How To Get Door To Tomorrow in FFX (And Common Uses)

Doors to Tomorrow are an item that allows you to add Overdrive > AP to custom weapons. This is an auto-ability that converts all of your overdrive gauge points into Ability Points. These can be obtained from the Bomb King.

You’ll need 10 doors for each Overdrive > AP auto ability you want to add to a weapon.

Where To Get Doors to Tomorrow

Doors to tomorrow are not uncommon. You can get them by farming the Bomb King in the monster area.

One door per victory is a common drop. The Bomb King can be unlocked at the Monster Arena by capturing five enemies of each type of bomb in Spira. You can also bribe Mech Scouters or Mech Leaders to open one or two doors.

Bribing a Mech leader requires at least 92,500 Gil (for x2 doors), while Mech Scouters require a bribe of at least 68.750 Gil for x1 door. You can find Mech Leaders in the caves of Mount Gagazet.

Mech Scouters are scattered all over the Calm Lands. You can also steal up to twenty doors from Ultima Weapon before defeating it at the Omega Ruins. Farming the Bomb King is the fastest and most reliable method.

Door to Tomorrow Uses

Doors to Tomorrow only has the ability to customize Overdrive > AP.

It may seem insignificant, but it is crucial to executing Don Tonberry’s AP trick. This trick can take you from sphere level 1 up to 99 in a single battle.

Although Overdrive > AP isn’t used for anything other than this trick, it serves a purpose. However, when used correctly, it can be one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Rikku can also use “Door to Tomorrow” to create powerful mixes.

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Final Elixir (Healing Water)… It completely restores the party and revives the KO characters.

Final Phoenix – Resurrects all party members with full health.

Trio 9999 (Blessed Gem) – For the duration, each attack deals 9999 damage.

(Chocobo Feather) –Use Shell and Protect to the party.

Are Doors to Tomorrow Worth It?

Yes, but only if your goal is to fill in all of the spheres.

Doors to Tomorrow and Overdrive AP are essential elements of the most powerful AP trick available.

If you haven’t reached maximum grid, Doors to Tomorrow may still be worth the effort for the Trio of 9999 mixes. This can make it trivial to fight, even many of the final bosses.

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