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Is Carolyn Bryant Alive And where Is She Now?

A re-telling of a real tale ABC’s historical drama “Women of the Movement” centers on the shocking killing of Emmett Till, an African-American teenager. The series depicts the events which led to his murder and the effects of his death in the USA. 

Based on the confessions of the two, Emmett was killed by J.W. Milam along with his half-brother Roy Bryant for allegedly shouting at Roy’s spouse, Carolyn Bryant. Since the show ends with the trial of murder for Emmett and Roy Bryant, viewers will wonder about the fate of Carolyn following the trial and her whereabouts today. We’ll learn more!

Is Carolyn Bryant Still Alive?

Carolyn Bryant is still believed to be alive. Following Emmett Till’s trial, Carolyn and Roy’s store in Money was shut down following a boycott by the African-American community. The couple relocated to Indianola and settled in Sunflower County with their children. 

At the time of their move in the autumn of 1957, Carolyn and her children lived in Morgan City, Louisiana. The family relocated from there to Orange, Texas, for only a short period. 

In the later years of their lives, Carolyn and Roy moved again, however, this time to Vinton, Louisiana, where they purchased a house. They came back to Mississippi in 1973 and moved to Ruleville, Sunflower County.

After their move, after their move to Mississippi, Carolyn and Roy’s marriage was deteriorating. She divorced her husband, and the divorce was completed on October 28th, 1975. 

Carolyn later got married to Griffin Chandler, a Greenville resident, in the year 1984. Three and a half years after the couple’s wedding, her husband passed away, and Carolyn later got married to David Donham, a former Leland police officer. 

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The marriage ended in divorce, and she relocated to Brookhaven after the divorce. After her brother Thomas passed away in 1999, Carolyn relocated again to Greenville to be with their son Frank.

Where is Carolyn Bryant Now?

Carolyn Bryant’s present whereabouts are kept secret by her loved ones. In 2004, the Department of Justice opened an investigation into the death of Emmett, but they were unable to bring federal charges. 

In the book of 2017, “The Blood of Emmett Till,” the author Timothy Tyson alleged that Carolyn admitted in front of him that the portion in her account that said Emmett was making physical advances towards her was false. 

After Timothy’s confession, the Justice Department reopened the case.

The FBI was investigating Timothy’s claim that in an interview he was given at the time of his interview, Carolyn admitted to having lied during the trial. Carolyn was questioned by the FBI about Timothy’s claims, and she was then forced to deny the recantation. 

Due to insufficient evidence, the investigation was unable to prove Carolyn admitted to Timothy or even denied it to the FBI in her denial of confessing the same thing. 

In December 2021, the Department of Justice closed the investigation after they could not find evidence to suggest that Carolyn or anyone else was involved in the abduction and murder.

In the event that Carolyn’s son Frank died in the year 2010, Carolyn relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, to be with her only surviving son. 

Her whereabouts remain unknown and, over the decades, Carolyn has denied interactions with the media numerous times. 

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According to reports from the year 2018, Carolyn suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and eye loss and relies on wheelchairs.

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