Is All For Love Worth Sticking With? Review

All For Love is a remake of the same-named Colombian telenovela. The show first aired from 1988 to 1990 under the name Amar y Vivir. It is a classic telenovela that has been around for a long time. Fox Telecolombia and Netflix may have made it better.

All 69 episodes were shown in Colombia from January to April 2020, and they all came out on Netflix at the same time. As someone who likes to watch new shows all at once, I agree with Netflix’s decision to release them while they’re still popular.

If you like watching shows with overly dramatic music, a lot of strange reactions to events, women in skimpy clothes, and a lot of fights that look like they belong in a daytime soap opera, then this one is made for you.

1. Quick Review

A poor farmer goes to Bogotá, Columbia, to look for his sister, who has gone missing. He falls in love with a singer who works at a fruit stand with her parents. Their love is in danger because he is a part of organized crime.

The main couple is the focus of the premise. Both are funny and deal with problems in the family. But something is bound to get in the way of them finding true love.

2. Is it worth watching?

All For Love is just a way to escape. But the main characters and the way they interact will keep you so interested that you’ll want them to get the happy ending they deserve. Since this is a telenovela, that’s probably not going to happen.

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There are a lot of soapy production values in it. The slow-motion shots of the main character being chased come across as especially cheesy. Still, it’s a telenovela.

There are beautiful actors playing parts that break your heart. This telenovela is a long-awaited addition to Netflix because it has a constant struggle for power, a lot of chemistry between the characters, and a dramatic flair.

There is too much drama, too many bad guys, and way too many plotlines. They unravel into chaos for viewers who can’t keep up, showing that this show might not be for everyone.

I. Plot

Irene Romero wants to be a singer and musician, and Ana Mara Estupián plays her. Irene and the Miracles is the name of her band. Irene makes a video at the Bogotá Miracle Market, where her parents have a fruit stand.

Her father, Salvadore, is one of her biggest fans. He is played by Julio Sánchez. Magola, played by Alina Lozano, wants her to stay at the fruit stand, though. She thinks that only rich people can have dreams.

After three years in the military, Joaquin Herrera (played by Carlos Torres) goes back to his family farm. Alba Luca, who is played by Valeria Galvis, and his mother need help taking care of the farm.

Lauro, the local bad guy, has been trying for a long time to buy the Herrera farm, but Joaqun has always said no. When Lauro comes back, his son gets angry and takes Alba and sets their farm on fire, killing their mother.

After two months, Joaqun is in Bogotá looking for Alba. There, as he looks for his sister, he meets Irene in a café. Their attraction to each other is instant and you can feel it between them.

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Irene has to deal with her own problems. Salvadore drinks a lot and gets beat up by loan sharks, so she has a lot on her plate. Joaqun, on the other hand, works several jobs to pay for a private detective to find Alba.

Can they love each other deeply while fighting crime lords, death, and poverty and still keep looking for Alba?

II. Music & Visuals

Fabio Alonso Salgado Mejia is in charge of the music for this show. He is a Colombian who writes music for movies and telenovelas.

The theme song for the show is original. Entitled Amar y vivir, it has been sung by Colombian actress and singer Ana María Estupiñán.

Nubia Barreto made this telenovela. She took the 1988 version and changed it for 2020. Screenwriter Germán Escallón and directors Liliana Bocanegra and Santiago Vargas did an incredible job of making Estupián and Torres into two very strong leads.

All 63 episodes are built around the main characters. In their first scenes together, they have strong and clear chemistry. This chemistry is what keeps them going up and down as they face problems and try to make ends meet.

3. Final Thoughts & Grade

Irene promises to get her father sober, and Joaqun won’t stop looking for his sister until he finds her. People want to watch because of how dramatic it is that they have to go through so much to be with each other.

All For Love has 63 episodes that tell one love story about two people who try to stay together in a cruel world. Fans of the genre know that the series isn’t as long as it might seem. All For Love might be worth watching because it ends on a cliffhanger.

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