Is Black Clover on Netflix? Where to Watch it?

Black Clover, a manga series written by Yuki Tabata (ex-Hungry Joker mangaka), is illustrated. After the Weekly Shonen Jump published this manga series, Studio Pierrot announced that its anime would be produced. Crunchyroll initially criticized Black Clover when it was announced. 

Black Clover was announced as the next big thing, causing a stir among other anime fandoms. The anime was also criticized for Asta, the voice actor who played the main character, much to the dismay of many. 

The character’s incessant screaming was a major problem. Although this was quickly corrected, it wasn’t enough for the prejudicial anime fans to return and try the anime again.

The anime continued while also having moments when it became trending, creating interest among viewers. The best way to come was when Black Clover completed its Elf Reincarnation storyline. 

This is the first battle in which both the protagonists and their rivals were at their best, and they fought the most difficult foes. The anime has been trending nearly every week since Black Clover reached the Spade Kingdom Ark. Black Clover has finally made viewers want to see this Shonen gem.

Black Clover Plot

Black Clover tells the story of Asta, a young orphan. He was abandoned at Hage Village’s orphanage. He is raised here with his new family and is cared for by Sister Lily and the Father. Magic is all around in the Black Clover universe.

Everyone could use mana to some degree. Asta seems to lack any mana, which is a contradiction. Contrary to his situation, Yuno, his rival, was a prodigy who could use incredible magical power to manipulate wind magic. Asta, realizing that he is behind his rival, trains his body to develop magical abilities.

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Every child receives their grimoires at the age of 15. Yuno receives the four-leaf Grimoire while Asta gets nothing. Asta saves Yuno from being bullied later when he gets the five-leaf grimoire. 

Anti-Magic and elf swords are given to Asta by this grimoire. Yuno and Asta both want to be the Wizard King. Therefore, they compete to see who succeeds. They join their respective Magic Knight Squads as their first step toward achieving their goal. After that, they begin their intertwined journey.

Black Clover: Where can I watch it?

Let’s get to the point. Black Clover although Black Clover anime is available to stream on Netflix, the first three seasons are not yet available. This episode is the last of its three seasons. It is also right before the Spade Kingdom. 

You can also watch the anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are also available. The episodes on other streaming sites are limited to a certain point. However, new episodes will be available on Crunchyroll or Funimation as soon as they are available.

Episode 170 was the last episode of Black Clover. This will only be a temporary stop to allow more material to be adapted for the anime. According to the schedule, episodes of Black Clover will be released every Tuesday.

However, the anime may be published as early as 6.25 PM or 7.25 PM JST at this moment. Episode 167 will air at 6:25 PM JST. The remaining 3 episodes will be available at 7:25 PM JST. To watch the episode, make sure you change the time above to your local time zone.

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Production Team

Studio Pierrot produced the anime adaptation of Black Clover. Studio Pierrot is the same team that created hits like Naruto, Bleach, and others. It’s also producing Boruto right now. Boruto is Studio Pierrot’s successor to Naruto.

Therefore, their main staff is heavily focused on this. In the meantime, Black Clover’s episodes had to be outsourced a lot. It is now headed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, a talented animator. Thanks to his leadership, the animation is now back to its original form.

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