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Is Ashley Reeves Married? Who is Her Husband?

The Lifetime film “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story” is a film that tells the true-life story of 17-year old Ashley Reeves, who was abandoned for dead in a forest after a vicious attack broke her neck.

The teenager fought for her life for over 30 hours before authorities discovered her and she was later taken to the hospital where she recovered. Neither the perpetrator nor the circumstances surrounding her abuse remained in her mind.

However, she was aware that her association with the wrong sort of man had led to her murderous intent. Now that it’s been 15 years since the incident, let’s see whether Ashley is dating today.

Is Ashley Reeves married? Who is her Husband?

In late April 2006, around the time of the incident, Ashley Reeves was in an apparent relationship that was content in a relationship with Jeremy Smith. 

They had been dating for over two years, and the couple appeared to be truly in love, with Jeremy Smith adoring every aspect of her.

Ashley’s parents also loved the man, unaware that their daughter was also connected to Samson Shelton, 26, her former teacher from seventh grade. 

However, since Jeremy was believed to be closest to the girl, police tried to narrow in on him after Ashley disappeared. 

When he was questioned, he claimed that even though she was driving his vehicle, it was because he was out of town.

Jeremy was genuine during the investigation, was patient, and his own alibi was checked. To the cops, he responded, “Believe me; I’m giving it my best shot, saying the truth.” I mean, if I am in love with Ashley and I love her to the point of death, I’ve never cried, but I’m saying I’m absolutely shocked.

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Regarding when he last talked about his love interest, Ashley explained that she had sent him a text to call her when she was in the mood. However, Jeremy didn’t call until it was too late. “I wish I would’ve called her”. But the last conversation they had was when Ashley said she would be going to an interview for a job and later play basketball.

Jeremy’s admission of this exchange, in conjunction with other pieces of information they’d gathered, is what led investigators towards Samson Shelton. However, Ashley’s boyfriend did not believe there was anything other than friendship between them, and her friends disputed it. 

He wasn’t convinced that Samson could hurt her. However, he was proven to be wrong again. All things considered, when it was over, Ashley found herself single. As per a report from April 2007, Ashley was single. She did not, however, reveal any additional information, preferring to keep her personal life private.

Thus, as she has been following the same pattern up to today, it is not clear if Ashley has been with a man, married, or in any other relationship. Based on her 2017 interview with Crime Watch Daily, we only know that she lives a happy and stable life as a mom of two. 

I’m an athlete, and I’m always trying to work harder and more. I’ve grown up, aged, and have a more positive outlook on life. “Ashley said. Don’t give up. Never give up on yourself. 

There are more and better things to be found. I’ve been through a lot of difficulties, and the best advice is to simply fight. Every day is a struggle, and you have to persevere”.

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