How to watch Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-offs Watch Order

Grey’s Anatomy has everything you could want in a TV show: drama, romance, tearjerkers, slices of real life, and more.

On a lazy, rainy weekend, there’s nothing better than getting up, getting a tub of ice cream, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, and binge-watching this show.

The fan-favorite show has been on for 17 long seasons and doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

After all, we can’t get enough of Meredith Grey and the people at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who live around her.

If you just started watching this show all at once or just found out about the spin-offs, here is a simple guide to help you figure out what to do next.

You can use this to find out about all the episodes that cross over and how to watch them in the right order.

There are three spin-offs of Grey’s Anatomy: Private Practice, Station 19, and B-Team.

There are crossover episodes between the main show and its spin-offs, Private Practice and Station 19.

The runtime of the Show and Spin-Offs

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 18 Seasons (Season 19: Upcoming) | 2005 – Present
  • Private Practice: 6 Seasons | 2007 – 2013
  • Station 19: 4 Seasons | 2018 – Present
  • Grey’s Anatomy B-Team: 1 Season | 2018

Watch Order

Even though Grey’s Anatomy has been on longer than the other three, they have all been on at the same time.

All four shows have linear plots and timelines, so you don’t have to change the order or jump back and forth between seasons.

But there are quite a few episodes that cross over between:

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Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

Watch Grey’s Anatomy first and then Private Practice in these crossover episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19

Watch episodes of Station 19 first, and then watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Aside from the crossover episodes, you can either watch both shows at the same time, switching between them every episode, or you can watch each show on its own and only watch the crossover episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team

This show ran for only one season and six episodes in 2018.

It was about interns at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It doesn’t have any episodes that involve the main show or any of its spin-offs.

Crossover Episodes

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice:

Here’s a list of crossover episodes between the two shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 3×22 and 3×23
  • Private Practice: 1×01
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 4×13
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×14
  • Private Practice: 2×15
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×15
  • Private Practice: 2×16
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×16
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 6×05
  • Private Practice: 3×03
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 6×11
  • Private Practice: 3×11
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 7×03
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 7×18
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 8×13
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 8×15
  • Private Practice: 5×15

Grey’s Anatomy And Station 19:

Here’s a list of crossover episodes between the two shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 14×13
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×04
  • Station 19: 2×02
  • Station 19: 2×14
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×23
  • Station 19: 2×15
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 16×09
  • Station 19: 3×01
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 16×10
  • Station 19: 3×05
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 16×14
  • Station 19: 3×09
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 16×18
  • Station 19: 4×01
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 17×01
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 17×02
  • Station 19: 4×05
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 17×06
  • Station 19: 4×06
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 17×07
  • Station 19: 4×10
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 17×11
  • Station 19: 5×01
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 18×01
  • Station 19: 5×05
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 18×05
  • Station 19: 5×09
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 19×09
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On February 24, 2022, the last cross-over episodes aired.

Aside from these, the characters also show up in a few other episodes. But those aren’t full crossovers; they’re just cameos and small appearances.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Release Date

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy has been confirmed, and it will come out at the end of September or the beginning of October 2022.

Even though there are rumors that season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy will be the last, the way season 18 is going shows that this is not true.

The ABC Network has said that season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy will not be the last one.

Ellen Pompeo will be back as the beloved Dr. Meredith Grey, and a few other main characters will also be back.

Phew! Your guide to ordering Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-offs is ready.

Now, all you have to do is wait until the weekend to watch all the episodes back-to-back from dusk to dawn.

Until then, let me quickly watch some of my favorite crossover episodes, and I’ll see you next time with a watch order guide for another show/film universe that you and I both love.

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