to ‘Life After Death With Tyler Henry,’ he started having intuitive mental images at the age of 10 and has since developed his abilities to assist the grieving.

Now that we know how he supposedly contacts the dead, let’s find out how you can get a reading from him, shall we?

How to Get a Reading From Tyler Henry?

Before delving into what you need to do to score an appointment with Tyler Henry, we have to warn you that it’s not going to be easy — he reportedly has a waitlist of over 300,000 people.

However, if you feel confident that your time spent with him will be well worth the wait, you can begin the approach by visiting the inquiry page of his official website.

There, you’ll have to fill out a form in which you provide personal information like your name, email address, physical location, and message (presumably regarding your objective for the booking and why you picked Tyler in particular).

To dispel any doubts or suspicions about his veracity, a notice has been added to the top of that page stating that Tyler does not have access to this inbox.

That is to say, his team arranges everything, including who he will meet and when, and he essentially goes into private readings blind.

You should read their Privacy Policy and Disclaimer before contacting them, and it may take them some time to respond because “demand is a bit overwhelming at the moment.”

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What’s the Cost of a Tyler Henry Reading?

Originally from Hanford, California, Tyler Henry has become not only a household name thanks to his own Netflix original, but also the industry’s top psychic advisors.

Since he has written a memoir, appeared on ‘Hollywood Medium’ for four seasons on E!, and performed frequently in live shows, it’s reasonable to assume that he charges a sizable sum for his services.

While he hasn’t disclosed his rates, we do know that Theresa Caputo, a psychic medium, charges between $50 and $175 per session.

Henry probably charges as much as or more than Caputo, given his impressive client roster.

Based on our research, we can confidently say that an hour with Tyler Henry will set you back close to $200.

Tickets to one of Tyler’s live shows can cost anywhere from $22 to $153, depending on whether you choose the basic show package or the VIP package that also includes a meet-and-greet, his book, merch, etc. Keep an eye on the clairvoyant’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for any special offers, and keep in mind that he has been known to give away readings online.

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